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Magwa Falls, South Africa.

Photo by @craighowes #folkscenery

Anyone catch the eclipse?
Photo: @bryanminear
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Toronto | The City of Dreams

I spent the last few months planning, shooting and editing my final big project in tribute to this beautiful City and all the diverse faces that make it what it is. Ever since last summer I wanted to try and create another video that can show just how magical this place is, but in fact it's not the just the crazy buildings and amazing sights and sounds that make Toronto so great.. it's the people. It's true that this City is on it's own wave, whether it be music, art, film or photo, there's a feeling in the air here. A melting pot of cultures and people all fighting for a passion and dream of their own. I hope my video shows a glimpse of that. • LINK IN BIO TO FULL VIDEO •

Huge Shoutout to @topb0y with the insane drone footage and look down shots, it brought a unique perspective to this piece, go show him some love.

Morning head rubs ❤

"it's better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"

〰B&W style〰
Disfrutando de Madrid y sus miles de calles únicas!
Aún nos queda un día por aquí, nos recomendáis algún lugar poco común y bonito de aquí?
Espero que os guste la foto!❤️
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Sunset was a lituation ✌🏽

A portrait I found of my beautiful daughter.

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Looking for the answers in the pouring rain

Self-admitted sucker for pineapple drinks👌🏼

Not too sure what's inside of there, I just liked the textures

Pentax 67

Ett ord : G Ø Y ❤❤

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