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A bunch of crazies on the way to the premiere of @jamesgunn 's movie #thebelkoexperiment which gets released in theaters in 4 days! I think you can start getting presale tickets tomorrow 🎉 this film will BLOW YOUR MIND #belkocares

i love a sexc deadly woman (the movie is the belko experiment)

cc: epiphany on yt

Love this photo. Hung out with some of my favorite humans at the romantic Valentine's screening of #thebelkoexperiment (please note that Rooker is holding toilet paper with his face on it)

The photo booth at #TheBelkoExperiment Trailer launch last night looks like we're starring in our own '90's comedy. Watch the trailer in my bio link. #Belko #belkoexperiment #horror

Bts shot one of the cast members took on set. Although I am not Muslim my grandparents who are immigrants from Iran are. For this film I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to Colombia to do small cameo as a Muslim woman. My experience in Colombia was incredible, but I will admit when I wore this hijab people treated me a little differently. In this photo my cast mate Brent captured my emotions perfectly. I am grateful for this experience because it gave me more empathy towards the Muslim religion. Fear & ignorance are a very dangerous combination & we cannot let it win. It breaks my heart that Muslims & Middle Eastern people are plagued with this stigma everyday. Thank you @jamesgunn & Greg McLean for this experience. #thebelkoexperiment

These two Blu-rays came in the post today: THE BELKO EXPERIMENT and THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE. Missed both of these in the theater, but I heard enough good things to buy them and give em a shot. Who's seen em and what did you think? No spoilers!
#beastwreckmovies #thebelkoexperiment #theautopsyofjanedoe #horrormovies #horror

How would you fare in #TheBelkoExperiment? #Redbox #MovieNight

#TheBelkoExperiment is in theaters today! Go see it with friends so you may all hold each other close when things get too scary.

Люблю фильмы такого жанра. Всё же безвыходность срывает с людей маски. Было удивительно увидеть доктора Кокса в роли психопата

Сань, спасибо за внезапный поход 🙃🙂#экспериментофис#thebelkoexperiment#6из10#смотретьдома#johncmcginley


Hounds Of Love 09/10
The Poughkeepsie Tapes 08/10
Cult Of Chucky 08/10
Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker 08/10
Mankind Down 06/10
Interview With A Vampire 09/10
Bastard 07/10
The Belko Experiment 07/10
Attack Of The Super Monsters 06/10
Mad Foxes 08/10
Full Eclipse 6,5/10
#houndsoflove #thepoughkeepsietapes #mockumentary #cultofchucky #childsplay #chucky #braddourif #butcherbakernightmaremaker #maschinenland #revolt #interviewwithavampire #lestat #bastard #8filmstodiefor #slasher #thebelkoexperiment #attackofthesupermonsters #kaiju #dinosaurmovie #dinosaurs #madfoxes #exploitationfilm #fulleclipse #werewolf #dvd #bluray #horror #dvdcollector #dvdcollection

Well, that was average af. #horror #halloween #thebelkoexperiment

Tonight I'm watching the excellent #TheBelkoExperiment

I confess I only watched this because I’ve liked John Gallagher Jr. in everything I’ve seen him in. Didn’t care for this movie. Think Battle Royale set in an office building. I hate these movies where people are forced to kill each other in a big game by unseen villains. That might sound strange coming from a horror fan, but I have my own personal sensibilities of what disturbs me. The wanton disregard for life just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This movie has a body count of 100+. On the plus side, certain characters the movie sets you up to hate get their just desserts in amazingly gory fashion. If this sort of story device doesn’t bother you, you may find it enjoyable. 2/5 #movies #thebelkoexperiment

😣💣💀 #TheBelkoExperiment

THE BELKO EXPERIMENT was surprisingly monotonous. Interesting idea, lackluster execution. Acting was just barely serviceable. Some of the characters are wildly unlikeable and make poor decisions. I was expecting a dumb fun movie but was unfortunately quite bored. Sad to see such a mediocre movie come from a writer like James Gunn. Overall, quite disappointing. Grade: C-

31 Days of Horror Day XIX: The Belko Experiment. This was awesome. From concept to head explosions. #horror #thebelkoexperiment #brutal

خلاصه داستان : این فیلم روایتگر داستانی از 80 نفر از کارمندان یک آسمان خراش بزرگ است که طی اتفاقی در ساختمان زندانی میشوند. و در زمانی که دیگر امیدی برایشان نمانده صدایی پخش میشود که آنها را وادار می کند تا ....

Well The Belko Experiment was a disappointment and a waste of $5. I was ready to point out everything wrong with this movie but now that it's over the one that sticks with me and bothers me the most is the disservice this damn movie to did to the TWO LATINA MAIN CHARACTERS. THERE'S FINALLY A MOVIE WITH LATINA'S IN A GOOD CHUNK OF IT AND YOU DID THIS FUCKING SHIT TO THEM? THEY BOTH DESERVED BETTER!
#thebelkoexperiment #ninawatches2017 #movie270 #dvdcollector #moviecollector #31DaysofHalloween #day18

TRASH!!!!!! Don't watch this movie. It takes itself way too seriously and thinks it's better than it actually is. A complete mismatch of creatives. James Gunn should have directed his own script. McLean does not understand Gunn's signature dark humor. The director completely misses the mark. He has not a single funny bone in his body. I'm not saying he's not a good director because Wolf Creek is iconic, but this script just doesn't suit his style. Kudos to the cast though. This is fairly well acted, but I think they're also confused about what kind of movie they're making. On the whole, this movie isn't as fun as it could have been and it isn't as deeply terrifying as it wants to be. A tonal mess of a movie. Stay as fucking far away from this piece of garbage as you possibly can.
#thebelkoexperiment #movie #review #moviereview #picoftheday #postoftheday #potd

all employees no matter what ur doin plz stop & lend me ur full attention there r currently 80 of u in the buidling in 8 hrs most of u will be dead ur chance of survival increases by following my orders & excelling em a task that plays before u ur 1st task is simply this murder any 2 of ur fellow employees within the nxt half hr no matter how they r killed or chosen to be killed isnt no consequence but if there r not 2 dead bodies in the building within 30 mins u will face repercussions 🔫🔪🔧💣💥🔥🎬🎥📽🎞📺#thebelkoexperiment #belkoindustries #belko #belkoexperiment #killorbekilled #forcedtokill #socialexperiment #horror #gore #horrorlife #horrorlove #horrorfan #horrorlover #thriller #horrorthrilleraction #action #tshirts #shirts #horrortshirts #horrorshirts #theoffice #belkoemployees #gregmclean #jamesgunn #johngallagherjr #gregghenry #thevoice #mikemilch #killforsurvival

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