Jack isn’t sure about the skunk costume. @giz_the_wiz

Turn your volume up 👆my little brother thinks I'm hilarious 😂

Rolling with my homie 😎

Hanging with my gnomie 🌳🍄🌻

up close and personal.
happy friday!

the hoomans got a new rug and I claimed it.


Weekend vibez 😎

cheesin’ 😁

Enjoying this summer evening ☀️ how have you been furiends? Mom has been so busy with my new baby brother that she hasn't been posting photos of me! But don't worry, I'm doing great as a big sister ❤️

Mom I get to sleep in all the pillows, snore in your ear?

Humans are weird. Sound on for full effect

Hay quienes las odian porque piensan que son sucias, malas, destructivas... Yo las amo porque en realidad son muy nobles y cariñosas si se los trata con cariño, #Ratz❤ #My_friend🎩 #the_best_pet

Mom spent 10 minutes looking for me. I just blended in with her laundry. I keep telling her she needs to do laundry every week. #adulting #dogstraininghumans

La luna es el reflejo de tu corazón y la luz de la luna es el brillo de tu amor.-Debasish Mridha.

Moving day!📦

happy National Walking Around Things Day!
don’t believe me? look it up😜

Emoji Pope 😬

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