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An actual Goddess😍
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Lil Man And His Friends. Jus Tryna Take Ova The World. So I Can Hand It Down To Him. #MyMotivation


This video is nuts!!!! #waitforit #2kissin LZ $tunn@ x @jamesfadedevans directed by me & @director_hollywood718

deadass though 😩💦

Más calor que en un volcán ☄️🔥

With my girl! 💕


As we return, we will be creating our Second Self Portrayed Elimination Game featuring you all! From now on, the categories will be based around you all! Comment or Dm me a picture! First Six are in :) °
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→ "Starting a new chapter of my life." —
[ Introduction / Appreciation Post for @CaptivatingVictor. ] —
This is way overdue. It should've been done a long time ago. I wouldn't be the "Fearless" Nikki Bella without certain people in my life. One person literally turns my world upside down. You make me feel things that I've never felt before for anyone and I know I've said this before but this is more genuine to my heart. Since meeting you back in April, we've been sooo close. You were my Spongebob buddy. You still are. Getting to know you has been such an amazing experience to me. We've had our ups and downs but who doesn't. You've stuck by me through the difficult times. And I've been there through the roughest. Now we've made plans for the future. We're having a baby soon and we're getting married. That's literally a fairytale come true. You're my Prince Charming. The Patrick to my Spongebob. The court to my basketball. Hopefully you'll forever be my teammate. Because i'm always gonna be on your side wether i'm upset or happy, you'll always have my heart. You're my Superhero. And.. my basketball geek. I love you so much baby. Now, as for this introduction, I'm fearless, nuff said. 😘


┊ 《 Introductory Post⇣ 》
♔ ❙ Portrayal ▸ @CarmellaWWE
♔ ❙ Date ▸ June 26th, 2017
♔ ❙ Targets ▸ N/A
♔ ❙ Company ▸ N/A
❝ Baby, I can see that you got potential ❞ ─────── ——
Leah Van Dale was born on October 23 1987 but is also known as Carmella in the wrestling industry. Leah is from Staten Island and refers to herself as a princess and she calls herself "fabulous".. but in my opinion she is really fabulous! She grew up watching Miss Elizabeth and Trish Stratus and she knew that she wanted to be like them. Leah is the daughter of Paul Van Dale who was also a professional wrestler.. Paul worked as a jobber for WWE in the nineties, he has also wrestled independently. Carmella is a fitness instructor and a personal trainer, she also has a background in dancing and she is an American Professional wrestler and a professional wrestler manager. Carmella made her debut on the WWE in June 2013 then she aligned with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady in October 2014 thus also becoming their manager. She has wrestled dominantly and got placed into a match for a number 1 contender to face Bayley for the NXT Women's Championship. A few months came by after that.. there was a draft between the brands RAW and Smackdown and a few picks from NXT.. Carmella got chosen to be in the Smackdown brand, which is now called Smackdown Live! Now she's on the main roster making herself the best and the most dominant superstar.. Carmella also had a feud with Nikki Bella that had been going on for months and that ended.. (kind of) now she's aligned with James Ellsworth. Carmella is set to dominate any one of her assailants and leave them with vigilance. She is climbing her way to the top and not gonna back down.. until she gets what she wants. No matter how graphic it gets, she ain't gonna stop until you give up. Being herself, the fabulous one.. It's not that hard.. Being eminent and dominant, is amazing. Just remember, don't be SAWFT.

you know you have a problem when you can't remember the last time you brushed your hair
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This video is nuts!!!! #waitforit #2kissin LZ $tunn@ x @jamesfadedevans directed by me & @director_hollywood718

An actual Goddess😍
#nickiminaj #teamminaj

On set... undisclosed location...video shoot... LZ $tunn@ x @jamesfadedevans #2kissin LIFE I LIVE #JULY4TH

evanna [ ee-vaughn-uh ] rose ramsey !!
a smol baby who needs constant love and attention but also shuts people out for both reason occasionally. the therapist friend[if she had friends]. loves her boy so much! really wants some pals.
comment a heart for a tbh[maybe].
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