Skin of the day: The Bajan Canadian #minecraft #thebajancanadian

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{fact requested by @soccer_conner13 & @magically232}
CONGRATS PRESTON AND BRIANNA!1!1!1!!!1! i’m really happy for you guys ❤️ fun facts:
-they have known each other since may “17 and started dating in july
-preston is the only member of the pack who is engaged
-he proposed at eagle mountain lake, fort worth, texas
-her middle name is paige

does anyone still play pokemon go?

happy birthday lachlan!
i love sushi, lachlan why are you like this

what's all this sidemen drama about? 🤔

also heads up - i will be posting less now cuz of exams. may be finding a co-owner soon!

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hey guys vik has been nominated for a teen choice award! you can vote here at this website > teenchoice.votenow.tv (voting only open to the usa//ends on 13th aug)

side note: is anyone still watching h4m? it's my fav series atm even though vik and rob are like the only pack members left and they are at war 😂

{fact requested by @officialmikaia}
i love petezahhutt.

We are headed to The Baja from Nov 1-7! Come join us and meet Jack. We will be visiting April Tidey, vancouver interior designer now settled in The Baja with Jack, her side kick. Learn photography skills while we visit awesome places and spaces. Can't wait!
Photo credit @tinas411 #interiordesign #thebajancanadian #designlife #designers #photoshoot #photography #funinthesun @apriltidey @naturaleclectic

i'm binging old pack videos i miss their recordings together so much

So, yeah. I like died or something.
I'm back, but not entirely.
Yes, TC meant everything to me not too long ago, but I'm slowly growing out of it. Although I told myself I wouldn't do this... I don't see a way of stopping it.
Maybe I'm growing up.
I'm going to try my best to keep myself in this fandom. I might go watch some old videos.
QOTD: When was the last time you watched a TC video?
AOTD: Honestly, in March. I watched TC to celebrate watching them for 5 years. -----
#teamcrafted #teamcraftedfanpage #teamcrafted4life #teamcraftedforever #tc #skydoesminecraft #deadloxmc #jeromeasf #thebajancanadian #mcuniverse #ssundee

{fact requested by @pengzerk}
happy birthday rob!!

thanks for 5k 🖤

{fact requested by @magically232}
welp they are kinda moving on from minecraft now

and the winner is lachlan!!
thank you guys for playing!
also i'm back from camp as you can see...i'm too tired to make a proper celebratory thingy for this so here you go this is all you get (i'm sorry)

[last round was 19-20!]
vikk is out!!
vote your least fav/least watched
hello guys i'm going on my camp today so the results for this will only be out next wed/thur. i'm so sorry you can't find out who'd win but more people get a chance to vote!!

rob is out!
vote for your least fav/least watched

jerome is out!
vote for your least fav/least watched.
-guys i'm going on a camp next week so you guys have to prob wait longer for the outcome. soz!!

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