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Presentando tu carnet de socio #thecommunity 💳 o enseñando la App 📲 en los McDonalds de Vigo, Pontevedra y Vilagarcia de Arousa tienes un 10% de descuento en todos los productos ‼️😎👌 Eu #VOU, e ti? 😏

Mil gracias por este fin de semana😍 Mejor no podía ser!! Gracias a todos y cada uno de vosotros por hacer esto posible, tanto a los que ya os conocía, como a los que os he conocido estos días❤ No tengo palabras para describir lo que siento por vosotros! OS ADORO😘 #TheCommunity

Indulge in the moment.
Adrenaline and improvisation involved in performing with that of getting dressed : Made in New York.
NOT is available at shop.thecommunity.io
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For those MMA fighters who don't know who @liam_badco is 🏆#YOKKAOWorldChampion We are open for negotiations 😎 #muaythai #fuckedup #TheCommunity #mma

Review: #SusanCianciolo & #KivaMotnyk at #TheCommunity #Paris by Laura Gardner (link in bio)

Corinna Helenelund: Pain Things (Blue), 2017. 🔵
The current exhibition "A Waiting Room" on view at @thecommunityparis through May 9 🔷
We are open today from 1pm to 9pm 💙
#thecommunity #awaitingroom #corinnahelenelund

~GOOD VIBES ONLY👏~3ros Classificados #TheCommunity #goodvibesonly 🔥\

#kevinhartday 2017 what a great day for the city of PHILLY; # SALUTES TO THE PEOPLE FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN #statereps #citycouncil #thecommunity #maxssteaks


Presentando tu carnet de socio #thecommunity 💳 o enseñando la App 📲 en los McDonalds de Vigo, Pontevedra y Vilagarcia de Arousa tienes un 10% de descuento en todos los productos ‼️😎👌 Eu #VOU, e ti? 😏

Black& white cafe St. Paul's Bristol riot 1980 they mashed us up with crack cocaine #tears #somanytears #wickedness #peoplekilled #thecommunity #crushed #noonecares #stevewilks #wilksfromkentish #wilksfromjamaica

Title:Nyck @ knight
Date of release:7/21/17
Artists:Nyck Caution, Kirk knight, Joey Badass, CJ Fly, Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth, Aaron Rose, Dessy Hinds.
Length:8 tracks (26:42)
Most favorite songs: dude the whole thing honestly but I gotta go with audiopium.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nyck caution and kirk knight have that brotherly love on this project. This highly anticipated album from the Pro Era camp is unforgiving, gritty with Kirk's phenomenal production, and a refreshing sound on how two talented artist sound when the chemistry is just right. The way Nyck and Kirk show off and feed off of each other is amazing and you can tell how hungry they are for rhymes throughout this tape like in off the wall, all night and perfect murder. This is gonna be one of the best tapes of this year. I'm excited to hear more from this new hip hop duo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We can all agree on how much of a powerhouse #ProEra is, and now we have a new collab between @nyckcaution and @kirkknight, and the chemistry these two have is superb. Nyck @ knight is one of the most impressive collaborations I've heard in a while and this is definitely top 5 projects of this year in my opinion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #hiphopmusic #rap #thecommunity #rapculture #nyckcaution #kirkknight #nyckatknight #proera

Gonna do reviews next week, but first Nyck @ knight tomorrow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #hiphopmusic #rap #thecommunity #rapculture #nyckatknight #nyckcation #kirkknight #proera

Why did y'all make your IG pages? I made mine cause none of my friends listen to rap/artist I listen to. I wanted a place where I could freak out over up coming albums and other people would freak out with me. A place where I could come to and talk about rap how I always wanted to. What about You? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #hiphopmusic #rap #thecommunity #rapculture

Thank you @amuselife for the feature on our current group show "Automated Curation". Link in bio.
"We wanted to collaborate on this piece by Hyvönen and Vaelma because of its conceptual quality dealing with the larger ethical and moral questions dealing with automation and ‘soft’ values. Until which point do we want to give power to machines and until which point can they actually be useful?"
Automated Curation on view from Wednesday to Sunday, 13h00 – 21h00.
#thecommunity #automatedcuration #amuse

The Community Grows
When I first started formulating my theory for what supports my art, I met a lot of artist one being Bryon. OG Summs taught me that you don't apologize or make excuses for why it looks the way it looks. Your perspective is all that matters. I knew about Bryon's DREAM and knew that as a community member and fraternity brother that it was my job to collaborate and lift him until Uranus Opened the sky. Keep working and learning what it takes to be the best boss for #BRPlayground.
#KnewYouHadADream #series #portraits #shotbyluckypeters #photography #Polaroid #FIETTS

The plunge 🐬
@pariss_underground s beautiful documentation of an artistic ménage à trois with @laetitiabadauthaussmann @aaltointernational and @thecommunityparis at #MaisonLouisCarre ❤️
PERFORMANCE @thecommunityparis
IMAGE @pariss_underground
CLOTHING @aaltointernational capsule collection "AFTER NATURE ONE"
SPECIAL THANKS @galerieallen @laetitiabadauthaussmann
#aaltointernational #aalto #maisonlouiscarré #thecommunity #laetitiabadauthaussmann #galerieallen

We LOVE hearing about your booking experience and trips booked through NBTC. Please tag us in your travel pics 🤳📷 .
REPOST @smiddy80
Just went to collect my holiday tickets from the post office and was ever so confused when a giant box was handed to me. What a lovely surprise to start the holiday off. Best travel agent ever!! If anyone needs an amazing one check out @northernbeachestravelandcruise

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