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The Blair Witch sequel arrives trying to renew the most dreadful thing in the horror movie industry: shaky cam/ found footage.
The Blair Witch project was one in a million, it'll go down in film history as a rule breaking, unprecedented movie. It was a producer's dream, making 4142 times its tiny production budget! It had one of the most effective marketing campaigns in history, convincing people that what they'd see was real and introduced a fresh technique in the horror genre (fresh only to mainstream audiences, shaky cam and found footage were both used way before and sometimes better). The original film works because of the mystification of the movie itself, because of how innovative it feels but specially because it played with one of horror's most prominent yet ignored rules: what you don't see is way worse than what you do. It fluently plays with what's off screen, with what's lurking behind the bushes just to keep you constantly unhinged. This is backed up with some moments in which the filmmakers use POVs to increase your immersion and feel like you're the character you're fearing for. But what I liked the most about the first film is how long it takes to build tension, it's such a slow burner that pays off in its final act. This new film has a bad trailer, frankly weak actors and just isn't.. new. I have seen the camp, I easily predict the twist, I've been to the third-act house and I've seen all the sequences. Everything you've shown me, I've seen before. Yet, I can't lie that it gets fairly scary in the later third but it would have been way more effective if they took the time to properly build tension in the beginning. It's simple, if you do an exact copy of the films that came before, you'll achieve to some extent, their original purpose but that doesn't mean we should encourage this practice...
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Finalmente disponibile in Dvd e Blu-Ray il sequel di THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT ai prezzi di, 14.99 e 16.99 €. Merita l'acquisto secondo voi? #BlairWitch #TheBlairWitchProject

We went back into the woods... (Pic by @jonnyquietly). I enjoyed this but nothing beats the original
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Last night with my sis.
Happy Halloween, bitches! 🎃
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for my last film history assignment, I was asked to post about a movie I believe had a significant impact on the history of film. "significant" was the interesting keyword for me. not brilliant, not extravagant - significant. it means to me the moments in history where rules were most defied, and tides were most turned. these are the films that speak at the greatest volumes to me, the ones I remember with a different depth. the Blair Witch Project isn't something I remember for its brilliance, but its significance in breaking the rules, and running with it. it was something so outside of the box during its 1999 release - it birthed the fascination of the "found footage" concept, it made people's brains work in a different way, and it proved that less can certainly be much more, that psychological thrill could be achieved without extravagance, and that a blockbuster could exist on a budget. in a weird kind of way, it gave me hope.
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Me @ how everything is going right now

#theblairwitchproject #blairwitchproject #blairwitch #witch #project #movie #film #woods #forest #horror #mystery #scary #documentary #legend #student #footage 👉🏻 I remember seeing this movie when it just came out back in the day, it was something like I have never seen before. The film was so revolutionary that it created its own genre. It was made on a budget of $60,000, and made $240,500,000! Making it one of the most successful movies in history of cinema 🎬

All the pissed ones, like me, do

This is the only face I ever make?????

You know what would be trippy and cool if they made a videodrome 2 set in present day. But this one could be how TV isn't reality anymore the Internet is. Also debbie Harry should be the gate keeper type of character for it . Idk my dudes like I just really love videodrome, wish there were more movies like it

I went to the MoPOP about a month ago and they had a horror exhibit there. In the exhibit was the axe used by Jack Nicholson in The Shining! Along with other memorabilia from The Blair Witch Project, Friday the 13th (2009 version), and Gremlins. It was really cool to see props from some of my favorite horror films. #HeresJohnny #TheShining #TheBlairWitchProject #FridayThe13th #Gremlins #CinemaILove #Horror #MoPOP #Horror #🎥 #Seattle

Gonna get lit on serial killer documentaries

Rough night out in honor of my friend of 12 years. I don't know how this ended up in my camera roll, but I'm glad it did. Happy Birthday, @howardjko

Sua Muh dude

This film genuinely terrifies me! Still to this day I get so creeped out watching it. 🍂🍁⛺️ #theblairwitchproject #horror #terrifying #creepy #blairwitch #burkittsville #legend #foundfootage #woods

We finally watched the new blair witch project 🤗