God has a plan ❤ #sundayquotes

I’ve had an amazing time this summer because of how often I’ve been able to go to the temple! I love being there so much ☺️ #latterdaysaints #latterdaysainttemple #thechurchistrue #thechruchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #albuquerquetemple #templetrip #youthofzion #thelordsyouthbattalion #illgoinsidesomeday #toomanyhashtags

well family, friends and followers of Instagram, my time has finally come! I will be giving my farewell talk tomorrow at 8:30 AM at 925 N. Harris. If you are unable to make my talk, come swing by between 7-9 PM tomorrow to see me one last time before I get shipped off to the Philippines!! I’m so excited for this amazing opportunity I’ve been blessed with to teach those about the joyful message that is the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! #PhilippinesOlongapo #latterdaysaint #thechurchistrue

Had 20 kids plus some parents over today for some fun and games! I love being in Primary. For those who don’t know, Primary is where all the kids, aged 3-12, go when their parents go to other church classes on Sunday. We had them over to bond and get to know each other better, and it was fun! I smell a new tradition.
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What would you say is the greatest day in history? Elder Uchtdorf answered that question in his last General Conference talk, "Behold the Man." If you are leading a discussion on Elder Uchtdorf's talk or need ideas for a different talk this is the place- link in profile @cmlgill

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What are your favorite missionary prep books?? (Other than PMG and the Book of Mormon, obviously;) This one is on my to-read list. I've heard it's really good :) #missionprepbooks

Working on mission papers is the best feeling ever, isn't it?? One day, I'll be called to serve, but right now it feels like I'm just called to wait 😉 #calledtoserve #calledtowait #missionpapers

Have you ever played Murderer in the Dark? It's basically a game where the designated "murderers" walk around and "kill" people in the dark and everyone else is trying to figure out who the murderers are. Well, in a moment of whimsical inspiration, we decided to play "Investigator in the Dark" 😂😂 Instead of murderers, we have missionaries trying to give people Books of Mormon. Instead of yelling "dead body" we yell "golden investigator" :) I'm dying, it's so funny😂😂😂 (turn the sound on and watch it all😂)

Meet Katie. :) Katie is one of the sweetest, kindest, most humble people I know. She has blessed my life with her friendship. She just got her mission call to Detroit, Michigan. Here is her testimony: "I am so excited to serve in Michigan! It just feels so RIGHT and so GOOD! I know that the apostles truly receive direct personal revelation from God when assigning mission calls! I know that the Gospel is true because of the immense happiness, peace, and growth it has brought to my life. By taking the time to commit to consistent daily prayer and scripture study, we are blessed immensely! I love the Lord and am excited to teach, love, and serve His people in Michigan!" Katie is going to truly touch people's lives with her kind, loving nature. I love you Katie♥️ @katie_georgeson_

Miracles, Signs & Wonders! These shall follow those who believe! When I first got introduced to Jesus, I knew nothing about the power of God. I didn’t know anything about hearing from God. I never knew anything about the prophetic. I never knew anything about the gift of healing or any gifts of the Holy Spirit...until I met my husband and he unlocked a new dimension in my walk with God. #giftsofthespirit #thechurchistrue #bodyofchristriseup #thebrideofchrist

Rich blessings are in store. #iamamormon

“In temples we remember who we really are, and see with clarity who we can really become.”
Been thinking about who we all can really become and about how the world can sometimes drag us down. Let’s lift each other up and cheer each other on in our journey to finding who we really are. 💕 #dreamydaffodil .
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don't let your guard down and stay strong!!
don't forget to DM me your favorite scriptures and quotes to share with others!! :)
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“ELDER CONDE AND I BAPTIZED IN THE RIVER THIS WEEK!! We baptized two siblings, Damaris and Alfredo Gonzalez! Their mom was baptized over 20 years ago and never told her kids she was a member! 🙀 We ended up finding them and not only were they baptized this week, but now they both want to serve missions! We watched the 20 minute video of the Restoration of the church, and when it ended their family was in tears, especially their mom. It was neat to see them recognize and to see their mom remember what the Spirit feels like. Just a couple days ago they came up to us and said, we want to get baptized!! The answer was always there. My companion and I left that day screaming of happiness hahaha!😇 The best part is they might be moving to Phoenix, Arizona soon!!! Love you all!! This church is so true!!♥️
Elder Campbell” 8.14.18 #TheChurchIsTrue #ShareGoodness #TheSpiritTestifies #Baptism #ElderConde #ElderCampbell #GodLoveIsReal #HeLives #Guatemala 🇬🇹

Some you may not know, but this past Sunday after a few years I have been out of Young Women’s, I have finally received my Young Women Medallion. I wanted to get my medallion at my home ward than at my singles ward because it means so much more to me to get it at my home ward being with the people that saw me grow up. It was such an amazing experience to finally have my hands on something that I have been wanting for years. All I had to do was finish my personal progress that I started in Young Women’s. After getting it, it has grown my testimony even more stronger that this is the true church and I am so blessed to be in an amazing church that has brought me so many friends along the way. #thechurchistrue #mormon #lds #iammormon #youngwomens #personalprogress

This. Scripture.❤️ no words needed. #thechurchistrue #thelordismylight

(2nd Nephi 10:1- 13:1) Because Heavenly Father has given us so much knowledge, we should remember him and lay aside our sins. #BAG #thechurchistrue

MY HEART WILL BE IN OGDEN FOR 18 MONTHS❤️ I’m so lucky God blessed me with a sister (pun intended). I love you dearest #ldsmission #thechurchistrue

Happy sunday guys!! I dunno about you, but I love the Book of Mormon & this gospel! When the spirit hits you, it’s like woAHHHH THE CHURCH IS TRUEEEEE!!! Haha but church for me is at one, what time is church for you? #lds #happysunday #quotes #ldsquotes #mormon #thechurchistrue #thechurchistruethebookisblue ——
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