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We also still have this going on. 10 year anniversary reprints of "Nocturnal" limited merch. Check out indiemerchstore.com/b/the-black-dahlia-murder to see what we have left! #theblackdahliamurder #nocturnal #2007 #10yearanniversary

Happy 420!!! The Black Dahlia Murder has teamed up with Chameleon Glass to create USA made, hand blown 4.5" glass pipes based on each of their albums! Each pipe is limited to 100 in album related colors with The Black Dahlia Murder logo on the stem and album symbol on the bowl. Be sure to order today as the Ritual pipe has already sold out!! Link in bio or www.indiemerchstore.com/b/the-black-dahlia-murder

Pick from:
* Unhallowed (2003) - blue glass
* Miasma (2005) - onyx black glass
* Nocturnal (2007) - navy blue glass
* Deflorate (2009) - clear glass
* Ritual (2011) - green glass SOLD OUT
* Everblack (2013) - purple glass
* Abysmal (2015) - amber glass

Foam lined, zip-up, clamshell pipe cases with repeating The Black Dahlia Murder and Death-inspired SMOKE logos are available to bundle with pipes while they last! Made to hold 4.5" pipe.

Must be 18+ to purchase. Intended for tobacco use only.

Who wore it best, @indiemerchstore model or me? I'll give you candy if you choose me. Photo credit @_jorel #indiemerchstore #blackdahliamurder #tbdm #theblackdahliamurder #theblackdahliabikini

Check it this Sunday at 10:00 AM eastern time the new music video from @MaggotColonyTWDM "Vile Reincarnation" featuring Trevor Strnad of @TheBlackDahliaMurder_Official will be available to watch exclusively from the channel.

#SlamWorldwide #MaggotColony #TheBlackDahliaMurder


Artist: Revocation
Album: Deathless
Track: Madness Opus
David Davidson – guitar, vocals
Dan Gargiulo – guitar, vocals
Brett Bamberger – bass
Phil Dubois-Coyne – drums
Revocation are a Technical Death Metal band hailing from Massachusetts consistently deserves major levels of higher advantages of success in today's Modern Metal scene. Now with Metalblade Records, their fifth album Deathless has built a stronger core fanbase with elemental twists on Technical Death Metal with incorporating Jazz fusions and Thrash. This band combines capabilities, precision and loose flairs setting them apart so uniquely. Their Technical Death edge firmly sits naturally as they intentionally grow as musical prodigies. These title tracks have more thoughtful quality, organic scorched atmosphere and melody with everlasting classic Metal vibe of the structured guitars. Deathless also shows more progression on the Clean vocals department as it isn't necessarily huge change. Some tracks are slightly straightforwardly outing resulting the importance of no radio friendly singing after hearing this album few listens. Tracks such as Deathless, Witch Trails, Scorched Earth Policy and The Fix remind me of older Gojira which adds brighter touches on greater emphasis on melodically and atmospherically. This ultitizes a retrospective introspection of fantastic production which overall interwoven the qualities of Thrash, Technical Death and Jazzy vibes mixes the provisions Deathless contains. Influenced by Megadeth, Metallica, Dark Angel, Exodus and Steve Vai, Deathless by Revocation creates borderline essential heaviness and brutality of opening passages of background intelligence of Thrash riffing , punishing drum beats, bouncy grooves and diabolical singing energetics. These onslaughts of continous infectious results surely captivates success and possesses crunching inspired Pantera esque pyrotechnic guitars. Their entire sections alone focuses natural compositions and components immerses machine gun rapid assaults and growth this band should applaud themselves for making Deathless a standout release. If you enjoyed their past material, look no more.

The Black Dahlia Murder requested by: @barrett_28
#trevorstrnad #theblackdahliamurder

Another visit to Elizabeth Short's resting place. It seems somebody wanted to drink with her.
#graveyard #grave #death #theblackdahliamurder #hollywood #macabre #murder #elizabethshort #blackdahlia #finalrestingplace #cemetery #pinwheel #wine

I'm gonna do a shirt count of how many I have that are all band tees(any merch basically) and estimate how much I've spent. I'm gonna shoot myself if it's over $1,000 🙃

Back when all I used to do was play guitar haha never finished learning this damn solo! #guitar #guitarist #guitarcover #tbdm #theblackdahliamurder #metal #solo

This will forever be one my favourite black dahlia riffs #tbdm #theblackdahliamurder #metal #riffs #guitar #deathmetal

Morning drive jams. The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed. (2003) / Black Tongue - Born Hanged- Falsifier Redux.(2014) #theblackdahliamurder #unhallowed #melodic #deathmetal #blacktongue #bornhangedfalsifierredux #downtempo #deathcore #metal #heavy #music

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