Thankful that these kooky kids call me mother. (And say that I make the best Mac n’ cheese 🧀. Yep, Killing it over here.). Happy Mother’s day friends. 😘

Amazing friends! before I even had a chance to formally announce the restock of my map for @gathre, they had sold out! I can’t even believe it. I’m thrilled to be thinking of all wanderlust that will be going on in your homes, classrooms or even on the go with you. We are taking Atticus, our 12 yr old, to NYC for the first time (well since he was 18 mo) next month and I can hardly wait! What are your suggestions for kids in NYC? (Oh and if you missed out, don’t stress, another restock will be coming). #mermagxgathre

Seasons of motherhood
How did my little boys start to become young men?
All so fast
All so beautiful

Thankful for fleeting moments like this (as he’ll never let me kiss his forehead in public ☺️)
captured by @brookebschultz (See more from her photo retreat in stories including beautiful work by @madisonbergphoto)

‘There's a house we can build
Every room inside is filled
With things from far away
The special things I compile
Each one there to make you smile
On a rainy day

They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy
They can say, they can say we've lost our minds
I don't care, I don't care if they call us crazy
Runaway to a world that we design’ -a million dreams

giveaway closed. Congrats @marieke_deman! Excited to team up with this amazing independent brand to celebrate SUMMER and PLAY. @Tellkiddo makes the best functional playful storage solutions that are both modern and adorable. And the perfect size for all @merrileeliddiardshop dolls! •
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Good Luck •
Giveaway closes on Sunday 24th June, winner will be announced in this post. This competition is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram and entrants must be 18+ to enter
Photography by @shannonweightphotography

A little reminder about our giveaway with @tellkiddo. She previous post for details on how to enter. 💫

Where in the world have your traveled with kids? What are some places you loved seeing through their eyes, and would recommend? There are so many places on our family bucket list. So many things I hope to see with them. I don’t know how to narrow it down. We don’t get to travel as a family as much as I’d like to so when we do, I want to make it count as best we can. #mermagxgathre

I’d love to get your recommendations for twin beds. We love this little one that she’s growing out of. I’d love a rattan but struggle finding a good one state side. A lovely day bed would be great too. Any places you like or suggest looking? 💫 #thebanisterhouse

New mini sizes in the #mermagxgathre maps! Releasing tomorrow 7/26 on the @gathre website. They’re perfect for smaller spaces or for toting around. Maxi and micro maps are being restocked tomorrow as well. Photo by @hellobrivail

So happy to see my kids using my dads midcentury vintage dresser to store their belongings. Makes me smile every time I enter the room. Also, when we purchased #thebanisterhouse we knew it was perfect for us (tall folk). When we discovered that we can stand at full height in the second story before the ceiling begins its pitch we were sold. Something very rare in old Victorian homes around here where most charming upstairs attic-like rooms are cozy. #thebanisterhouse isn’t an incredibly large home but the ceilings give it just the space we need to feel open and airy. ✨

Editorial for @posterchildmag, styled by @kendalhmcallister. Models wearing @tootsamacginty and @tinycottons. #thebanisterhouse

Lulu wearing @tootsamacginty in an editorial for @posterchildmag. Styled by @kendalhmcallister

Photographed this fun giveaway for @mer_mag and @tellkiddo. Go check them out to enter!

Happy first day of summer! 🌞

Styled by @kendalhmcallister

Going through our summer bucket list and seriously finding we all just want lots of slow, down time. To daydream, to create, to imagine, to read, to cuddle. •
As a working mom I find summers hard. I want to just slow down too, take off time and play or run away on day trips with the kids. Jon is school teacher so he has summers off too. Making it super hard to focus working at home. Any tips on how to stay productive and also make the most of the summer? 🌞#thebanisterhouse

no plans for today.
Editorial for @posterchildmag
Styled by @kendalhmcallister
Photographed by @shannonweightphotography
Model: Gracie @dahlgirlz4
Outfit: @tinycottons @tinyappleny
Shoes: @bandybutton

#djsabby #thebanisterhouse #braamfontein dankie sabza best radio DJ

New editorial for @posterchildmag out now! Styled by @kendalhmcallister

Off to the market 🌿 #thebanisterhouse

Happy Mother’s Day! My favorite way to capture children during family sessions is to let them play. Real play produces honest, unposed moments like this one. Styling by @marthahatfield at

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