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If this doesn't warm your ❤ on a cold winters day! #doggiecollar #dogflowers #lemonleaf 📷credit: #thecannonsphotography

Happy Valentines Day from #thecannonsphotography!

Loving this gorgeous ring paired with adorable bow bracelet!#akronweddingphotographer #thecannonsphotography #thecannonscouple #engagementring

We just loved these mini succulents the bride and groom grew for their guests! #thepiggeryatannadeanfarm #akronwedding #stuckwithballow #thecannonsphotography #succulents

Did you see this gorgeous couple on the blog yesterday? In love with their gorgeous session! #thecannonsphotography #cannoncouple #cannonbride

Such a sweet family session tonight! #thecannonsphotography #familyphoto #familyportrait

Why not share a beautiful ring with lots of colorful pencils? This ring belongs to an inspiring lady who loves to color. How do you like to spend your free time? #thecannonsphotography #adultsthatcolor #weddingring

Something pretty for your Wednesday morning. We’re getting used to early mornings again. We don’t mind them as long as we go to bed on time but 10:00 rolls around so quickly every night. What is your bedtime and wake up time? #thecannonsphotography #prettydetails #akronweddingphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer #cantonweddingphotographer @thepineneedlecalligraphy


It is Tuesday and we are so excited for a family night!! What is your favorite thing to do when everyone is home with no plans? #thecannonsphotography #cantonweddingphotographer #clevelandphotographer #clevelandphotographer #styledshoot

Dreaming of beautiful florals like these this morning. Made my morning todo list so everything can be checked off throughout the day. What is your favorite way to jump start a Monday? #thecannonsphotography @bouquetstudio #prettyflowers #cantonweddingphotographer #cantonwedding #cantonohio #thequarrygolfclub

Something pretty for your Wednesday morning. We’re getting used to early mornings again. We don’t mind them as long as we go to bed on time but 10:00 rolls around so quickly every night. What is your bedtime and wake up time? #thecannonsphotography #prettydetails #akronweddingphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer #cantonweddingphotographer @thepineneedlecalligraphy

Working on finalizing the details for this sweet couples wedding album!! We are so thankful for our incredible 2017 couples and only have a few more openings for 2018! We can’t wait to see what 2018 has to offer! #thecannonsphotography #fallwedding #clevelandweddingphotographer

Kathleen and Will are married! Check out our Facebook page to see more tomorrow! Can’t wait to share their blog post on Tuesday and full gallery after that! #thecannonsphotography #thecannonscouple #akronwedding #halefarmandvillage #halefarm #halefarmwedding #fallwedding

We had such a great night with Megan and Nic! They gave us some incredible cupcakes to take home with us! If you’re looking for an awesome bakery be sure to check out @bakery__creations!! #thecannonscouple #thecannonsphotography #cantonweddingphotographer #akronwedding #engagementpicture

Did you hear that we partnered up with @smeventsdesign for not one but two awesome styled Christmas sets! They will take place in Canton in November 11th! We are offering a free customized ornament to anyone who books their session by this Friday the 27th!! Link in profile! #christmas #welovetheholidays #familyportraits #thecannonsphotography

Hip hip hooray!! These two got married last week and received their wedding gallery Today... well yesterday because it’s 1:00 am! Thank you for allowing us to capture your incredible day! We think you are just as awesome as “winning the lottery”!! We had to relive this photo from their engagement session!! 😂😍💕#thecannonsphotography #thecannonscouple #thequarrygolfclub #stmichaelschurch #ohiobrides #akronweddingphotographer #akronwedding #cantonwedding #cantonweddingphotographer

These two could brighten anyone’s day! Just loved their sweet smiles! Micheal for not being used to the camera you rocked it and Emily, you’re a natural! Love our #thecannonscouple!! #thecannonsphotography

Check out the blog today to see more of this gorgeous couple’s wedding day! We are so thankful to have the honor of capturing this special day for our couples! 💕#thecannonsphotography #akronweddingphotographer #cantonohio #stmichaelschurch #thequarrygolfclub #akronwedding #ohiowedding #ohiobrides

This sweet boy’s smiles make everyday brighter! Love him with all our hearts! 💕#thecannonsphotography #boymom #hemakesmesmile #akronweddingphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer

What is on your agenda for this weekend?We are so excited for an amazing couple’s wedding day! It is going to be gorgeous and I can’t believe it is almost here! #welovefall #thecannonsphotography #engagementpictures #ohiobride #ohiophotographer #ohioengagement #akronwedding #akronweddingphotographer

Pictures like this one full our hearts with joy! We love our couples and are so blessed to work with incredibly kind loving couples who are totally in love! These two are an inspiration and we loved every minute of their beautiful day with their equally as kind friends and family. We only have three more 2018 wedding openings and we can’t wait to find out who we get to know and capture on their wedding day! Looking forward to checking things off the list today!! What does your Wednesday todo list look like? #thecannonsphotography #akronphotographer #akronweddingphotographer #clevelandwedding #clevelandphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer

Just spreading some Joy this morning with this gorgeous bride! Did you see their amazing wedding yet? If not, go check it out! You will not be disappointed! #thecannonsphotography #akronphotographer #akronwedding #gishbarn #summerwedding #clevelandwedding #clevelandphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer

Can you believe it is Thursday and the month of September is almost OVER? We can't! It has flown by but we are excited for October and the sessions and weddings that will be here soon! #thecannonsphotography #akronweddingphotography #engaged2017 #akronphotographer #clevelandphotographer #ohiobride #ohiobrides

It is hump day and we are so excited to be filling up our 2018 wedding calendars! We are taking a very limited number of 2018 weddings so if you're getting married contact us now to make sure you are one of them! #thecannonsphotography #akronwedding #akronbride #clevelandbride #ohiobride #akronphotographer #akronweddingphotographer

Happy Sunday. Excited for church and a few more hours of weekend relaxation. Had so much fun with this sweet couple last week. They are going to be such sweet parents. #thecannonsphotography #akronphotographer

We've been keeping busy over here getting ready for the fall sessions and wedding to start full force in October! This sweet couple was so much fun at their engagement session! We love spending our evenings with awesome couples who are totally in love!

Time for #fridayintroductions with #thecannonsphotography . 1️⃣Robert and I met in high school. Courtney teaches where she went to elementary school. 2️⃣We never imagined our selves as photographers but we did take disposable cameras on walks and pose for each other as a mini "photo shoot" We also took tons of selfies far before they were officially called selfies! 3️⃣We take turns. With diapers, dishes, laundry, dinner.... etc. and Robert is totally awesome at all of the above! 4️⃣We aren't always perfect but we love doing life together.

Is it really Wednesday already? That is hard to believe. We've been enjoying the gorgeous weather we've had lately and tonight we are updating our family pictures!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to add some updated pictures to the walls in our home! When was the last time you had family pictures?

It's nearly 3 am and to be honest I'm glad I stayed up and checked a few more things off my todo list tonight. The bed always feels a little more rewarding when you've earned some time to rest. Feeling thankful for these cozy covers, hoping for a day full of smiles just as big as the two on this sweet couple....after a good night's sleep of course! They are on the blog today! Be sure to check it out if you haven't already!! 💕💕

Happy Sunday!! I can hardly believe the last week of June is upon us. I'm looking forward to a cook out and time spent with family. I seriously can't wait to go through the images from yesterday's wedding though!! When #cannoncouples are this joyful you just can't help but to smile with them!!

Today I was reminded of the sweet moment when I walked down the aisle to see my husband waiting for me. I remember not only the moment that I saw him but the few seconds before I rounded the corner with my grandma. She walked me down the aisle and we took a deep breathe, she squeezed me hand a little tighter, and with a sparkle in her eye we started one of the most important walks of my life. At the end of the aisle I was met by my step dad and dad and the sweet tears of my friends ready to hand me off to my incredible husband. He had a huge smile on his face and I couldn't be more excited to say I Do. Do you remember the first moment you saw your spouse on your wedding day? Was it a first look or down the aisle? Do you dream of that day to come?

We are in the car on our way to spend time with family today and I couldn't be more thankful for the man I said "I do" to in 2012. The simple things like a road trip are so enjoyable with him by my side. Watching him care for our sweet boy, cranking up the music to dance in the car, and hold my hand as we ride along. My favorite today though had to be when he showed me the love that his choir kids have for each other! Such sweet bonds. Such a blessing that he can have such an awesome impact on these amazing kids lives!! P.S. Could this ceremony space get any better? I'm not sure that it could! 💕🎀

I love all of the sweet sentimental full of laughter and tears moments of a wedding day but there is just something about the pretty details that make me so happy! When a bride gathers little things for you like this box and a vintage ring box just because she thought I might like it for details I LOVE it!! Check out more of this beautiful day on the blog. What is your favorite styling item for pretty details?

Jillyan and David are on the blog today! Check out their coral wedding!

Happy wedding day @jkulmal1 and David!! We will see you soon!!

These two are getting married TOMORROW and we can't wait!!! Jillyan is walking down the aisle at one of our favorite little churches!! Be sure to check back for sneak peeks!

Tonight we took a few ours off from working and it was so wonderful! I often get caught up in the hustle and it is equally important to slow down sometimes as well. Only things left on the todo list for the week are a few posts that need pre-blogged and prepping for this weekend's wedding. Excited to have a few days to relax! Does anyone else get caught up in the hustle and forget to slow down?

We are always looking for new things to share that can help create a stronger level of trust with our couples on how we work and what we do. Today is the start of a new series that we are very excited for! We are sharing the steps that we go through during each part of the wedding day to assure things go smoothly and we get the classic photos for all of our amazing couples! Today we will start with details! Be sure to check back again next week to read about the getting ready portion of the day!

Late night work binges aren't so easy with a sleep scheduled little man in the house. Time to kick into second gear and tackle this todo list before nap time! Anyone else wake up super sleepy this morning?

Heading to bed but had to share these dresses with you first. Sweet dreams everyone.

When you're scrolling through images and realize this one has to go on instagram. So many gorgeous moments from yesterday!

These two are incredibly sweet, so much fun, and MARRIED!!! We had an amazing day with a wonderful couple, their awesome bridal party, family and friends! We are so excited to share more from this beautiful day soon! Check out our facebook page to see a few more!

These two will be husband and wife by the end of the day and we couldn't be more excited for them! Amber is so full of style! I can't wait to see her beautiful day come together!

These two are getting married tomorrow and we can't wait for their gorgeous wedding day at @cantonclub_onestoevents !! Happy almost wedding day @ambersager and Kevin! We will see you tomorrow! 💕💕

This sweet boy, who happens to be incredibly excited about his cars, is a huge part of what shows us the importance in this life and in what we do as wedding photographers. From the picture of me with my grandma to the things that are so vividly on our mind when a groom dances with his momma. Those tears that roll down her face are deep and moments like that should be captured forever. ......💕 We believe in the foundational love of a family built by generations that is strengthened through the years and continues to grow with your love story. We dream of the day we will dance with our son on his wedding day and we cherish the moments your loved ones have with you on your wedding day.

Logan and Josh's engagement session is on the blog today! They were incredible in front of the camera and just as sweet as can be too! We just love our amazing couples! Their story is adorable too! Read more on the blog!

It is late but we checked so many things off our todo list today including and family walk and a special lesson on the color blue with Max. We have a refreshed website with a new "We Believe" section and an updated portfolio. We have some exciting projects in the works and can't wait to share them with you soon! Check out the blog in the morning for a beautiful engagement session!! Good night everyone!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday. Beautiful bouquet of anenome, roses and astilbe for a beautiful bride. Thank you to @thecannonsphotography , @smeventsdesign @thepine_needle and @thepianostudio.info . What a wonderful collaborative effort.

This gorgeous couples wedding is on the blog today! We also just did a major overhaul on our portfolio. Go check it out and let us know what you think! It is time to read before our sweet boy goes to bed. We are a little behind schedule tonight. We wanted to fit in a walk before bed time. Hope everyone had a nice night!

We are heading out soon for an engagement session and couldn't be more excited! It is a beautiful night for a session. Today's todo list was long and is complete. It was so nice to have a day at home getting things done! What did you accomplish today? #thecannonsphotography

It is late and I spent hours after Max went to bed preparing an incredible blog post for Tuesday! Now that school is over the hustle of spending time with family and packing in time for the business is in full swing. We are busy digging deep into what makes us different. We are searching our hearts and picking apart our thoughts to figure out our whys in life, in our business, and how we spend our time each day. Today our paster talked about opening our eyes to see God's plan and I'm determined to make sure we are on His road every step of the way of our journey. Every day counts and we are so blessed to spend our days with friends, family, and amazing couples on one of the happiest days of their lives! So thankful for the abundance of joy we share together in our little home. Happy Monday everyone. What is on your mind this morning? #thecannonsphotography #speakingtruth #creativityfound #husbandandwife #husbandandwifeteam #brideandgroom #ohiowedding #ohioweddingphotographer #akronweddingphotographers #akronweddingphotography #akronwedding #firestonecountryclub #firestonewedding #countryclubwedding #stylemepretty #therisingtidesociety #thatsdarling #smpwedding #bride #shesaidyes #engaged2017

Chad and Maria's wedding day was incredible! We are so beyond blessed to work with such sweet couples who are so in love. Their family, bridal party, and guests were equally as kind and we LOVED spending the day with them. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her Kate Spade shoes! I can't wait to share more of her perfectly classic wedding day! #thecannonsphotography #welovethisyear #2017wedding #thatsdarling #thatsdarlingweekend #therisingtidesociety #akronwedding #firestonewedding #firestonecountryclub #somethingwhite #brideandgroom #husbandandwifeteam #ohiowedding #ohiophotographer #clevelandphotographer #calledtobecreative #visualsoflife

Happy Wedding day Maria and Chad! We can't wait to join the two of you very soon! “Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” —Unknown Author
#akronwedding #akronweddingphotographer #visualsoflife #risingtidesociety #creativityfound #ohiowedding #ohiophotographer #pursuepretty #clevelandphotographer #thedailywedding #clevelandweddings #clevelandweddingphotographer #husbandandwifeteam #shesaidyes #weddingday

It is #fridayintroductions time! We are husband and wife wedding photographers for kindhearted, joyful, and creative couples in love, music teachers, and momma and daddy to a sweet almost 18 month old! 1️⃣We love making a difference for others whether that be through capturing their memories or sharing music with them we 💕making an impact. 2️⃣We never give up and continue to try new things in order to reach new and exciting goals. 3️⃣Courtney loves Hobby Lobby and Target but thankfully Hobby Lobby is too far to be a frequent stop. ... this is probably a good thing! 😂4️⃣Robert LOVES peanut butter and his favorite is peanut butter m&ms 5️⃣As teachers we are now on summer break together!! While we continue to work on the business it is such a blessing to have a few months to do fun things as a family! 💕#thecannonsphotography #husbandandwifeteam #akronweddingphotographers #akronweddingphotographer #akronphotographer #massillonphotographer #cantonphotographer #cantonweddingphotographer #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition

I know I've shared this image before but sometimes photos are powerful enough to share over and over again. Tonight I am sharing my heart and one of the many people who sacrificed so much to help me thrive in life. Grams passed four years ago yesterday and while it feels like a lifetime ago it feels like yesterday at the same time. She was by far my biggest fan in life. She took me to countless music lessons, baton lessons, parades, late night trips to steak and shake and everything in between. If I was on stage she was there to see me even if that meant watching the same show 8 times. She helped me blossom my creativity and passion for life in more ways than I can count. We shot some of our first paid photos sessions during the last week of her life and I remember knowing that she would want me to go despite how hard it was to leave her side. Who knew 4 years later we would be thriving and working with some of the most amazing cannon couples! This is such a huge part of our story and I strive to share my grandma's selfless love with not only our family and friends but all of our amazing clients as well! 💕Thank you @justinmarantz and @marymarantz for encouraging us to share our hearts in your #jmgetbookedbootcamp #thecannonsphotography photo credit: @mindysuephotography

Happy one week of marriage to this beautiful couple! We are so excited for what feels like our first Saturday of the summer. We still both have school this coming week but something about no school on Monday makes a world of difference! We may head to a lake to relax and enjoy the outdoors today. What do you have on the agenda? #thecannonsphotography #gervasiphotography #gervasiwedding #gervasivineyard #akronweddingphotographer #akronphotographer #cantonwedding #cantonweddingphotographer #brideandgroom #goldenhour #husbandandwifeteam

This photo was last summer and we can't wait to update our family photos and head shots in July! Friday introduction 1️⃣We are husband and wife wedding photographers, parents to a 17month old named Max, and music teachers! 2️⃣Lately we can't get to sleep as the excitement of summer getting closer and closer is upon us! We love spending the summer together and with our incredible couples! 3️⃣We love not only providing beautiful pictures of your wedding day but we do everything possible to help you create a relaxing and enjoyable day for you to remember for a lifetime!! 4️⃣We often talk about where we see ourselves in 10, or 20 years. It is crazy to think about but we always come back to how thankful and blessed we are for the life we're living. 5️⃣to end with something lighthearted, Courtney used to twirl baton for years and Robert has played the piano since second grade! I could listen to him play for hours!
💕#thecannonsphotography #fridayintroductions #fridayintroduction #husbandandwifephotographers #husbandandwifeteam #weddingphotographer #ohioweddingphotographer #akronweddingphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer #cantonphotographer #massillonphotographer

Loving this gorgeous ring in this beautiful box. Only a few more days of school left We are busy making a todo list for this summer. What's on your todo list? Anything we should add to ours? #ohiowedding #ohioweddingphotographer #smpweddings #themrsbox #weddingring #lavendarwedding #akronweddingphotographers #akronweddingphotographer #akronwedding #gervasiwedding #gervasiphotography #gervasivineyard #thecannonsphotography

Her smile is contagious and he is clearly so in love with her! Just what we needed as a little reminder to keep smiling on this busy Thursday morning! Just a few more days of hustle and our summer begins! #thatsdarling #ohwowyes #akronphotographer #akronwedding #thecannonsphotography #gervasivineyard #gervasiphotography #gervasi #brideandgroom #husbandandwifeteam #husbandandwifephotographers #ohioweddingphotographer #ohiowedding #theknotohio #smpweddings #brides

This gorgeous couple is MARRIED and celebrating in Disney right now! We couldn't be more excited to share some of their beautiful day on the blog today! #thecannonsphotography #cannonbride #ohiophotographers #weddingphotographer #akronweddingphotographers #gettingmarried #ohwowyes #thatsdarling #brideandgroom #gervasivineyard #gervasiphotography #vineyardwedding #ohioweddingphotographer #ohiowedding

Kathleen had the model face down at their engagement session on Saturday! These two were so much fun and looked awesome! Check out the blog today to see more from their session at #theledges! We can't wait for their October wedding at @halefarmandvillage !! #thecannonsphotography #akronweddingphotographer #akronweddingphotographers #clevelandweddingphotographer #akronwedding #engagementphotos #ohioweddingphotographer #ohiobride

I received this lovely #letter in the mail today! This was so incredibly nice to read when there's so much going on. My wedding photographer @thecannonsphotography really have made this journey great! 📮💌
#wedding #ohio #spring #weddingphotography #thecannonsphotography

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