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Well I finally did it! thanks to the amazing Cassie, I loooove my new haircut. Love my bowl, just takin' a break #bzzzzz #photoshootfun #bowlonhold

My gal pals💗 #hbdhaley #ilyy #thebowl

Ya we in Oahu !! #marpleart #marple #thebowl #Oahu

Ain't no party like an LA Philharmonic partyyy 🎻🎺🎻🎺 #thebowl

Напоминаем Вам - сегодня в рамках фестиваля The Bowl (http://www.thebowl.ru) работает скейт-маркет на котором Вы можете приобрести нашу продукцию со скидкой 30-40%.
Все движения происходят в парке Садовники (Мск).
За наш стенд отвечает великий и ужасный @veloceraptor, который по слухам ведёт дела с господином НИХУЙСКИ-СКИДОНСКИМ!
Ждём Всех!
#monoapparel #thebowl

Thanks Kristy and the team for a great lunch @ceceprice and I loved it! Congrats on the open @thebowlottawa #OneTastyDish #TheBowl #canada150

NEW! from monday - friday you can get a perfect lunch deal🌟 every bowl with a homemade lemonade for just 11,90 € ❤️
#lunchtime #thebowl
11.30 - 14.30 p.m.

How’s your Saturday night? 🤦🏼‍♀️ #earachessuck #thebowl #pleasekeepthemotrindown 🙏🏼


Sunday morning vibes ☀️😎🍓

How’s your Saturday night? 🤦🏼‍♀️ #earachessuck #thebowl #pleasekeepthemotrindown 🙏🏼

How much of a fuck I give about what other's say and do.
I've said this again and again in my content:
Life is not to be lived to be concerned with the thoughts and opinions of other's.

You're slipping away if all your actions are keyed to someone else's viewpoint.
You can see this so badly when it comes to social conditioning, you want to go meet her, you want to start taking action, but YOU care too much about what the guy 5ft to the left thinks. And when I say "YOU" I also mean "OLD ME". For too long I wasted away opportunities to meet new girls because of my over-concern with other's opinions.

The day I decided "Nope, no more, fuck what everyone else thinks" was the day life never looked the same again.
This mindset applies BIG in all areas of life. It's not to say you don't take other's ideas into consideration, it's just that you trust your intent more than what anyone else has to say. Because at the end of the day, how do you want to end up on your death bed?
A. Life spent making OTHER PEOPLE'S decisions.
B. Life spent making YOUR OWN decisions.

It's real simple.
Make your choice.
Live the life you want to live.

#thebowl #socialdynamics #mindset #sharpentheblade

@mercymusic jumping into the weekend like.....✌. (📸: @funky_btch)

Day 4 of my 7 day #bwchallenge Black & White photo. I was nominated by @jokry2000 The rules are simple: Post a black & white photo of my life everyday for a week. No people, no explanations. Everyday you nominate someone new. Today I nominate @mirimaus555 & hope you accept! | #photography #iphonex #bwphotography #naplesfl #thebowl @the.bowl

#NAXC #catchNA #NAharriers #LetsGoNA #MeetOfChampions #NJSIAA #TheBowl #Holmdel #LastTeamStanding #TurkeyTrot
Good luck to Newark Academy's Men's Cross Country team as they return to Holmdel to compete in the NJSIAA Meet of Champions today. #JustBeatMKA! #Kidding #Notreally

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