Turn your volume up 👆my little brother thinks I'm hilarious 😂

Rolling with my homie 😎

Hanging with my gnomie 🌳🍄🌻

up close and personal.
happy friday!

the hoomans got a new rug and I claimed it.


Weekend vibez 😎

cheesin’ 😁

Enjoying this summer evening ☀️ how have you been furiends? Mom has been so busy with my new baby brother that she hasn't been posting photos of me! But don't worry, I'm doing great as a big sister ❤️

Mom I get to sleep in all the pillows, snore in your ear?

Humans are weird. Sound on for full effect

Mom spent 10 minutes looking for me. I just blended in with her laundry. I keep telling her she needs to do laundry every week. #adulting #dogstraininghumans

La luna es el reflejo de tu corazón y la luz de la luna es el brillo de tu amor.-Debasish Mridha.

Moving day!📦

happy National Walking Around Things Day!
don’t believe me? look it up😜

Emoji Pope 😬

happy #nationalpuppyday ❤️

Play time😜

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