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Meeting some Brazilian icons #Brazil #arara #bonito #theartofflight

Захожу я как-то в комнату, а Софийка сама включила на ноутбуке один из моих самых любимых фильмов "The Art of Flight", она как знала чем ей предстоит заняться этой зимой...
P.S. Я нормальный, я лыжник😜 А у некоторых ещё есть время перейти на сторону добра, да Паха?
#theartofflight #skiersrulesnowboardersdrool @roshupkin_paha

Children of winter never grow old. #theartofflight #literallythatsyou
📡 @bassnectar - into the sun

Have you ever wondered what "steep" actually means? 🤔

Watch more on RedBull.tv
#theArtofFlight #snowboard #powder

Happy day o'birth @scottserfas! You are a king amongst men! #dimespine #scottserfas #theartofflight #asymbolphotography


HAPPY INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE Day y'all!!!! Here's a book I really want to read that I spotted in one of my fav indie bookshops in London (you might recognise the shelf decor). I come here whenever I'm looking for something but don't know what exactly. I just KNOW I'll find something here. Actually, it's now a relatively successful chain, so I'm not really sure it still counts as an indie but the stores still feel like indies and I know for a fact that staff choices play a big role in the type of books they stock so... I'm willing to count it as one. I don't want to name it because I love all indies and want to celebrate the concept of them in general, as opposed to particular bookshops. Why shop indie? Easy, because they know the people who shop there. They know their tastes, their reading habits and many know quite personal things about their regulars. The staff are always knowledgeable, usually friendly, and will take the time to guide you if guidance is needed/wanted. They don't do 3 for 2 deals, they might not stock loads of copies of the same book, they may even not stock your fav trashy read. BUT, they care about the books they do stock, they care if you like what you buy, they don't want to sell you a product, they want to give you a remarkable experience. I can never go into an indie without walking out with at least a couple of books and I hope we see many more in the future. #independentbookstoreday #bookstore #bookshop #bookshops #bookseller #booksellers #book #books #display #shelfie #shelfies #travel #armchairtravel #theartofflight #frederiksjoberg #Iwant #wishlist #read #mustread

The little story of my coat...
"Emerald Sage"
It began when a dear loved one lent me her coat during a cold night at wanderlust and i got inspired...
I go to #Bali almost every year to teach and train (NOT in Ubud).
While in Bali this last time, I saw these gorgeous quilts that were made out of many patches of sarongs! I thought "damn that would make a fly cloak!!"
So i bought a green quilt and 9 yards of green velvet and several yards of black velvet from my Balinese Brother's banjar!
When i got back to the states i got connected with Keturah Thorpe...a graduate from SUNY Purchase Theatre Department for Costuming!
I showed her some pictures of what I was thinking. She had me pick the trim and buttons, measured me thrice, and then made it for me!
I said "can we make it reversible??!"
She said "Hell yeah"
And there you have it!

Why make it?
Almost everyday, no matter where I am- I am THINKING and DREAMING of what i want to wear or make next...why?...because there isnt a store that has heaps of clothing that i want to wear as a Performing Artist/Educator/Priest Archetype/Solar Being/Magic person whatever etc.... (but now Ive discovered @gypsymensny )So rather than picking whats off the rack- I imagine what i want to look like and go find it or make it.

Thanks to Mac Murphy and @zachmbell at #esalen, i came to understand what the true color of my soul is- I am emerald green and gold on the inside. This cloak is a reflection of who i actually am!
WE'RE GOING TO MAKE MORE OF THESE! And you can order one if you like! Keturah and I had a blast with this!!
We may be able to start making them in august.
The quilts and fabric will come from local Balinese💚
#jump #theartofflight #dance #cloak #coat #originaldesign
Thanks @jamesporto for the shoot. These are #awesome

The Art of flight(s)! Shout out to our partners @thegrizzlypaw and our all
time favorite snowboard movie! #theartofflight #beerflights #grizzlypaw
#alpinesocial #cheers #Friyay #TGIF

"The art of flight" siempre me da paz... @redbull @redbullesp #theartofflight

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