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The vibrant sapphire centre of The Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park. Photo by @asenseofhuber #theadventurehandbook

Hoora cold!
Here's how I feel after a blast of icey water.

II. ‘In Sri Lanka, when two strangers meet, they ask a series of questions that reveal family, ancestral village, and blood ties until they arrive at a common friend or relative. Then they say, "Those are our people, so you are our people.” - Nayomi Munaweera #millennialpink 🍉

Glowing soul 🔮
Photo by @freeman_jay_r
Model @sonjamilic
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Had a blast hiking with Josh, @ttruong2 & @lightstalkerla to Sunset Peak! Beautiful 360 views at the summit and about 7 horned lizard sightings (see story!) 🦎

Good morning Mumbai! Last night was epic at @playboyclubmumbai! We got an extra day to sightsee, what do you have instore for us?

#djkhai #djtravels

From the time I stepped into a Bob Ross painting.
This usually peaceful place is about to be an absolute zoo due to its location along the 'Line of Totality' for Monday's eclipse. Please try to tread lightly and apply LNT principals if you plan on viewing the eclipse from the wilderness.
While we're on the subject, does anybody have a plan for shooting the eclipse? I can't figure out what it will look like photographically, and am tentatively planning on a pretty drastic course of action: enjoying it without taking any photos. Now that I say it, that just sounds like crazy talk.


Mainline North of Woodlawn, crop (2013)

'It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures.'
- #AllyCondie


• My friends at @nasa sent me on a special mission I had to keep secret until now, where I would capture what it looks like to be on Mars. Unfortunately, I lost over 600 digital files due to memory card issues so I'm definitely thankful for my old leaking film camera saving this trip on Mars.. Or maybe it was Isle Of Skye?! Ugh, they all look the same to me. •

Captured on 35mm Film

Special thanks to @cinestillfilm
For loading my backpack with Cinestill 50D (Kodak Motion Picture Film). Also LYS and EDI airport security for skipping the X-rays!


🔊 FUNKADELIC - Maggot Brain

Today is a good day for a good day ⛰😉

Some of my favorite adventures just consist of going out and hoping for a killer sunset. Usually that sky doesn't show up, but it sure did here #WHPadventure

Photo by @mizulife 📸

It’s all about the journey...

Nothing like a good and fulfilling weekend to recalibrate and get some clarity for a new week ahead. Mantra for the upcoming days: be thicker skinned, don't get disheartened, whine less, and keep going cuz no one can fault you for trying. Also, very much in need of this calming view. 🌅
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A magic nautilus

Hello old Mona, Hello wise Mona // 🇳🇬🌍#nature_marvels

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