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One half of the double doors we’re using for the master bathroom at #theblondevic 😍 We found them at a local salvage shop a year ago, just in time to frame a custom doorway for them. They’re over 8’ tall, 100 years old, and are definitely going to make a statement up here!!
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New post is up on the blog today!! We’re sharing our vision for the living spaces at #theblondevic and sharing some gorg inspiration photos from other talented designers. Click the link in bio to take a look! 📸 @sebastianerras (who you should totally go check out btw, bc his photos are 🙌🏼)
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Had to share this progress photo of the #theblondevic master bathroom with the tub in place! It’s totally not hooked up yet but we can pretend it is for a night... bc sometimes you just need a little boost to remind yourself that despite all of the hard work and renovation crazyness, you’re almost there and it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

#renovationprogress #victorianhouse #mastersuite #614 #columbusdesign

This Vic is coming together, little by little. This guest bathroom used to be a makeshift 2nd story entrance, laundry room, and who knows what else. Swipe to see the progress! #theblondevic #diy

Yesterday we cleaned & polished 4 MASSIVE original pocket doors at #theblondevic. No sanding, no refinishing, and they looked like this after a good wipe down (swipe for more pics). Maybe it’s because they weren’t heavily used in the last 100 years, or maybe someone else restored them between then and now, but either way, these doors are so perfect. It’s fun to imagine the gatherings that happened behind them in the good ‘ol days, and the new use they’ll get when they’re re-installed! #oldhouselove #oldhousecharm

Vanity building in the master! #theblondevic #mastersuite #bryanneedsadrink

The most rewarding part of our renos is seeing all of the months of planning and hard work start to take shape. This house has come a long way since we started working on it this time last year, and even though we still have lots left to do, we’re stepping back and celebrating great progress today. {swipe for more photos!} @officialmetrie #theblondevic

Painters are at the Vic this week and they’re moving fast! Our plan is to go light and bright in the majority of the house, but have one moody room on the first floor (we’re thinking it’ll be the parlor) to balance out the kitchen. How do you feel about dark, monochromatic spaces? Would you do it in your home? Inspo photo c/o @dominomag @homeplaceonline. #inspiration #theblondevic

When we bought the Vic, the entire bannister was ripped out. We’re adding it all back, little by little, trying to make it look like it’s always been there when we’re finished. #theblondevic

The third floor at #theblondevic is slowly transforming from 2 small bedrooms into 1 large master suite! We swapped our go-to subway tile for marble in the shower to tie in w/the marble floors & elevate the space. It’s going to be fancyyy! #progress

We had the new master suite floors covered for so long that we almost forgot what they looked like. It’s safe to say that we still love them, a lot 💚 #theblondevic

A peak at #theblondevic kitchen progress 😍 Swipe to see the full rendering that we’re bringing to life after almost a year of planning! (More kitchen progress is on the blog - link in profile) @semihandmade #kitchendesign

Up and at em today! @mixdesigncollective new client calls, proposals & design planning, tiling at #theblondevic, and... taxes (the most fun of all 😑). Also, we made the bed, which means it’s going to be a good day right? #thepearlstproject #smallbusiness

The future tub nook in #theblondevic master suite is coming along! This third floor used to have 2 small bedrooms, but had these amazing roof lines & 10’ ceilings that we knew would be perfect for a master suite. So, we switched a few things around ☺️ Swipe to see what this nook looked like in its earlier life (PS floorplan deets & design plans are on the blog - click the link in our profile to read the post!) #mastersuite #marble

We’re getting ready to resume work at #theblondevic again and can’t wait! On the agenda: trim, paint, and grout. We’re getting close!! #victorian #restoration

It’s snowing in Columbus, which is making it the perfect weekend to stay inside, take it easy and reflect on 2017. This year was filled with lots of firsts, experimentation, learning, and growth. We designed + renovated kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces for our residential clients, and finished our first 3 commercial projects. We flipped a house. We made major progress on #theblondevic restoration. We branded both of our businesses, @thevillagehost and @mixdesigncollective with the help of @thewonderjam. We hired our first intern. And best of all, I quit my corporate finance job, something that Bryan & I have been working at for over 2 years, to join the biz full time. It was a super busy year filled w/amazing opportunities and wonderful people, and if it’s any indication of what 2018 will be like, we can’t wait to get started! #dreambig #entrepreneur

It feels like spring in December, so we’re squeezing in the last of our exterior work on #theblondevic before temps drop later this week. On the agenda: power washing all of the things, carpentry on the porch, and hopefully some paint. Follow our progress on stories! @briggsandstratton

Original details that we could stare at for hours. We have these inlays in every room on the first floor ❤️ #theblondevic #oldhouselove

You guysssss. The original hardwood floors at #theblondevic are refinished, and we’re kind of freaking out over here! When we bought the house, each room’s floors had a different stain/paint color on them, not to mention the dust and dirt everywhere. We knew there was some cool directional detailing going on but didn’t expect THIS. We can’t wait to show you more when we can walk on them!! #theblondevic

When we started #theblondevic, the mantels were gone and there was very little molding anywhere in the house. We’re adding it all back, plus more, and couldn’t have chosen a better partner to work with than @officialmetrie. So far, we’ve installed 7” crown to the first and second floors (sidenote- installing crown in an old house with uneven ceilings is not fun... but totally worth it!) We’re also adding picture frame molding to the walls and ceilings, and then it’ll be time for paint. It might look like a mess now, but before we know it, it’s going to be SO PRETTY. Blog post coming soon! #restoration #progress

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