It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was staying onboard this boat in the fjords of the east coast of Greenland, where did that time go! My trip there has inspired more than any other. Is there a place that has inspired you?

Day 6: This was the day i ended up running into @niki_herring and we drove all the way from the northwest corner of Wyoming to northern part of Colorado just outside of Rocky Mountain NP. It was a solid 10-12 hour day of driving, but damn was Wyoming beautiful.

Today was going to be a trail run day... but it just didn’t happen. Instead, I took the 2 pups I have for the weekend on a slow 1 mile walk, took Shiloh on a 2 mile walk, walked to the Farmers Market for an $11 weeks worth of veggies haul, and now feeling a little too tired to load two pups and Shiloh up to hit the rainy muddy trails... 🤰So instead, I’m throwing it back to Shiloh and my early pregnancy trail running days! At the time of this photo I was further along in my pregnancy than Shiloh... but she was a week before her due date with 11 pups! Although I haven’t been as diligent in my daily workouts since the pups hit 6 weeks old, I don’t feel any less fit! The integrated movement through out my day has actually left me more sore and exhausted... did I mention we actually don’t have a yard and outside is down one flight of stairs? This meant that once the pups were old enough, 11 trips to the truck carrying my little pups to take them on adventures, 11 trips to the field, and 11 trips back up the stairs to our home! Most days my watch told me I averaged 7-10 miles just in walking - not to mention all the squats through out the day, hands and knees cleaning, carrying 50lb dog food and litter what seemed like every 3 days... 😅! I know I didn’t have to do everything I did for the pups, and I had A LOT of help especially during my work days (Thanks to all my puppy nanny’s and of course Rich 😊)! I’m so grateful I had this opportunity.. I’ve learned SO much about raising pups, breeding, good breeders, bad breeders, puppy health, and setting your pups up for success in their new homes!. ....and not many people get to experience tiny baby goldens. 😊 Pretty soon Shiloh, Rich, and I will be back out on those fall colored trails with a bit more energy and no less fit! 💪🍂🍁🌲 (I hope 🤣🤞)

The long road to recovery after an injury can be a slow and difficult one. Often keeping us from our goals and ambitions, it can be as much an emotional challenge as it is physical. What we find during these times can be a new understanding of our actual strengths and weaknesses and also that we have several different outlets to rediscover while we heal.
After almost a year of recovering from an injury, I was super excited to shoot my buddy @zanebalogh back on some rock! #liveclimbrepeat @lasportivana

Happy first day of fall ya’ll! Or last day of summer. Either way - make it a good one 😅.

#TheClymb #tshirt
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มีข้างเดิม/สภาพ 9/10
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Day 5: “Currently getting ready to fall asleep at around 10,500 feet. This place is crazy. On the way up here there was lightning on all sides of the mountain, but not directly on top.”
This is what i wrote the night i took this photo. Reading what i wrote on this trip makes me super thankful for everything i got to experience.

@jacobfrears on the sharp end with his eye on the prize. Climbing at East Colfax in Clear Creak Canyon, CO. @lasportivana #liveclimbrepeat

Made it to Tanzania just after sunrise. Got to see Kilimanjaro towering above the clouds just before landing. #kilimanjaro #africa #theclymb

Step in front of a runaway train
Just to feel alive again.
Day 4: Woke up in the woods. Hiked out, drove 15 miles up a crazy forest road that wove between Montana and Wyoming until i ended up at this trailhead around 9,000 feet. Made a quick jog out of this hike and landed in front of this insane lake. I’ve been to quite a few lakes buried in the mountains, but i think this one is my new favorite. Someday I’ll be back!

The cool features and fun climbs out at the Empire Boulders was interesting enough for me go back out there this last weekend. Heres @lamonthanson on a fun little V3. .
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A hike into the mountains does the body, mind, and spirit—good!
#optoutside @rei

All the way up top last night preparing another Black Diamond Trail. 😍🌲🚴‍♂️ #Northwoods #IMBA #epic

This looks amazing too. I may do this and head up to the Egyptian Dive Mecca after. #theclymb #travel #adventure

Day 3: Woke up near the Beartooth Mountains after seeking refuge from the smoke in northern Montana. Hiked 7 miles in and found this little lake. Ended up having the entire place to myself! Solid first view in the backcountry.

Morning climbing sessions are ripe with coffee jitters and a little Elvis Leg! @gwen_rudy moving though a shaky-foot crux at the Canal Zone. Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado. #forceofnature @accessfund

Still on vacation and already thinking about the next one. Choices to make and here are a couple of contenders. #theclymb #adventure #travel

Day 2:

It was raining in northern Montana and my original plan was to scramble to a little summit, but ended up checking out this waterfall for a little bit and then heading south to chase some better weather and new sights. The fires made it a little difficult to stay in the northwest this time, but onto clearer skies!

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