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E b b & f l o w 🌊I’ve been leaning into the archetype of the inner child lately, and I’m glad for her company. I’m thankful for the opportunity to re-parent her, and for myself to feel nurtured by her in time. . 🌿
Memories are such a silly thing. But this little collection of things, these silly objects, hold sacred memories for me. . 🌿
The conch shell still whispers the ocean in my ear, even all these years since I plucked it out of the sand one summer while visiting my cousins and grandpa. We spent every summer down by the sea, and the winters too--my mother’s family have salt water where others have blood, and I’m grateful to have grown up seeing the ocean and the Northeastern shoreline in all her seasons. The clam shells in this photo were also collected at that time. The sweet, smooth cream-colored stone in the middle was a gift from my partner, also carefully chosen from the rocky New England sands one summer. All these moments are dear and warm to me. .
Even that little ring on my finger is dear. I bought it one summer when I was fifteen, at a sleep-away folk dance camp with my friends. It’s an early 20th century Russian wedding ring, and I feel this invisible thread through me pointing East whenever I wear it (which is every day). I wonder about the woman for whom it was originally made or given to, about her life, and about what sorts of hardships might have caused it to cross the ocean to America. .
Needless to say, I’m feeling watery and childlike and nostalgic right now. I purposefully riffled through my deck to find the Child of Water so I could sit with it for a bit. “Child” evokes playful learning, encouraged curiosity, active engagement with the world. Which are the qualities we find in the Pages, but they just click a bit more intuitively for me under the name of Child. .
At the surface level, I’m not a watery person. I’m all fire and earth, and this is reflected in the suits that come up often for me in personal tarot readings (so many Wands). Sometimes I have to purposefully carve out a little space and say, Ok water, let’s catch up. . 🌿
Sending you all well wishes, honies. Thanks for listening to my ramble.
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