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Day one of @barista_connect was super fun and informative. Being in a space where I can learn about so many different things from women and with other women is refreshing and fulfilling. I’m looking forward to establishing more relationships on day two, getting even nerdier, and giving everyone the keys on how to establish a social media presence in coffee. 🔑🔑🔑 Stay tuned!
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Last week’s cafe experience gave me enough confidence to check out several new places this week. Aucuba is a short walk from the BH office and was a lovely spot to work on some upcoming TCB projects. I’m really excited for what’s coming, but the stress is real. #watchthisspace #thechocolatebarista

Real talk: I have anxieties about visiting different cafes here in Australia. The level of service Black people and people of color more often receive is something we’re already aware of: it’s usually not good. Visiting cafes is an activity I most enjoy doing alone. I like sitting quietly at the bar either watching the baristas work or getting work done, myself. It’s unfortunate in a city so saturated with options that I’ve opted not to explore them and indulge in those activities. Most of the places I’ve visited so far have treated me with condescension based off assumptions about what I might want or not even made me feel comfortable in the first place. It’s not a case of “Do you even *know* who I am” type shit (although sometimes I feel that way tbh hahaha). To me, it’s forgetting the basics of customer service: giving everyone the benefit of the doubt when they come into your cafe, no matter who the fuck they are. Even if I didn’t know a thing about coffee, I’d still expect some level of care from the barista to help me find what I’m looking for or get me to try something new. I deserve that just as much as the next customer.
This was on my mind today because for the first time since moving here, I felt super welcomed at a cafe I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. Three coffees and an Eggs Benedict later, I left already planning my next visit.
Just food for thought for my working baristas out there. 💭

In less than two weeks, I’ll be at @barista_connect Melbourne talking about social media influence through a coffee lens to a room of coffee women and femmes ✨ I’m super excited to connect with new people in the Australasia coffee community. If you’ll be here for MICE, head over to Barista Connect to grab your tickets. There are still a few left!
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Testing...testing.... 🎙
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South Africa Barista Champion, @winston_douglas is working to organize WBC practice sessions for all African barista champions heading to Amsterdam in June. Last year in Seoul, Kenyan barista champ, Martin Shebaya, was the first African champion to make it to semifinals. It’s exciting to see the African competitor community rally together to go even further and continue to make coffee history! ☕️✊🏾 #thechocolatebarista

In 2018, we’re not standing by and passively hoping for change. The voices of coffee professionals of color are getting louder and more prominent. You will see us. You will hear us. We are creating spaces for ourselves to lift and support one another to become the coffee pros we set out to be. And we won’t stop until we’re all there.
Photo by @racheljapple from the @bosintersectionalcoffeecol I See You Panel.

Just like how the Black Panther gets passed on, @sharonakharoh would be next in line for The Chocolate Barista. 😂


If you don’t know @thechocolatebarista and her work to promote people of color in the specialty coffee industry, it’s about time to learn.
@meeshalrj has been speaking up about the struggles black women in coffee face because she can speak on it...first hand. Check out this blog she wrote on white feminism in coffee and why it is holding us back as an industry.


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I only drink coffee when it's made by @meeshalrj ☕️👑#coffeequeen #thechocolatebarista #unapologeticfakecoffeedrinker

I can never pour art for ig as I can for the customers, I know I’m not the only one

A major congrats is in order for our friend, Reggie Elliott, who won his Washington, DC Regional Aeropress Competition! 🏆
Couldn't be more stoked to see him compete for the US title in Seattle. You're going to be great. 👊🏾💯 Photo by @dimsumdc

Saint Frank takes care.

My first coffee back in Phoenix.
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"In an industry still struggling to overcome sex, race, and class bias, Street Bean's program is quietly combatting these factors by offering as many opportunities as possible to their staff." We're really proud of that quote in the new SPRUDGE article about our operation (link in profile).

A coffee shop can be so much more for the people in it. These places can deeply impact and change lives for the better. Michelle Johnson's warmly drawn portrait of the team at @streetbeancoffeeroasters is worth your time today. Link is in our profile. #streetbeancoffee #streetbeanseattle #thechocolatebarista

Dope clothing & sneaker boutique, a food menu inspired by Cambodian & Taiwanese cooking, and coffee from my favorite DC-area roaster: this place is all I need.

The new Blue Bottle in Georgetown, DC is a sweet addition to the scene where I started in coffee six years ago. 💙 And it's always great to reunite and hang with my girl, Mallory! 🙌🏾
Photo by @constancehigley

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