Unfortunately this is the best looking 120kg(264lbs) Snatch I did today. After feeling pretty good yesterday it was a rough morning today physically and mentally. @cal_strength #calstrength #thebarbellwod #weightlifting #crossfit #powerlifting #fitness #bodybuilding #gym #olympiclifting #usaw

150 for 3 w a pause on the first rep

So much barbell work today. A big difference from what I'm used to.
Snatch (5 x 2) 70% + 10/5 lb
Clean and Jerk (3 x 3+1)
3 Cleans + 1 Jerk 70% +10/5 lbs
Accessory Work 4 Sets
A1) 5 Strict Press @ 40% +10/5 lbs (of 1RM C&J)
A2) 10 Bent Over Row @ 60% +10/5 lbs (of 1RM Snatch)
Accessory Work 3 Sets
B1) 10 Pull Ups
B2) 8 Yates Row
B3) 8 YTW
Accessory Work 2 Sets
C1) 10 Barbell Row Outs
C2) GHD Sit Up Hold + Med Ball Throw
C3) :60sec  WTD Plank
#CrossFitMora #LiveLifeArete
#TheBarbellWod #USAW #FunctionalBodybuilding
#ThatBarbellLife #Weightlifting

Snatches at 125 kg/275 lbs and clean & jerks at 155 kg/341 lbs. Struggling a lot today. Time to up my calories for the next few weeks to be as recovered as possible each day.

@thebarbellwod @cal_strength #zoarcathletics #caffeineandkilos #thebarbellwod #calstrength #calstrengthelite #cytostrength

Not all progress is made in kG’s. Sometimes ability comes from being able to hold a good position. This is Raj’s first time pulling 60kg and first time nailing the hip hinge... #hiphingefordays

Happy Monday mudderfudders 💪
Today I burnt shitte out of my hand because I tried to curl my hair with a 500 degree titanium wand... thanks for the recommendation sis @rahqualls #youdarealmvp
Anyone who knows my clumsiness knows that was a second degree burn waiting to happen.
Also it’s Dubai-hot here! Damn Gina! It’s only June 😅
Oh well, I still managed to lift AND do CrossFit-ish stuff. Competition this weekend. Local folks come out to Austin Landing this Saturday. There’s fitness, ninja warriors, food and beer. All proceeds going to JDRF ❤️Need I say more?
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Iniciando ciclo nuevo @thebarbellwod improvisando por que no tenemos "blocks" 🤙🏻 ... @brunocaslo #themisfitsarecoming #thebarbellwod

😲😲😲 📷💈
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4x8 squats and 4x5 pulls at 190 kg/418 lbs this afternoon. Not bad, actually. This morning's session was rough after a long weekend and 9+ hours in a car yesterday but my legs felt strong this afternoon. Hopefully the rest of the week goes smoothly, even though it's going to be rough the second half.

@caffeineandkilos @thebarbellwod @cal_strength #zoarcathletics #caffeineandkilos #thebarbellwod #calstrength #calstrengthelite #cytostrength

Going to give this Weightlifting thing a try 🤪
Today was my 1st day of @cal_strength Club Programming. I'm going to dedicate a solid year, and see how things turn out. My body type has always done better at Strength Sports but for some reason I've spent the most time training in endurance sports 🤷, #CrossFit #triathlons. Not sure why Endurance Sports don't favor a 5'3, 160lb frame 😋. Percentages were nice and light today so everything felt great.
Snatch Complex (4x2+2)
Snatch Grip Push Press + Heaving Snatch Balance
Clean Complex (4x1+2)
Power Clean + 2 Front Squats
Back Squats (4x8)
4 Sets
A1) 8 Barbell Glute Bridge
A2) 5 Box Jumps
3 Sets
10 Glute Ham Raises
:45sec Back Extension Hold
#CrossFitMora #LiveLifeArete
#TheBarbellWod #USAW #FunctionalBodybuilding
#ThatBarbellLife #Weightlifting

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