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Today I had the most awesome exhilarating experience with women at the North End Collective Boutique .?#theconversation was so needed. We talked about balance , peace, self love, loving and supporting our sisters, entrepreneurship and the highs and lows of it.. and I even had an emotional about how I struggle with balance and deal with the guilt of being an entrepreneur and a mommy who has to sacrifice a lot to make it. And many chimed in to talk about "most days most don't, but you've got to find peace. Thank you @northendcollective @ilovepurplelove @travelingpantsdet it was pure awesomeness sharing the panel with @browsbyandy @sabrinanelson67 @dreamcastlevacation_dcv #theconversation #northendcollective #midtowndetroit #detroitevents #girlpower please support them by purchasing from them. I gor some nice goodies today from each shop at the collective.

It's a wrap, guys! It was fun doing this. Peace, love & celery sticks! #AtokeOut ! Lol #TheConversation

Many of you remember our guest on talk radio's the Conversation Wed. Night 7pm EST Marissa Alexander who was sentenced to a min. Of 20yrs for firing a warning shot after her husband threatened to kill her. Tune in to hear her story, journey and more... 917 932-1078 #marissaalexander #theconversation #standyourgroundlaw

About last night, Back stage @ the Villa with the singing bird herself @symplysimi #ThePresidency #TheConversation #CreativeYouths #Limitless

In Season One of #TheConversation , @SarahKateSilverman quickly became one of our favorite ladies to interview. Not only is she hilarious, she is strong, thought provoking, perceptive, and feminist to the core. Who else wants to see more LOUD and FEARLESS women grace the covers of magazines? Pick up the new issue of #Violet to read the exclusive interview!

Just FYI @kirstengillibrand is the ONLY Senator to vote NO to every single Trump cabinet nominee . She is a fearless , tireless leader and we need her more than ever . πŸ“Έ Polaroid I took on #TheConversation set in 2013.

My classmates Shantell Ross and Shamar Bibbins.

#LifeCoachLES #TheConversation

Subtle throwback to @bayoomoboriowo's day.
#TheConversation with H.E.'s President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo



#6 : The Conversation
Though I love The Godfather and it's fantastic sequel, I consider The Conversation to be Francis Ford Coppola's greatest achievement. Eerie, quiet, and haunting, this titan of cinema is an experience like no other. Afterwards, you start to become paranoid of the world around you, you question the technology our world has become obsessed with, and begin to realize the pure brilliance of the film. For a film made in the 70s, it's unnervingly relevant.
Harry Caul is one of cinemas greatest protagonists, acted phenomenally by the great Gene Hackman. Paranoia is a constant theme flowing throughout the film, and the lead character reflects the feeling in the best way possible. The character is somewhat of an oxymoron; despite his career consisting of listening to others, he despises discussing his own life, hates the recognition he gets, and keeps his personalty buried under his quietness. He serves as a symbol of the type after the cold war, a time of constant uncertainty and uncomfortableness. Everything about his character is so eerie, his lack of friends, his antisocial demeanor, the fact that he lived alone, everything is so well thought out and written. None of this would mean anything if it wasn't for the monumental performance Gene Hackman gave as this character, and how he portrayed everything this character felt without a constant flow of dialogue.
Minimalistic premises like this are hard to spread out across a feature length film, yet Francis Ford Coppola makes the film into an experience, feeling more like an emotion conveyed on screen then an actual movie. Despite the fact that the film is limited in dialogue, never once are you not at the very least interested in what is going on on screen. Everything builds up to the climax, which leaves you paralyzed with a feeling beyond words, one which is only felt once every few years, one which The Conversation gave to me.
As this challenge continues, it becomes harder and harder to put into words why I love each film. The Conversation is not something you can talk about in words, it's only something you can experience. (Continued in comments)

Cass Tech's finest.... #LifeCoachLES #TheConversation

My classmates Shantell Ross and Shamar Bibbins.

#LifeCoachLES #TheConversation

Did you miss #TheConversation?? ! The women of the @northenddetroit brought the conversation to celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth . #DetroitTalkTV .com

I am still on cloud nine from #theconversation at @northenddetroit stay tuned for the next event! #todolistkillah

New piece in #theconversation today by @niki_kalms @gillmm5 and #pamelasalen . Girls tell it like it is. #xyxlab

If you missed #theconversation you missed a real treat! @texturesbynefertiti is sharing her knowledge with the group it was invaluable!

Got up and ran up the stairs like Rocky. Blessed beyond measure to LIVE. Financial literacy lifestyle. Save to do it better. #financialliteracy #theconversation #Community growth.#philly

Rashida kicking wit us .... during the #theconversation @northenddetroit Sheis the owner of @theglamdoctor #detroit #midtown #entrepreneurlife

The owner of @shopunitedfront speaking life at #theconversation @northenddetroit Ladies u want some fab pieces u need to shop here!! #fashion #creative #clothes #jewelry #thelook #detroit #midtown

@andyland313 made a #simplerequest she asked that we be kind to each other, respect our sister and tell her she is beautiful #theconversation #beautifulspirit #mymirror #wereflecteachother #sheisagreatartist and #esthetician

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