Squatties back on home turf!! 🇦🇺 Although I trained during my trip in Thailand, every session felt hard and I was battling in the heat! Happy to be home and to knuckle down on my lifting again. 6 weeks ‘til weigh in day! (loves a countdown) Yesterday’s session was still hard, even in Australia 😆😆 Nursing sore body feels from flying/sitting more than usual and all that sort of standard powerlifter whinging stuff! But then I remember that I now warm up 120kg beltless (📹), and managed 3x5 @ 127.5kg in sleeves (Also 📹). Yeah it was hard, but that’s okay, they’re heavy weights! Perspective is a beautiful thing. I’ll keep chip chip chipping away! 🤗💪🏻🤙🏻 Thanks for the spots @lift.conquer.devour even though I make you squat A2G after leg day hahaha @thebootyparlour @kineticmovementcoaching

The perfect reminder 🌼 anyone else feeling a bit “unbloomy” lately? #regram #thebootyparlour

And some lifting stuff to balance things out over the long weekend festivities 😂🙊💚 channeling my inner nerd/librarian lady 🤓 and sharing a vid to show what really happens when we wear glasses to training. I’m impressed they didn’t fall off during these sets tbh! 150kg x 3 and 140kg for 3x5 during my first deadlift session back since ProRaw. 🍑 @thebootyparlour @kineticmovementcoaching

And my Nationals prep has commenced! First proper back squats since ProRaw and mixed emotions about all the reps, but mostly happy emotions haha. 65 sleeps til comp number 2 for the year! ❤️❤️ Worked up to two top triples in light wraps first (135kg and 142.5kg), and then sets of 5 in sleeves, up to 125kg. Sped those up because who wants to watch more than 3 reps?! Squatties are fun. #kneebends #a2g @thebootyparlour @kineticmovementcoaching

Beltless hookgrip PBS on a Monday. 112.5kg for 5, looking forward to pushing the weight even more and making them even better each time.
@jessiczka_z @thebootyparlour .
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A touch more ProRawX spam because these BTS photos from the warmup room (the zoo) are bloody brilliant - thanks @lift.conquer.devour - Also because it’s been over a week and I can’t believe that! P.s. how does my body even do that spider move? 🕷 Have obv never seen myself from that angle lol 😬😳 #prorawx @kineticmovementcoaching @thebootyparlour

What a massive finish to a perfect day on the platform @jessiczka_z
187.5kg on her 3rd attempt 👌🏻
This is a 7.5kg all time PB and 17.5kg heavier than last ProRaw. Fun Fact: Jess actually opened with last years 3rd attempt 😏
This placed her 4th in the Under 60’s and finished on 457.5kg total which is a huge 50kg PB. Amazing work Jess 9/9 with perfect execution ❤️

Absolutely love this clip that captures my focus, final moments before my 3rd attempt deadlift and Tommy’s firm yet tender grip whilst calmly giving me the perfect words to get shit done! 🔥🔥🔥 @kineticmovementcoaching

A very comfortable 3rd attempt of 87.5kg for @jessiczka_z
Bench this prep has been a big focus. Optimising leverages and positional strength has paid off big time. This is a 12.5kg comp PB and up 15kg since last ProRaw. There is room to move leading up to Nats so will be working towards 90kg. Exciting ✊🏼

Stealing a pic right after @vado.a squatted a massive 505kg 🙃
Really nice guy to chat too and can officially squat a shit half a ton of weight 😎

What an incredible way to kick off the lifting for PRX.
Jess aka Baby aka Fiancee squatting a massive 182.5kg weighing in at 58.2kg.
She did everything absolutely perfect, set up, intensity, using nerves to fuel the lift and it payed off. But seriously have a go at this squat, 3rd biggest squat in the under 60’s ☺️
You deserve this lift and I’m very proud ❤️ @jessiczka_z

Deadlifts!!! Awesome way to top off the day. Finished with 187.5kg 😱😍 and absolutely thrilled about it. I think was the perfect call from my gents who were making decisions for me haha @kineticmovementcoaching and @lift.conquer.devour as I don’t know that I had another kg in there. I was feeling pretty smoked by this point of the day and warmups felt kind of heavy. But I did it! The heaviest I have hit in comp previously was 170kg (my PRX opener!) and I hit a 180kg in training this prep. It was so fun to actually successfully grind out a deadlift PR in comp and it gave me a big 457.5kg total. Happy girl 💁🏼‍♀️

I am so chuffed about my bench at ProRawX! Finished with 87.5kg ⚪️⚪️⚪️ 3/3 and I know I had a bit more in the tank! Mixed emotions as I LOVE getting white lights and crisp 3rd lifts... BUT also love pushing my limits! ❤️ We tried to change my second attempt as we knew it was moving well, but weren’t allowed, and I’m not too comfortable making big jumps on bench for a 3rd attempt. ➕2.5kg would’ve been enough to take 3rd place overall! Hindsight is a funny thing, but we are SO happy to take 87.5kg and a huge 15kg PR from last ProRaw! 👑 Huge bench gains, so I’m stoked! 😍🙌🏻 @kineticmovementcoaching @thebootyparlour

SQUATS at ProRawX! This is 182.5kg (402 lbs) at 58.2kg (128 lbs) BW, and a 17.5kg comp PR! (I used to hate those wankers that wrote pounds on their lifts, but 400 sounded pretty cool). I have had such a fun and fruitful squat prep since my last meet in July where I missed 165kg (when I shouldn’t have). This comp I opened with that number at 6kg heavier bodyweight but with a 2hr weigh in 😎, followed by 175kg for second. White lights across the board, so you could say it all went quite well! ⚪️⚪️⚪️❤️❤️❤️ I love squats and I love being strong! Third best squat in the u60’s class at ProRawX and over triple bodyweight. 17.5kg more than my final squat at ProRaw9! @kineticmovementcoaching @thebootyparlour @prorawpowerlifting #prorawx #gwpl #powerliftingwomen

Front squat 55kg x 3 & beltless set of 5 @ 107.5kg hookgrip dead’s... both volume PBS for my Sunday 💁🏽‍♀️
@jessiczka_z @thebootyparlour .
#thebootyparlour #squats #booty #peachy #deadlifts #hookgripgains #strength #strengthtraining #pudding

What a day of lifting!!! Weighed in at a little 58.2kg, finished with 9/9 with a huge 50kg PR on my total and 4th place in a seriously competitive and ridiculously strong class of women in the under 60’s at ProRawX! Had this incredible dude by my side every step of the way, and cannot wait to watch him crush it today on day 2 in the under 80’s class! 😍😍😍 Let’s go babe! He will be lifting from 10:30am today. Come and check it out!! @kineticmovementcoaching @prorawpowerlifting @thebootyparlour

What an epic way to end this bench prep @jessiczka_z
85kg and 87.5kg for a single!
So much progress has been made across the board, cannot wait till PRX! you have crushed this prep 😍

I love bench!!! This has been a hugely successful bench prep for me with loads of personal bests over the months leading up to ProRaw! This rep, whilst far from perfect, is by my bench standards = HUGE! 12.5kg over my comp best, and with so so much more confidence/intent (and muscles yay)! I think I can stop claiming I’m in “team shit bench” finally hahaha! 87.5kg YASSSSSS!!!! 👑😍❤️ @kineticmovementcoaching @lift.conquer.devour @thebootyparlour @jtrainathletic @jacobschepis_jps THANKS TEAM!!!! 😍🙏🏻

✖️ PUSH PRESS ✖️ @em_wizzfit at @thecubegym_ 💪🏼

Squats done!!! 😍🔥✔️ My favourite of the lifts, so I’m absolutely thrilled to have achieved some pretty great PB’s throughout this prep! Since we wrapped up GPC nats last July I’ve been chasing a bigger squat and today I managed 170kg (all time PB!) and then let the boys load the barbell for my last heavy single until #ProRawX & didn’t ask or look at the bar... 177.5kg = EFFING HUGE!!! Big shout outs as always to my coach and training crew for the support and energy! 🤟🏻🤗 @kineticmovementcoaching @lift.conquer.devour @unchainedstrength @macauleytinker @jtrainathletic BOOM! Almost time to rest! 😅

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