" With tired eyes and bills to pay
You gotta make it through another day
The streets can see into your soul
It ain't where ya been but where you're gonna go

Put a flower in your pocket
If you seem them boy, you drop it
And you run, run

They may pretend they like you
But man's best friend will bite you
Just for fun, fun
If they're gunning for you boy, you've already won " #putaflowerinyourpocket #thearcs #newyorkcity #nyc #Brooklyn
#newyork #makeamericaINDIGENOUSagain
#indigenous1492 #triiipinINnewyork

R.I.P. Richard Swift (, Shins, Arcs, Black Keys). Not only did you do everything, you did everything better than pretty much everybody else. #theshins #thearcs #theblackkeys #richardswift

Wish I knew back then, what I know right now. Things would be much different than time has allowed.

Wanna hear something great?!?? Of course you do, that’s why Hang The DJ is here! Leading things off is a track from a new group I found this week called Sextile. Next up we’ve got a newly released b-side track from DFA1979, a band I’ve always dug and shout out to @broughtb as I know he digs them too. Lenny Kravitz returned with a new album this past week, and this track sounds like 80’s funk so I had to add it this week. And peep the new Joey Purp album, the production is great!

Soul Step Radio, what can I say. My boy @soulsteprecords hipped me to another great artist this week in Ben Pirani. Nice inclusion on the Arcs as well. I always find good ish from my boys weekly playlist. Peep it everyone - only on Apple Music by searching for Soul Step Radio.

Side Two kicks off with a little oooooooh on the TLC tip! A classic from back in the day. Just discovered Saint Etienne this week, and really dug this record. ‘Voices Carry’ from ’Til Tuesday is so f-ing good! It came on shuffle this week and I realized that I always turn it up and see the chorus whenever it comes on. Rounding things off we have a cut from one of my favorite bands ever, the Descendents followed up with an excellent Motels cover from Cults As always, PEACE!
#Sextile #DeathFromAbove1979 #LennyKravitz #TheKooks #JoeyPurp #BenPirani #TheArcs #TLC #SaintEtienne #NeilYoung #TilTuesday #Descendents #Cults #TheMotels
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I got it !!! Dan Quine Auerbach’s guitar pick. #danauerbach #easyeyesound #gibson #lespaul #theblackkeys #thearcs

“ YOU gotta TAKE it when you can get it
And get it while you CAN“
Dan Auerbach #danauerbachandtheeasyeyesoundrevue #danauerbach #easyeyesound #gibson #lespaul #thearcs #theblackkeys

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