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H a p p y f r i d a y❕
Have you read the To All The Boys I've Loved Before trilogy? And more importantly, have you finished Always and Forever, Lara Jean? It's hilarious and adorable and I love it a lot 😂 I finished Always and Forever, Lara Jean and while I thought it was an unnecessary book, it was still so cute and I waNT MORE BOOKS JUST ABOUT PETER KAVINSKY THANKS.
I used to root for John during the second book when all that Peter/Genevieve/Lara Jean/everybody else in the friend group drama went down but then by the end of the second book, and all throughout the third book, I was basically yelling about Peter and shipping him with Lara Jean so hard it was sO CUTE 👀 too bad Peter Kavinsky isn't real, though. But still! Here's me smiLING FOR PETER BECAUSE HE IS IN FACT A LITERARY PERFECTION

Producciones cinematográficas llenas de color y diseño folclórico... Para celebrar el #DiaDeMuertos, ¿por qué no te animas a ver el filme "#TheBookLife", película inspirada en esta legendaria tradición? #Cine

See where I put my folder 😂

Big gorgeous tower of books. So many pretty things @timothyoulton and @hdbuttercup. ❤️ #thebooklife #losangeles #interiordesign

// G i v e a w a y //
Heyo, everyone! In lieu of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorceror's Stone's 20th Anniversary, i'll be hosting a mini giveaway! (It's international)
Prize 🎁: A Hogsmeade postcard from King's Cross Station, London
Rules: ・You must be following me. (DUH)
・Must have parent's permission if you ain't legal.
How to enter:
・Comment two characters/friends you want to form #TheGoldenTrio with. They can be from any book.
・For an extra entry you might want to head over to my bio to fill up a mini survey. I would advise you to do so. There's a very obvious clue to what i might add if you won the giveaway and did the survey. .
And that's it! This'll end in
27th June at 12 EST and then i'll announce the winner as soon as i can. It's not much but I do hope you guys can enter & spread the word! ・・・
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Day 24:Book Stack
Hows everyones day been?~Megan

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H a p p y t h u r s d a y❕
Have you read/watched Game of Thrones? WHO DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THE IRON THRONE? the answer to that question was Dany by the way bc anyONE WHO HAS DRAGONS IS A QUEEN I'M PRO DROGON OKAY. Also, all theories are appreciated because I will not survive until s7 releases all the way in July, thanks
I tried taking photos and nothing worked (naturally) so I'm just kind of lacking inspiration atm, but like, aren't we all (exhibit 1: this photo which I kind of but don't really like)? And if you aren't and you've recovered, tell me hOW please and thanks 💖 also I binge-watched all the GoT s7 promos and trailers along with promos and trailers for s4-s6 and it was really funny because there were so many dead people in there who were alive back then and I was just like "you're gonna die, and so are you, and so are you, and so are you" because GRRM likes killing off everYONE (A Dance With Dragons broKE ME bc I read all the books first) and so now I have a terrible migraine and my head is killing me, so if you know how to heal a v v bad migraine, I'd appreciate it a lot 👀
on a side note, it's my mom's birthday @thebibliotheque and her pictures are the coolest and she's just a really cool person in general and she's really bad at making first impressions at her jobs, but everybody loves her anyways so y'all should too :)) 😂


Meet mah new profile!🎉🎊 What do you think? It took me a while, still. About a hour or so. Best part about it is the #Rhysand, #Rowan and #JamieFraser bath salts from @bookishbeautycourt. They look like three tiny tots gathered together at the side. 😻 So fucking adorable!!!!😂
Anyhow, the amazing @seventyeight.sundays had tagged me to do thy #tvshowsmoviesbooks tag. Wheeeeee~ ・・・
Here i go~
↠Book you never felt like finishing: I don't think i've ever #DNF a book before. I usually finish it no matter how bad it is.
↠TV show you have to start but keep procrastinating: Um, definitely guilty about #StrangerThings, #13ReasonsWhy and #Supernatural. I finished Supernatural Season 11 and stopped. SORRY.
↠Movies you watched more than once: Gosh, i've rewatched every single movie that i've watched my entire life, except for #FiftyShadesDarker. The Hunger Games series, Divergent, Now You See Me, just to name a few.
↠Fave TV shows characters: I'm too lazy to type them out because tHERE'S TOO MUCH. So, tell you what, my favorite shows are @Outlander_Starz, @LuciferOnFox and @CW_Supernatural, go figure.
↠Book you bought a while ago but haven't read: None! I read books then i buy them.
↠A book you thought would be good but you were disappointed: To all the boys i loved before.
↠Most anticipated movie: I have none, actually...
↠TV show you'll cry when it's over: Said favorite shows mentioned above.
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If you want to see my book reviews, click the link in my bio 😙
One day I will buy The Hunger Games! Until then, I will have to be content with book 2 & 3 😂 Have you read this series? What did you think? 😁
✒My author account: @dahlia_exitium_author
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I am currently reading/listening to all 3 of these books. LOL! The Black Witch I read at work on my lunch break, A Court of Mist and Fury at home and Redeemed on my way to and from work. #iloveit #thebooklife #hardcorereader #acourtofmistandfury #theblackwitch #houseofnightseries

It's my birthday today, whoo~🎊🎉🎁🎂 Also, Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! I'm using this picture as it's featured on the cover of my birthday, #LordOfShadows. This may be the loneliest birthday ever since the time during my birthday party i didn't even get my own cake because the "guest are more important" and then they forgot about me. I can't believe i genuinely thought that you guys might care, i was so excited when there were Instagram notifications. *cues Mad World* I might've watched too much Russell Howard. 😂 I love him so much, he's one of the greatest comedic genius out there in my opinion. Anyways, how many of you guys have finished Lord of Shadows? It's phenomenal 😻, innit?😏
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I just realized that @henrycavill has held me in his hands...my words anyway! 😂😂😂 His mama has too!! He has read my little Blub!! They probably totally follow my book blog for the latest & greatest in children's, YA, JAFF, & romance books around!! They have this book folks! The Darcy Monologues is out now. 🎩❤️ #ItsLikeWeAreHoldingHands #ReadAllTheBooks #TheBookLife #MargiesMustReads #Bookstagram #HenryCavill #MrDarcyForever

THE QUEEN IS IN DA HOUSE. Literally, the flag's up. Sadly all the curtains are drawn, i'd love to see what the Queen's doing. Perhaps playing Just Dance on her Wii? Doing Yoga? Hide and Seek? You never know. 😏
I've been really productive lately. Reading books, starting my homework (it's due in a week and there's more than 10 of 'em) and interacting with homo sapiens of the outside world. Go me! ・・・
#bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booknerd #bookphotography #bookish #bookspages #booksarelife #bookishphotography #bookaddict #bibliophile #reader #read #bookishlife #thebooklife

Good morning my companions of adventures, I saw this picture and I immediately thought of you. Is not she too beautiful a bookcase full of books and how many emotions from? I honestly say so many of them .. anyway I wanted to update you and tell you that I'm reading several books of which I post the picture and you have to choose one of which I will be talking to you .. a kiss your adventurous companion..😘 #book#bookstagram#bookcase#lovebook#love#girlbook#thebooklife#adventurebook#adventurecompanion
P.s. The photo is of @goralka102

H a p p y f r i d a y❗️
Have you read Caraval? Did you enjoy it? I found the beginning slow but it picked up pace near the end and the cliFFHANGER I CANNOT BELIEVE IT I NEED THE SEQUEL 😂 also hype hype hype long caption ahead folks ;))
So this is me with my copy of Caraval that I got signed yesterday at a panel and can I just say Stephanie Garber, Roshani Chokshi, and Kendare Blake are the coolest people ever? Kendare's obsessed with bees and murder, Rosh laughs at everything, and Stephanie is the cooLEST WRITER EVER 👀
But also I'm cringing internally when I look at this picture bc I hate how you can barely see my smile and cuRSE MY HAIR for not being coOPERATIVE 😂
On a side note, I listened to Badlands today because of all the hype and I thought it was pretty average 🌚 have any of you listened to Badlands? Or Lorde's new album?

Found this beer and had to buy it just for the name. Pretty tasty too!

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Susan Dennard's " The Witchlands" series has one of the strongest and most genuine female friendships in the YA fantasy genre. Unfortunately, there are so many stories where female relationships are affected by envy and distrust.
Which books come to your mind when you think about female friendships in books and why?
"Truthwitch" von Susan Dennard ist eins der Bücher mit der stärksten Frauenfreundschaft im YA Fantasy Genre. Allein schon deshalb habe ich es unglaublich gerne gelesen. Viel zu oft sind die Beziehungen zwischen Frauen in Büchern von Neid und Eifersucht geprägt. Welche Bücher fallen euch spontan noch ein, die vor Frauenpower nur so strotzen?
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