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The expression on his face says it all. Jon reached out to my office asking for help waiving a debt that had been transferred to him from the Social Security Administration and accrued at no fault of his own. The debt was keeping him from realizing his life-long dream: to become a U.S. Marine.
A generous Tucson resident heard about Jon's situation from a @news4tucson story and offered to give him a check for $17,000 to pay back the debt. That same day, my staff was able to secure a waiver from SSA, eliminating his debt.
This photo captures the moment when, while interviewing with reporter Matt Schwartz for a follow-up story, Jon was given the news that not only was his debt waived, but the generous resident who first offered him the check was insisting he keep the money to put toward his future.
Jon ships out to become a Marine on January 8. #AZ02 #thebestpartofmyjob

Had a great time catching up with my former coworkers tonight #workfriends #thebestpartofmyjob

Buenos días! Habría que empezar cada día así, rodeada de beauties... #thebestpartofmyjob #másfloresporfavor #living #lifestyle

Taking our turn introducing ourselves today during our visit with The young lady. Today was very rewarding. It is always a great day when Pako and I can make a new friend and hopefully brighten someone's day! #k9leadstheway #k9pako #thebestpartofmyjob

This is Ozzie. He came into @lululemon with his momma and we are now best friends. He is welcome back at my store any day! #newbestfriend #bostonterrier #dogsoflululemon #thebestpartofmyjob

"Adopting a child wont change the world, but for that child the world will change" Unknown .. así cambio el mundo para ellos! #lovemyjob #thebestpartofmyjob #readyforsummermiracles2017 #dreamscometrue


🥂 Cheers to the clock striking 5pm and not having to rush home today. We were so overdue for a couple of hours of reconnecting, storytelling and laughter. We spend much more time with our coworkers than we do with our own family and even so, it’s so easy to ignore the “person” on the other side of the cubicle because we only focus on the work we are producing on a daily basis. It’s amazing how just a couple of hours outside of work over a shared meal and drinks can make us reconnect with our humanity and remind us that every single body in that space we gather day and day out has a story to tell. ~ Cheers to coworkers who become friends and cheers to the stories we have lived to tell. ~ Good night 😘🌙✨ #fabyoulipsity #happyhour

Had a great time catching up with my former coworkers tonight #workfriends #thebestpartofmyjob

Had a great time tonight! Elvis and Friends concert benefiting Toys for Tots! We were able to raise $50 for Toys for Tots with the support of those attending the concert! #fundraising #fundraiser #toysfortots #elvis #christmasiscoming #stockingstuffers #marybabylonpaparazzi50725 #PaparazziAccessories #feedyourfivedollarhabit #starletshimmer #thebestpartofmyjob #ilovemyjob

#hoodfavstoner 🤘🏾🤑🤙🏾 #thebestpartofmyJob 😂😂😂 #welite

This is Ozzie. He came into @lululemon with his momma and we are now best friends. He is welcome back at my store any day! #newbestfriend #bostonterrier #dogsoflululemon #thebestpartofmyjob

Today I wanted to post a client’s 8 -week transformation - because it will never get old seeing my clients succeed. It will never get old when someone tells me how empowered they feel to have their health & body under control and that they now know exactly what to do. It never gets old seeing people take control of their lives.
☝🏻 And training is never about just losing weight- it is about feeling healthy and happy and strong, in that order.
👉🏻When you take control and give it your all, even with all the curveballs life throws at you such as being a mom, wife, friend and at times a complete mess! And then you figure out how to work around all of it and be grateful for the struggles because they teach you lessons- this is when results happen! This is real life!
👉🏻When you accept & understand your situation and then make a decision to change and understand that you and only you are in control- when you stop making excuses to yourself and accept the fact that it will get a little messy and that’s OK- that’s when you will come out on the other side stronger and more powerful.
💗 my heart wants to burst when I see people turn their life around, that is the best part of my job! And I am so #grateful That I am able to be part of their journey!
#transformation #thebestpartofmyjob #healthy #lifestyle #empoweryourself #beallyoucanbe #takecontrol #fitforfun #fitforlife #edinafit

La parte migliore della giornata🌖
#Florence #thebestpartofmyjob #sometimes #florence

Finalizing new bronze drop pulls today- do they look good enough to add to our distinctive line?

We don't know who the owners of these sailboats are but they sure looked pretty on our way to Decatur Island on a rainy Saturday
#sanjuanislands #boating #islandlife #boatinglife #listing #adayinthelife #realtor #sailing #decaturisland #pnw #pnwonderland #pnwisbeautiful #pnwcompass #thebestpartofmyjob #realestate

#about2daysago No matter how many movies I've done or TV shows I've made appearances in this part of the job is always the most surreal to me. I remember saying as a kid that I wanted to be in movies so I can see my name on the screen... Well "Whoop" there it is again! "Dreams do come true". #thebestpartofmyjob #thaiedwards #actor #model #entertainer #hollywoodsnextbigthing #operationhouseholdname #loveseeingthecredits #anaboliclifethemovie #comingjan2018

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