This man is my best friend, my confidant, and the sweetest daddy to our little boy. I couldn't be more thankful to call him my husband. It is hard to believe that we have known each other for half of our lives. I hope you have a Happy Birthday my love! Thank you for always being awesome and most recently so helpful with this potty training process! 💕💕💕
#thecannonsphotography #birthday

Today I am off to photograph a beautiful wedding with another awesome photographer!! So thankful for so many great photographer friendships! What does your Saturday look like? #thecannonsphotography

Tackling a huge list of todos today! Starting off by reorganizing some closet space, hanging up countless loads of laundry, chatting with some pretty awesome brides, and potty training our little man! I have no doubt it will be an eventful day! In the mean time here is a beautiful bride and handsome groom to add some joy to your day! #thecannonsphotography

Today we are sharing our family portraits on the blog and we have a question. Do you swap out family portraits each year with the new one on top and the ones from year's past behind it? Or do you just add a new frame or canvas to the wall? I'm sure at some point we will have no choice but to swap them out but right now I kind of like seeing the pictures progress throughout the years. What do you do? #thecannonsphotography #thecannonsmax #communityovercompetition @erindavisonphoto 📷 #akronphotographer #akronweddingphotographer #akronweddingphotography

Wedding day Timeline Tips:
Just a couple little tips to help make your day go smoothly!
1. Always give your hair dresser at least 30 minutes more than requested. Just to be safe!
2. Include driving time whether that is to your ceremony location or to and from your photo location.
3. Trust your photographer to help you. Our goal is truly not just pictures. Yes, we want to be sure we can offer you beautiful photos but ultimately we want you to have a stress free and enjoyable day! We've been to a few weddings and know how to help you make this happen!
Do you have any wedding day timeline tips? Maybe a question that we can help you with or something that worked so well for you on your big day? #thecannonsphotography #thecannonscouple

We are so excited to announce the winner of our anniversary session! Drum roll please.. the winner is @areneknight !!! Congratulations to Alison and her husband! Email me at courtney@thecannonsphotography.com to go over the details of your prize! If you entered the giveaway we have a special offer for you too! If you're interested we are offering $50 OFF any anniversary session booked through August for any couple who entered the giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone for helping us celebrate our new logo and website! #thecannonsphotography

When should we book our wedding photographer?
We start booking wedding dates about a year and a half in advance so it is really never too early to start looking. June and October dates tend to fill up the fastest! We only take on a limited number of weddings a year so we can create a truly memorable experience for you! We suggest contacting us to sit down over cupcakes and lemonade about a year before your special day! What is your wedding date or maybe your anniversary? If you haven't signed up for our GIVEAWAY yet there is still time! Only a few hours left before we announce the winner! On our blog today is a peek inside our office and our in home consults! Check it out to learn more about our wedding experience! #thecannonsphotography

Today we honor all of the amazing fathers in our lives. We hope everyone had a beautiful day with your loved ones. I can't help but smile when I look at this sweet moment of Brittany and her dad. #thecannonsphotography

Today and everyday we are beyond thankful for this special man in our lives. Our sweet boy couldn't ask for a better Daddy and I am so grateful to have such a kindhearted husband who can make Max laugh out loud in an instant! Every night after I read to Max Robert quietly walks him upstairs, whispers goodnight, and hands him his blanket. What special memories do you have with your dad? Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband @Robert624 <3 Courtney and Max #thecannonsmax

It is our first Saturday of summer break for our family! We are up and ready to have some fun, get some cleaning done, and enjoy the day! We are heading out to do some strawberry picking. We’ve never gone before, have you? Our little man loves strawberries! So much so that the other day when I told him we didn’t have anymore he said “Momma, go to target get strawberries!” You can never have too many strawberries or too much much target! 😂 Happy Saturday and happy wedding day to our many photographer friends! 💕 #thecannonsphotography #thecannonsmax #saturdaymorning #akronweddingphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer #clevelandohioweddingphotographer #akronohioweddingphotographer #ohioweddingphotographer #shesaidyes #weddingring #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition

It is time for a Friday introduction! Our First one since our refresh! Here are a few quick facts about us on a wedding day!
1. We always stop at Chick-fil-a or wendy's first. Chick-fil-a is much preferred if there is one on the way. We try to relax for the majority of the morning before we load up the car and head out so cooking isn't typically part of the rutine.
2. Robert goes with the guys and Courtney with the girls. I LOVE the few minutes of warming up for the day with details. They get my creative juices flowing.
3. We always tell everyone to look at Courtney and not at Robert, you can ignore him. hehe
4. Courtney always wears a dress with pockets. They are a life saver and Robert always wears a tie.
5. There is a good chance we might gently tap our toes or quietly sing along while you dance the night away. We do love music. Then when we get in the car at the end of the night we may or may not drive home with some dance tunes on!
6. Courtney always wears her @tieks but she might just have to try out some @rothys soon!
Photographers what are your go to wedding day items or things about you? Everyone else, do you have something that you love to do when you go to a wedding? #thecannonsphotography #fridayintroductions

FAQ: How quickly can I expect to see the images from our wedding day?? We hear this all the time and we have a pretty exciting answer for our cannon brides!
1. You will see a sneak peak within 24 hours of your wedding!
2. You will see a full blog post preview of your day on the Tuesday following your wedding!
3. You will receive your full gallery with-in one month of your wedding day!
I remember the excitement as a bride waiting to see just one preview from our wedding day and we want to be sure to share these special moments with you while they are still fresh in your mind! If you're already married, how long did you wait to get your images? See a preview? #thecannonsphotography

Some how we are almost halfway through the month and I'm not sure where the time has gone. Are there any June 2019 brides here? We still have some June dates available and would love to talk to you about your big day! Here are a few things that we can help you with!
1. Stress free day with customized timeline design with you and your guests in mind!
2. Timeless photos delivered quickly in a 10 year online gallery!
3. We care, about you, your memories, and your friends/family! We want you to enjoy your wedding day and we can't wait to get to know you and celebrate your love! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What is your biggest wedding photography hope? We want to hear it! What would you love to see? Is there anything that you're looking for in a photographer that is the perfect fit for you? #thecannonsphotography

What should Robert and I be watching on Amazon or Netflix? Here are some of the shows we've enjoyed watching together...
1. How I Met Your Mother
2. The Office
3. Last Man Standing
4. Property Brothers
5. Gilmore Girls (but he may not admit to this one. ;))
Here's where it gets tough, Courtney likes romance and lighthearted shows. Robert loves the action. Any favorites we should check out that we may both agree on? #thecannonsphotography

Alrighty, deep breath! A lot goes into launching a new site behind the scenes and we got hit with a lot of snags today. You may have noticed some of our pages were down today. The tech guys just finished up making our site secure for you so we are now a https site! Yay! Apparently that took a few pages down but everything should be up and running now! If you go to leave a comment on our launch blog post you may notice that it is still missing. We are hoping it will be back up in the morning and I have all of the previous comments in my email so no worries to those who entered! Phew, thankful for all the behind the scenes assistance today! Have you ever worked with a website that felt like it had a mind of its own? #thecannonsphotography

Just admiring these pretty earrings and looking at our summer bucket list. A few items on our list include...
1. Going to a summer kids movie on a rainy day.
2. Visit the Cincinnati Zoo.
3. Go swimming at the lake.
4. See the castle at Magic Kingdom and Meet Winnie the Pooh.
5. Photograph some AMAZING cannon couples!
and of course we just checked off launching our new website! Did you sign up for our GIVEAWAY yet? There is still time! Check out our post that says The Cannons Photography to enter! What is on your summer bucket list? #thecannonsphotography

This is Mr. Max Cannon and this little guy has become so much of our WHY. He inspires us daily to keep working hard but more than that we know that we have a responsibility to raise him to one day be a kindhearted and loving husband to one very special bride. I often think of the memories that are to come throughout the years of him growing up and one day as a groom himself. I have a new found understanding for the tears that roll down a momma's face when she dances with her little boy. They didn't come up with the saying "mommas boy" for nothing. On a side note, this little guy and his momma are pretty excited to see all of the entries for the giveaway! We can't wait for a few more to continue to roll in! Check out the last post to enter! Did you enter and share it with friends yet? #thecannonsphotography #thecannonsmax #planoly

It is Monday morning and that officially means that it is time for us to share our big news with you! While we may not be announcing an addition to our family we have spent countless hours preparing for this surprise and are so excited to share it with all of you! We have officially launched a BRAND NEW website on @showit.co, NEW logo, NEW headshots, and to go along with it... a GIVEAWAY!
There are lots of ways to enter to win one FREE engagement OR anniversary session with us! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
1. Follow us on instagram, then tag two friends below who you think would be interested. One entry for each friend that you tag!
2. For another entry comment and share your top two favorite parts of our website!
3. For an additional entry, head over to the blog to comment on "Our Big Announcement" blog post and tell us why you would love to be the winner of our FREE session!

Why have a husband and wife team on your wedding day?
1. Robert goes with the guys and Courtney goes with the girls! It works out well and we can be with both of you at the same time!
2. We work really well together! We are married after all! We know what the other person's needs and we are always there to feed off of one another!
3. We understand the excitement of your day and the importance of your love story and marriage!
We are less than 12 hours from our big surprise and we can't wait to share it with you! Be sure to check back to hear the news and enter our giveaway!!! #thecannonsphotography #thecannonscouples #akronohioweddingphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer #clevelandohioweddingphotographer #akronohioweddingphotographer
#ohiophotographer #columbusphotographer #columbusweddingphotographer

Simple Wedding Tip: If you’re hoping for a soft elegant look on your big day make your main colors soft and muted. Then include any deeper or brighter colors that you love in your smaller details. This will help make your day look romantic and classic! #thecannonsphotography

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