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Remembering Millie. #puglove. Olive #theabyssinianlife

My moon and stars ✨

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This is my sofa 🛋 get out,kkkhhhh🙊😸😸😸😸
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Hello , did u miss us ?😋

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Miao 🐾

paws of a lion 🐾

There are many ideas about where Abyssinian cats originated, but there's no concrete answer.This breed is thought to be one of the oldest, dating back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians' sculptures and murals bear a striking resemblance to Abyssinians, so many think that is where Abyssinians originated. However, recent genetic research suggests that they may have come from Southeast Asia off the coast of the Indian Ocean. For now, the answer of this breed's origin remains a mystery.

Have a great weekend everyone ☺️🙊

Мама, я дикая пума, я тебя съем 🐯🐯🐯💕 #theabyssinianlife #iamtiger #ayriscat#theabyayris

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