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Smh can't even make this up! #TheBreak

Just finished #TheBreak by #katherenavermette. I needed a few days to decide how to review this book - I struggled with finding the appropriate adjectives. I agree with the Eden Robinson quote on the cover. This book is traumatic - serious trigger warning for sexual assault and violence - but it’s also, in a way, hopeful and full of resilience. If I can summarize it, it’s about growth and bonds, and what defines us and what divides us.
I highly recommend this book, to anyone with an open mind willing to read it.
#CanLit: this book is a story of an Indigenous family in Winnipeg (and outside it), and a Metis police officer. It’s written by a Canadian (though, my nuances on what people prefer to be called are lacking; she is Metis, and I consider that Canadian). The book was nominated for Canada Reads 2017 and won the GG Award for Literature.
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Brilliant read once again from @marian_keyes! Witty and intelligent as per usual #thebreak #mariankeyes #witty #honeymoonread #book 🤣😍☺️👌🏻

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Nothing else for it on a rainy Sunday afternoon #tea #mariankeyes #thebreak #idontdomornings

Another day,another fantastic beach 🏖 alone with a book. #sydney #parsleybay #thebreak #sydneylife #sydneyharbour #innerwestisbest #pugs #pugslife

Looking for some reading material this weekend? “The Break” is a multi-award winning novel by Metis author Katherena Vermette. “The Break” puts a human face to contemporary issues of violence against indigenous women. It’s a story about a family healing, supporting, and coming together after a sexual assault. #thebreak #vermette #loveoverhate #overcome #strength #healing #strengthinunity #metis #mmiw #mmiwg #InUnity

Saturday night and I love nothing more than to curl up with a book😍 just finished this one. She truly conveys the complex maze of human emotion.

Thanks for hosting last night @jo_hannasch 🍷📚 It was so much fun! And those nachos .... 🤤

When you got a hankering for some 🍔’s and 🍟’s. I highly recommend these. #30daysavegan #thebreak

From our menu, bigtrain roasted onions, gruyere grand cru, roasted grapes, and beef consommé .
#eeeeeats #yummy #nomnomnom #narragansett #rieats #eatlocal #thebreak ..📷 @tydemora_17

You were the only one who knew
You knew what I went through,
as you were going through it yourself.
We exchanged notes,
we compared our experiences.
We had a common bond.
And now, a week has passed.
We'll need time to move on.
The pain is still raw.
Our hearts are still heavy.
People say to let go of someone takes love.
Our love for you will never die,
but we have to say goodbye.
Carmel McNamara was, is my sister-in-law. Vinny's baby sister. It's hard to think that she is no longer with us, but oh, the memories, the shared laughter and understanding will always remain. Carmel and I loved Marian Keyes. We both followed her on Twitter and Instagram. And lo and behold, she "folleyed" us back! The chats, the laughs over Old Vumman (OV), her vlogs and "fillums", her love of nail "farnishes", chocolate and shoes. " How amazing and funny is Marian" we'd say. Now Twitter and IG are quiet. I don't see the likes, the retweets, the replies anymore.
We loved our "Dirty Dancing" and in particular, Johnny Castle (how we miss Patrick Swayze). You knew the dialogue by heart. I knew the songs by heart. Musicals and films. TV and books. You recommended "Catastrophe"; I recommended "Line of Duty", among other shows. We loved Peter Kay and "Car Share" ("One Step Further" is stuck in my head today), "Harry Potter" and Wham.
I'll never forget when I gave you the Sephora goodies. You were so excited by the distinctive black and white stripes bag alone! How we laughed at the mask you tried on! You loved your makeup, your fashion and shoes, which I admired.

So many memories, too many to write here. But you opened your heart to this stranger who married your brother. You are truly missed, dear Carmel. We will forever love you ❤ @carmelicious_ (Photo: Peonies were her favourite flowers / Carmel's copy of Marian Keyes "The Break" / Carmel marked the page at chapter 36 where she was at / the Sephora goodies I gave her)
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Week 3 update #30daysavegan #thebreak

Lovely night ladies! Excellent food, drink and banter as always at bookclub 🧀🍷📚 I will miss you all when I am in Ireland and I will be reading the books from afar 🇮🇪🙋🏻‍♀️

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