"There Are Times in Life When You Travel, You Seek The Real Out Of People. Truth Pops Out to Your Visions. That Visions are Steps of Life. Don't Ignore or You'll Fall Down On Your Face."
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"Be Patient For What Was Written For You Was Written By The Greatest Of Writters"
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"Limits Are Undefined Until We Think Of Limit"
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Promoting Mobile Photography, Because I Have Mobile To Capture My Vision.
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Do You Ever Wonder Which Feet is Always Forward When You Are Walking?
Birds // 3 Picture Row Complete
- Scenery Created

Love is Not Always Being Loved, We Need to Understand This Beautiful Emotion"
Short Story
I Was Walking By Canal in My Village in the Morning. I Was Continuously Looking For Something Amazing To Be Merged With Beautiful Rising Sun and Look What I Found. A Couple of Birds. I Guess They Were Angry and Weren't on Talking Terms or Maybe Just Saw Me And Were Posing. Who Knows 😂

"Letting the Time be and Being In Time, Creates a Time to be Seen"
~ Tanveer
Preserving Historical Places Isn't Job Only For Historical Protection/Preservation Departments'. We, The Visitors, are also Responsible for the most of it. Don't let Future Generations Predict That These Signatures were done by Mughals ;)
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"If Light Is In Your Heart, You will Find Your Way Home."
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"Better to See Something Once Than To Hear About It a Thosand Times."
Travel To See What's Out There Which Could Become Your Story To Tell.
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I Am Not a Student Of GIKI, But I Have Been There For 3 Days. I Just Captured Most Inches of Its Beauty in Single few Hours Walk. I Still Got Dozens of Pictures with Its Mesmerizing Frames. But nah! I'm Not Gonna Make My Wall, The GIKI Wall ;)
Well Enjoy Architectural Frames i'll be posting in near future from other locations, will be visiting soon :)
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We Find Ourselves When We Are Free. I Find Myself Attached with Nature and Its Beauty. If I Am Left Alone With alot of Money and Set Free, I'll Travel, Walk, Run, Crawl, Adore and Capture Every Inch of Beauty Around This Mother Earth. It is Said That "Photographs Tells Later That Even For Once Everything Was Such Perfect."
If Thousands of People Already have Captured One Old Person In Some Highlighted North Area, I'll Still Capture Him When I'm Gonna Meet Him, Because This Was Me Capturing While Being There. This Essence You Just Can't Feel In Other Thousand Pictures. Isn't?
#Travel #Capture
PS; Its Not Digital Art, Its Mirror Selfie. Shukriya ;)

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