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I have something for you.
It's these flowers.
And there are also a whole new batch of photos for you to scroll through on the blog, all from magical Wales ✨ Link in profile.

Who's doing the 2017 Six Pack Peak challenge? I have two down, four to go--I have some catching up to do! 😬🙌 #sixpackofpeaks

Having left Colombia last week, I've had time to reflect on what truly makes this country so special. Over the last two decades, Colombia has suffered from a case of mistaken identity; where outside perceptions have been shaped around a single period in time. A country, masked beneath the influence of narco culture, and a period which paved the way to numerous social inequalities, and further chaos in the rebel movement. A reputation built from a period of insecurity, instability and injustice.
While this facade still lingers in many ways, the foundation of Colombia's identity has remained seemingly unchanged. Kept alive in the Colombian people; who never lost sight of where the true riches of the country lie. From colonial plazas of the Eje Cafetero, the sweeping deserts of La Guajira or the colourful costeño homes through the Caribbean, Colombians carry themselves with an energy that is infinitely welcoming and infatuating to be around. Proud, diverse and open. This is the true sense of Colombia that people should and will know. #colombiaismagicalrealism 🇨🇴

Nudie rudie. Photo by @willemsizoo #theadventurehandbook

Sand Ripples, Namib Desert, Namibia. The thing I like about this one is it's impossible to know the scale - the intriguing thing about the desert is the sand patterns look almost identical from a metre away as they do from space (though easier to photograph from a metre away admittedly...).

Selfie stand-in


That moment of breathless delight when you travel alone on a private Island yet you still isolate yourself from the other guests to have own your own private moment while they party on the other side of the beach and here I am wandering on the other side. .

Falling in love with this colourful city 😍


The holy temple of #Lalish is the most sacred site of the Yazidi faith. #35mm
Yazidis are an ethnically Kurdish religious group which, since 2014, has faced genocide by #ISIS fighters who regard them as "devil worshippers". Thousands of Yazidis have been killed in recent years and thousands more remain displaced within #Iraq today.

Stopped to take a portrait.

Found the best view in town for a perfect multi-hour long sunset with @julia_thomas 👌

Happy Friday folks.

Nudie rudie. Photo by @willemsizoo #theadventurehandbook

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