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Wisconsin went ALL IN!!! Thank you guys for such a great show. See you tonight Michigan - last one! #TheAllInTour

What a special fall tour this has been. Thank you to all of YOU who came to a show, to @jordanfeliz and @leannacrawfordmusic for joining me, and to all who helped make this tour a reality. Getting to see everyone who let Jesus into their hearts night after night is unlike anything else. Thank you for going ALL IN with us!! #TheAllInTour

Got to meet these four sweet girls last night in Lincoln. They were even kind enough to sing with me! Can’t thank you enough Nebraska for another fantastic night on #TheAllInTour.
🎥: @eamgmom

Quick trip to the beach on #TheAllInTour! 💖 Listen to #CrazyBeautifulYou: Link in bio

Tonight wraps up #theallintour! It’s been such an honor to tour with these people!! And a special thanks to @matthewjwest for treating me and my team so incredibly well!! Thank you to everyone who came out to a show!! Y’all are the best and we hope to see you again soon!!

The energy level for #TheAllInTour is at an ALL TIME HIGH. Head over to matthewwest.com for tickets and details.

Found an imposter at the show last night in Baltimore! #THEALLINTOUR

Georgia! I’m so excited to hang with you guys tonight at #TheAllInTour 💜🎤 trying something new at soundcheck today with @matthewjwest @jakewidenhofer and Chili 😅😂

@matthewjwest just trying to be included in the group hug 😂 #TheAllInTour.


(Flash Back Friday) @matthewjwest in Midland,TX interacting with the crowd & singing his new song Amen...😊 What a great night this was! Did I mention that I miss this tour already?😣 #fbf #matthewwest #theallintour

@leannacrawfordmusic you are incredible!!! Thanks for the new music!!! #theallintour #crazybeautifulyou #fragileheart

And a selection of @jordanfeliz songs!! So good! #theallintour #jordanfeliz #nevertoofargone #youarebeloved #theriver
Thanks again @popwenation for the free tickets!!

Thanks so much @matthewjwest for the amazing concert Sunday night!!! And special thanks to @popwenation for the free tickets & meet & greet passes!! #idontwannagothroughthemotions #iloveyoumore #gracewinseverytime #forgiveness So many good songs and stories!! #theallintour #matthewwest #popwenation

And with that #theallintour comes to a close. I️t has been such an incredible experience, from being so nervous the first time stepping on the bus to all the cool friendships I’ve gained. These individuals—they are what made this tour so special. I️t was such an honor to be apart of this team. 💙 #loveyoufam

Matthew with his mom Sharon, Along with Lulu, and Delaney during Becoming Me. #TheAllInTour @matthewjwest

Matthew with his mom Sharon West. during Becoming Me. #TheAllInTour @matthewjwest

More photos from the All In Tour that I forgot to post. Two of Matthew, one of Mikey, and one of Sean. As well as my mom and I on the big screen. @matthewjwest @mikeybw @seanmcdonald89 #TheAllInTour

I have the link up for you guys.
I may still have to upload a couple of videos but for right now it’s done.
I swear we got never too far gone by Jordan Feliz but I can’t find it in the mess of pictures and videos that I have. If I have it I will upload it, if I don’t I’m sorry. This playlist is mostly Jordan Feliz and I also got 2 songs of Matthew’s. Day one, and becoming me. Please know that I did my very best for you guys. If there is a problem with one of the videos please let me know. Also I thought I was going to set this to unlisted but I ended up setting it to public instead so that everyone can see the videos.

I hope you enjoy and God bless!
PS please pray for my health as I think I’ve come down with laryngitis. (Thanks @matthewjwest).

@tourbusesgalore #theallintour Matthew West, Jordan Feliz, and Leanna Crawford #tourbus #musictour #photography

The hoodie fits, and I love my Matthew West Mug. @matthewjwest #TheAllInTour

All the stuff I got last night. Thank you so much to Matthew’s team. Everyone treated us like celebrities it was amazing! I really felt the love. I hope you enjoy everything that I posted. I promise you that I am almost done with the YouTube playlist. The link will be posted either tonight, or tomorrow. @matthewjwest #TheAllInTour

Matthew singing All In. He definitely went all in for us last night. Matthew you did amazing! I hope you get to feeling better soon with much love your friend and fan forever Jamie

@matthewjwest #TheAllInTour

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