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Those who have never walked through the wilderness won't understand the Significance of The Deliverance...Always remember that God Still uses Broken People to do Big Things! #TheColumnWithTraci ❤️

Just wanted to take a moment out to Boast about how Good God is!!!! I promise if you remain faithful to him he will always take care of you. I have the ultimate trust in God right now that everything that is happening in my life right now is according to his plan and is all working together for my good. Today was a bitter sweet day for me. Sweet because it's Valentine's Day of course lol the day of love! And bitter because of other situations but instead of focusing on that I took on the day focusing on God's Love and his Promise for my life and took faith in that all things are working for my good. And today I was surprised 3 times with acts of Godly Love. My friends knew the bitter effect that this day could have on me and they took it upon themselves to show me that regardless of other situations that I am still loved. Blessed is an understatement, grateful isn't even enough. Today turned out to be one of the best days ever and I even got to go worship God today which was an extra bonus! Thanks guys for thinking of me on V Day and for being my Valentine's! ❤️❤️

Hey Guys so I have started my own official Instagram for my Writings! I hope that you enjoy the deep layers of my heart! I will also be posting updates on there about my new and upcoming Blog The Column With Traci Please Like, Share, tag, repost, and support! Thank all of you in advance! Follow, follow, follow! @thecolumnwithtraci
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And on this Day...March 6...20 years ago a Queen was Born. #DubClub #TheColumnWithTraci 💓💗💕💞🌸🌺🌷

Dreams Really Do Come True...So Honored and Humbled to serve as your 2017-2018 Miss Junior. Thank you to All of You who Voted and Supported me on Today and All Week Long! You guys are Amazing! I am ready to put in the work to better serve you! #TraciForMissJunior #TheColumnWithTraci #AllPraisesToMyGod 💙💛

When I see them I see 2 people brought together by God, by Love , and by Faith. I see a Beautiful Brilliant Black Queen who is just as confident in all of her melanin. I see a Beautiful Strong Black Man who stands in what he believes. Two people brought together by God for a purpose way greater than any of us would have ever imagined years and years ago, way greater than even they knew at that moment. Because of them I believe in the Power of Purpose, in the Power of Gods plans for our lives, in the Power of my ability as a young Black woman chasing after my purpose, in the Power of my deep brown skin, in the Power of the depth of my mind, in the Power of our capabilities as a human race. Michelle Obama has been the epitome of a woman of class, a woman of brilliance, a woman of divine purpose, and a role model not only to me but to so many little Brown Girls who have felt the effects of not only being Brown but of being Woman in this world. Thank you..."Yes We Can."
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You are Love, the light, the darkness, and everything in between. How much light shines on you each day is up to you. Perspective is everything. Your perspective each day and what you choose to focus on decides how much light will reign down on you. -Traci xxx
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So many times we wait for our breakthroughs through our Circumstances and through our situations. We say "I cannot wait for my breakthrough, for God to get me out of this situation or out of this season" (I'm so guilty of doing this myself) We think that in order for our breakthrough to come our situations must change. So we wait and we wait. We wait for our relationships to get better or for our finances to improve and for so many other things. And a lot of times as we wait we become frustrated or begin to lose faith in God. When we wait for our circumstances to change we miss the whole point of what God is trying to do. He doesn't put us in seasons and undesirable situations for no reason. He puts us in them in order for us to grow, to learn, to change. With every test there is a divine lesson. Your breakthrough happens the second you begin to realize and accept the changes that God is trying to make in your life. Then you will begin to see your circumstances change. Your Breakthrough Begins With You!! #TheColumnWithTraci #DailyAffirmations

Greetings Jaguars My name is Traci Smith a 20 year old Social Work Major from Port Arthur, Texas and I am vying to be your 2017-2018 Miss Junior. Together I believe we can Build, Empower, Achieve, Unify, and Transpire! Be sure to SUpport me on March 31st in an effort to spread a sense of purpose and belonging to all students at Southern University. @nubiantraci "Bronzed in Elegance, Enameled with Grace." 💙💛
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Praying for discernment is very important. The devil is real and he comes to kill,steal, and destroy. He comes as everything you think you want. Protect yourself. ✨

Dear young
writer,artist,athlete,entrepreneur,philanthropist, musician,cook,etc take your craft seriously, even if no one else does. #TheColumnWithTraci

Continue to Love Despite All. 🥀

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This is true. You never know when is their last day or your last day. Follow @thecolumnwithtraci for more #TeamSU #TraciSmith #TheColumnWithTraci

Don't miss your opportunity. I Love Each and Everyone of you guys!
Tag someone under this post that you want to know that you Love them! Even if it has been years since you have last spoke...This could be the start! ❤️❤️❤️

#Goals I will be there one Day God Spare!! #TheColumnWithTraci #AWritersDream

There were so many nights that I prayed for days like these.
I spent precious Months crying over things that wanted to be released but that I just could not.
Holding on to the dead while praying for new. Days like these were only imaginable a little while ago.
I was asking for sunlight while holding an umbrella over my head.
I wanted the rain to stop, but I ran towards the storm.
I mourned for things that were no longer mine.
I longed for happiness while chasing a thing that was only causing pain.
Some days I find myself still looking back, some may even call it waiting for what was released to return, but then I have days like these that remind me of how far I have come and how nothing Good resides in the past.
On days like today I dance, I shout, I laugh, I love.
I do all these things in remembrance of where I have been and where I will never return.
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Embrace whatever season of Life you are in right now. ✨✨✨

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