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when i tell you this entire elimination left me SHOOK
(not a pt!!)

Patiently waiting for these two icons to be friends again so they can run the house in a future season💚 #caramaria #kailahcasillas #thechallenge #mtvchallenge #mtvthechallenge #teamkailah #teamcara #thechallengevendettas #thechallengedirty30 #thechallenge32

underdog queen :( [#affinitygrp]
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Bidding my challenge shirt! Size xs bidding starts at $50 ready, set, GO! Ends 10/29 #vendettas #thechallengevendettas #finalreckoning #challenge32 #mtv

Umm more rookies on this season , interesting... I’ll leave it at that :
Georgia Harrison (The Only Way Is Essex/ Love Island UK)
Julia Nolan (Big Brother 17)
Liz Nolan (Big Brother 17)
Mattie Lynn Breaux (Party Down South)
Morgan Willet (Big Brother Over the Top/Ex on the Beach 2)
Natalie "Ninja" Duran (American Ninja Warrior)
Chase Mcnary (The Bachelorette/Ex on the Beach 1)
João Paulo "Jotape" Andrade (Ex on the Beach Brazil)
Stephen Bear (Ex on the beach UK)
Theo Campbell (Love Island UK)
Source : Vevmo
It’s looking like it’s gonna be a fresh meat type of season, thoughts?

birthday girl❤️❤️
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OH BITCH and can we talk about how Shane actually thought telling Marie he couldn’t wait to tweet about her was an actual threat she was supposed to be scared of😂😂😂😂😂😂 like my guy what???????????? You call yourself shady Shane and that’s the best comeback you had lmfao. It’s crazy how so many opinions have change for me this season. Shane, Marie and Kam being the biggest. I used to dislike Kam and Marie but now I love them. And clearly I used to like Shane but not anymore. He’s such a hateful person and it’s sad.

Now🙄 this all basically regarding next week’s episode cause I liked this episode and we didn’t see much of the lavender losers which is always a plus. First off someone needs to tell devin that winning a puzzle challenge against someone doesn’t qualify you as a challenge legend. His smug and vindictive attitude is annoying af. Only person I feel should have a right to act that way is CT and he’s one of the nicest and loved people in the game. Devin needs to be humbled period. Second I have a lotttt that I want to say about Nelson but I think I’ll wait till next week when I have more info 🙃. I know feelings won’t change but I just want to know more about why he was acting like a psycho (per usual) before I say my peace🤪. THIRD I’m lowkey sad that Cory did what he did cause that’s bae. I’m gonna wait on that to cause idk what tony did to him to make him feel it was necessary to body slam him. Regardless though I have always loved Cory and I really hope he situation doesn’t make that feeling change😩 I love drama but I don’t like violence. Keep it classy. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. 🖤 also I think I’m gonna cop me a banony shirt. Too tempting 😂

I’ll do my weekly rant in a second lmao but I needed to make a post to talk about HOW PROUD I AM OF THIS QUEEN!!!!! Kyle was spinning that thing so fast and she still pulled out a win & deserved it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ never been more proud!!! Lowkey teared up when I saw her crying 😂

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He’s finally back on a full season 🙌🏼 | Challenge 33

From 2010 With Real World Vegas begin filmed to now 2018 Challenge 33 ... It’s Go Time 💪🏽 | Challenge 33

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