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He is still searching #theant #kerala #palakkad #dewdrops

Eat like you mean it! #hardees #4everbulking In route to Richard Hawthorne's new Southern Elite Gym in Biloxi, MS. #animalpak #animal #theant

"We as a whole have to start questioning things and being present enough to listen to what our bodies are telling us." - @richard_hawthorne. Love his Q&A videos, free and genuine advice from a top level powerlifter, what more can u ask for? #CAPOPOWERLIFTING

Hollydays 2k17 #theant

I'm so Grateful for my lil big head baby this my world #theant #sheknocked

No matter how successful we are at any given thing we all are struggling and fighting a battle with something. We are all closer alike than we are different... "I AM YOU, I fear, I doubt, I try, I fight, l bleed, I fail, I fall, I cry, I break, I think, I dream, I feel, I believe and I drive... Through myself, through the lies, through the doubters, fake smiles and through the statistics that preach the odds, saying it's impossible but When I get to where I succeed, I will say nothing but smile and say thank you to those that tried to bring me down, while I continue to prepare for my next battle. "YOU ARE ME" #corestrong #iamyou @southernelitegym #theant

Masih model bifi itam #theant #flower #myshoot

Les gens cherchent à avoir beaucoups de bon contacts dans leur carnet sa ne m'intéresse pas moi je veux être ce bon contact photographe:@nino_baudart #theant


He is still searching #theant #kerala #palakkad #dewdrops

Most people are good at what they do but they teach what they do inside the constraints of the norm which ends up being the same old shit that's been regurgitated for the past decades. Greatness doesn't belong in a box. Learn your craft so that you may teach and share to the best of your ability.
@southnarc took a year off of strength training to translate his progress over to agility's and mat work. He comes back with pristine form in control. Got a love it... no homo but it makes me feel some type of way 😍😜 I wish I could show you all the video but y'all ain't ready yet.😏

Life, the universe, god, likes to drop little hints now and again, and sometimes it kicks you right in the face with it. Don't be afraid of the unknown be afraid of never knowing.
#seedsofthefuture #business #life #art #lifeisstruggle #metalsharpensmetal #businessownerproblems #thestruggleisreal #words #wordstothewise #thegrasshopper #theant #redlands #redlandsca #lifeisworthliving

Good 🌞MFers
Which are you doing?

Masih model bifi itam #theant #flower #myshoot

GOOD 🌞MFers "The Feel"


So it is a fracture 😒 but it won't keep me long, everything else is and has been on point so as soon as this heals in two weeks 😜I'll be back in the pursuit to smash some numbers. I've been laying low for way to long and I got that itch. *
"As I slumber the jungle is filled with chaos. There is no law, there is no respect and there is no loyalty. I say unto you hyenas that prey upon the weak, your glory days will be cut short like the days of the fall. I say unto you snakes, the venom of your sharp tongue will be diluted by the truth and I say unto you hippopotamus, your aggressive imposing of territory will fade away like the storm clouds of the Safari. I will wake and return with the appetite of the kings wrath of truth wisdom compassion and power. I am that I am, I lived, I witnessed and I experienced the life of the jungle and I will share the fruit of my labor to all." #corestrong010

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Well since I didn't get to make it to Oregon to lift I guess I needed to get my weekly session in. 530 x6 for my last.

🤦🏾‍♂️🛫🚫 this sucks
@jeronkerridge @higamonster

Do it for you... not your mom, not your Dad, not your friend or significant other and for damn sure not a 👍or a ❤️. You can't find your true talent or passion doing things because other people would love it for you.

What are you going to do?
#corestrong010 @johnreyesnetworks #takeaction

Good 🌞⚖️ how do you move.

Good 🌞
Mind body connection

Good even 😡! !!Gym etiquette!!

Strongest man in light weight of powerlifting his nickname is the Ant and the name is ?

Morgendagens designdeal fra @fritz_hansen er klassiske Myren™️ i sort farget ask til -15%🎄
Bestill dem i nettbutikken eller kom innom oss på Bærums Verk😊
Tilbudet gjelder 5.desember.
#designdeals #fritzhansen #myren #theant #verketinteriør_nettbutikk #spisestol #spisestolerverketinteriør #danskdesign #klassiker

Look what my Baby painted me last night for my BDay! 😊 we live to grow old but yet to maintain a youthful mind that stays filled with imagination, curiosity and compassion by staying present with the absence of fear. This so that we may pass it on to our young. Life is to experience but we tumble because we separate experience in the categories of good and bad. Really experience is just an aid to help guide us to make decisions to get us from point "A" to "B" and hopefully it's doing what we love to do with no apologies. With all this being said, every so often we need to sit and evaluate ourself. Live laugh love
Made it to 34😳🤦🏾‍♂️😜

Good 🌞🙏🏾😏 The act of brining Something to your midsection or to the midline

Yesterday last set 545 x3 the first rep's form was off. Feel what you're doing and make adjustments.

FOR THOSE THAT LIKE TO DO SPEED WORK! Cashme outside how bout dat!
My last video I posted I was waiting for this equation to pop up. People people will jump on anything without experiencing it for themselves to get the truth. Half truths and information is the downfall of success. Speed can never develop power but the power output can develop speed. That's just like saying you can create milk out of cheese. This equation is only for force not power! You have to add the presence of pressure into this equation in order to think about power. If you just use force then your body will crumble at the sight of impact. Example One car slowly pushing another car that's in neutral, there'll be minimum damage if any and they will both make it from point "A" to point "B", but if that car goes full speed into another car in neutral, there will be total wreckage.
. "Your perspective determines your approach and your approach determines your success or failure" Richard Hawthorne .
Again the game will be changed before i even get started

Be great at being you!

Took my nephew to go check out the Mob Museum, did a lil bonding over dead Mob legends. Check out the pics,we had a good & interesting time.
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#anthonyspilotro #alcapone
#theant #samrothstein #ace #casino #flamingo
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#lacosanostra #truecrime #mafia #enthusiat
#gangsters #strictlybusiness #family

Good 🌞

Repost from @boricuareina7 using @RepostRegramApp - WATCH WITH VOLUME... I'm back with my coach!!! @corestrong010 Richard Hawthorne is known to be the strongest pound for pound lifter on the planet in powerlifting because he totals over 11x his bodyweight... he helped me get to first place in my very first powerlifting meet a d has been. The best coach ive had. Excited for USAPL in Jan!!!

Good 🌞!!! 🐪 day it is!

465 for my last set of 3 today. Not so good sessions never last. Back feel pretty good. I just can't play any basketball till this meet is out the way 😒. I'm starting to feel a little bit of weigh, it's still the beginning 😜...

"Treat them as such"

It's that time for real information. #goldennuggets #corestrong010

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