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So. Many of you know that I’m the better half of Dex. The Blade. And most of my posts are not of him, or us, but me. This is my page after all and I’m my own person. I’m old school. We began dating even before there was texting. So don’t get it twisted. 🙃. But. I am low key crazy. When you have Bajan, Trini, Irish and Latina running through your blood, well...that’s 🔥⚡️💥. So I will say this about my baby. You only think you know. But you have NO damn idea. On the real. This video I took Friday am. Pre-Judging. At this point all Dex did was cut his water. That’s all! No diuretics or anything. We were freaking out cuz he never looked so good at this point before diuretics. The day of the show. So while many have a shelf life, and expiration date stamped, (because they have to do a ton of shit even at a young age) my baby is getting better, without having to do half of what everyone only thinks. The vampire isn’t doing shit to be 275 pounds plus on stage and a mass monster. But he’s outlasting most. And God’s timing is better than our own. So say what you want. Nothing matters but what God is doing with Dex and why at 48, he’s still fucking amazing and still got miles in his tank! I want to thank the realest damn crew!
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We ain’t done yet damnit! #noweaponshallprosper
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2008 Mr. Olympia Champ, @mrolympia08 works on some angles as he gets ready for the #mrolympia2017 Finals. For full #olympia2017 bodybuilding finals. #bodybuilding #DexterJacokson #Theblade

50 Today. Through his Grace and Mercy and Against All Odds. Thank God for Grandmothers. I'm overwhelmed and Thankful. #theblade

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I'm taking off a few more weeks from the gym. @georgefarah_guru will be sending me a detox/healthy diet plan loaded with fresh foods, fruits and veggies, and and lots of good nutritional supplement and vitamins. Your body is exposed to so many elements and toxins in just the air we breath, I even have my own clients detox 1-2X a year! Some things are vital when I go back to the gym in a couple weeks to train. Glutamine is one of them. It's important to have the basic supplements and this is one.
Amino acids are building blocks of protein, and glutamine is the most abundant nonessential amino acid found in your body. Nonessential does not mean that your body does not require it, however; it means that you do not need to get it through your diet because your body usually produces enough of it on its own. Under certain circumstances, however, your body may become unable to keep up, and in these cases consuming glutamine-supplements can be beneficial. Your immune system is like a fancy car in a way; it constantly needs high-quality fuel to run properly, and glutamine plays a major role in the fueling process. Chronic stress, extensive exercise, certain medications, bodily injuries and surgery all cause the release of the hormone cortisol into your blood, and the excess cortisol depletes your body’s supply of glutamine. Using @unutrition glutapure helps not only in my recovery time and wound healing, but also helps keep my immune system strong. To get the most out of your body and to have optimal longevity, you have to take the best care of it! Be sure to check out the @unutrition link on my website in my bio! With the winter season and off season training, now is the perfect time to get some @unutrition glutapure! 💪🏾 #theblade #mostwinningestbodybuilder #dexterjackson #ultimatenutrition

Ran into Dexter Jackson during today's shoulder session! A true bodybuilding legend that stays setting records. I have been watching YouTube training videos of the Blade since I started lifting🤙✔️🙌🏼 #theblade

At Mr. Olympia 2017 PREJUDGING
#DexterJackson #TheBlade #MrOlympia2017

On the left is Charlie "The Blade" Tourine a powerful Genovese capo next to actor George raft at the Capri hotel in Havana shortly after Fidel took over Cuba. #TheBlade #GenoveseFamily #Raft #MobAficionado♠️


There is no one that I love more than me cute lil' emo hooman ❤️😎😘 #emo #filters #mycutie #THEBLADE #THEMIKAELA #perfecttwo

Good feeling mastering the blade after a few weeks and a few others! Love being bendy 🔥🙅🏻

Restyle for my man here. First cut of the year #daffbarber #disconnect #fade #lowfade #barber #menshair #mensfashion #theblade

"Most know the who of it. Some know the when and where of it. But what interests me most and shows true knowledge is the "why" of it." The knockdown on display, leading to a subsequent TKO, comes at the hands of a pure fighter in Iran "The Blade" Barkley. The victim: Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns. The first two rounds would have lead one to believe they were witnessing a slaughter. Hearns controlled both rounds in violent fashion. With multiple cuts surrounding both eyes and lips Barkley came out determined in round 3. Hearns was known for carrying that left nice and low, like the old timers. Barkley, at distance, throws his jab while pushing left off of his rear foot. Hearns addresses the jab and pivots to stay on-line with Barkley, but "The Blade" was too sharp on this night, creating the small, necessary opening to turn the fight around. LATERAL MOVEMENT. Can not stress it enough. I know most trainers want their fighter to push in behind the jab but using it in combination with lateral movement can be just as lethal as exhibited here. While Hearns pivots he is unaware of the missile Iran is about to launch. The knockdown and following TKO came at 2:39 in the 3rd round. Three things. 1. The lateral movement combined with the jab. Textbook. 2. The straight right is hard to throw moving to your left as an orthodox fighter so Barkley, after gaining favorable positioning, "sticks" in place to give him a solid base to deliver the straight shot along with the second one on the way down, adding to the devastation. 3. Hearns was not tired and was a brilliant boxer, but one momentary lapse in judgement coupled with a monster like Iran can end a fight quickly. Note: this did not end the fight. Hearns did beat the count of Richard Steele only to be knocked through the ropes which I felt was unnecessary to show as he was already put away. Wish I had more room to elaborate because so much goes into just this little 10 second clip. Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned as we dig deeper and deeper into the "Sweet Science."

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The best journeys in life answer questions you never thought to ask - #rickridgeway | #capepillar #threecapestrack

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