Different angles, same model, same location. You can choose to be a victim of the many coincidences of life or you can choose to look at it from a different perspective and make things work!

Life is indeed what you make it. So smile and make the best out of what it "gives you" because ultimately no one gets out alive.
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I'm back with my testimony!!🙌🙌😃 #MyBusinessSchoolStory ....been struggling with thoughts of whether or not to share it, but I believe it will bring glory to God and more so, encourage someone out there to use his/her faith in God.

Late 2017, I saw @jennysmiiles graduation post(pics 4) and something leaped in my spirit. I knew I had to do the course and it has to be on scholarship (I don't have the millions to pay) besides, my Father owns the earth and the fullness thereof #thefathersdaughter 😎 I contacted her and she said I had to wait till this year. I practically moved into her heart, kept reminding her about it cos she has to refer me for me to get a chance to apply ( scholarship is sold out in house to the alumi, you need them to give you a referral). All the while, even before they called for application, I always see myself in that graduation dress. I had course to pass LBS at least once a week. Each time I pass, I will intentionally tell the people with me that am coming here soon to run a program. I was at @chinenyeobiako wedding and she gave me the Ankara note book(pics 2). I kept it and called it my notebook for the business school. I bought pen for it, had it on my goals for 2018, Cos I needed all the knowledge and network I could get for @brisktraining and @safeschoolafrica
Finally, earlier this year, I got to apply, interview was on 6th of June, I went for the interview to seal what God has done already. Before I forget, I have 2 testimonies of people God has blessed with the scholarship @jennysmiiles and @deboladejikurunmi so I stewarded my testimony with theirs, @imisiowolabi thought me that.
After the interview, I had no doubt that God has done it, hence my conversation with a friend the next day (pics 3).
And #JesusDidIt hallelujah!!! Are you trusting God for anything? Have seen Him do it for anyone before? Stand firm on you confession of faith, He's is faithful that promise, rehearse your testimony, it has happened. Our God is rich unto all that call upon him.

Most importantly, Jesus wants a relationship with you. You want to know how you can do that? Slide into my dm, let's talk

Picture 1. JOY.. That Fri-Yaaayy feeling 🎉🎉 Picture 2. I and @mojolaoluwa_adedeji twinning in our white tees😁

Happy Fri-Yaaayy Fam.
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Have you ever noticed that the majority of the things found in nature are green? Is it any coincidence? God created our eyes to see all the beautiful things He made for us to behold. God created the grass, trees, plants and leaves to be green for a reason. Green is the color that our eyes MOST EASILY see. -
When I saw this plant while taking a walk with my buddy on Sunday evening, one scripture came to mind: “Psalm 23:2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures...”
As I took the picture, the Holy Spirit said to me “NIGERIA’S 🇳🇬 🇳🇬 color is GREEN.” 😀😀........ Nigeria, You WILL flourish!!!!!!!! 📱: @itisiraquel
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Where it all started.
Even now, I know the journey is just beginning... And daily I strive to improve on me and become a better version of me.
Cheers to the woman I am becoming.

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Good evening Daughters with a Mandate!!! How was your day?
Today our WCW is Olufunto Ibuoye @funtoibuoye !!! She is a Daughter with a Mandate! I started stalking this amazing and goal smashing woman since November 2016 and her life inspires me so much. She is goals on all levels. She is the founder of the beautified network @thebeautifiednetwork which convenes an annual conference tagged BECOMING which this year's edition is on the 21st of July, 2018. I will be there and I encourage you to be there! Check her bio for more details on registration.
She shared 28 life lessons on her becoming story on her birthday earlier this year, check our bio for the link.
We love you ma and keep fulfilling the Father's Mandate.

Gratefulness is flowing from my heart

The One who truly satisfy the human heart is the One who made it...Jesus! You are my satisfaction 😄😄 #thekingsbride
#WCE😍😍😍😍😍 #smile☺

My desire is that you oh Lord be the center of all that I do this week; My Slay-game, hustle and Family care. •
That I may reference you my Maker and my King and not be carried away by this earthly treasures that fades away.

That my heart will be consecrated by you and that i stay focused on the Ultimate Prize.

That I may stand firm and rooted in you and stay incorruptible by the standard of this world. Pleasing you alone my God, speaking the truth in love without fear or Favour within my sphere of influence.

That I make you proud while here on earth my Father. AMEN 🙏
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Regrann from @itisiraquel - This is for someone out there! Who feels condemned because of their sin.
God knows that we are not perfect.  He knows that we will fall. Sometimes when we fall, we fall hard but the mercy and grace of our Lord is so so rich. That same mercy is available to you.
Uncle Paul said in Romans 5:20 “Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound.”
We all fall from time to time. I’m no exception. But just because we fall does not mean we should give up. Don’t you ever give up!  God is not through with you. He made too much of an investment in you to give up on you. 
He will equip you and He will empower you. .
You are not perfect, you still have some work to do, but it is God who is working in you.
It doesn’t matter what the sin is. Don’t ever give up! .
Talk to Him today.... There is GRACE! .
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Thank you @iniitama for painting one of my favorite moment with Abba. God bless you sis.
Dear Papa,
Look at us😍. #thefathersdaughter #beholdingglory #asalittlegirl #hellopapa #lifechangingexperience #itsaloveaffair #thegospel #unconditionallove❤️ #iloveus

Happy birthday to our beautiful sister😍and client😉. Wishing you a day as sunny as this #vómè dress #ladyarchitect #queenmother #wifeofaking #thefathersdaughter #vómèwoman #vómèchic

Back To School. "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow" by Anthony J. D'Angelo.

So I will be here for the next few months to build my business and managerial skills.

I'm most thankful to God for this opportunity. Yes, #JesusDidIt #fullreward #GodsFavourite #thefathersdaughter Thank you @eyewumighereje
I will be back to share the full testimony, so watch this space for #MyBusinessSchoolStory But for now, read through the hast tags to get some insight into the gist.

#FullScholarship by #AfricanAmericanInstitute #EnterpriseDevelopmentCenter

I thought i wasnt good enough until i found someone perfect💕#thefathersdaughter #Godsfavouritegirl

Are you still half in on that project/Job/ business? Take a minute and evaluate where you stand and stop procrastinating. It is the death of all achievements. It also keeps you stuck in the same place, never advancing towards your goals.
You see, it’s very tempting to “take the easy way out", when you have an idea or project, but there are serious consequences. -
My advice: JUST DO IT!

In the end, all the thinking and procrastination won’t make any difference if you don’t just get on with it.
Send that email. Text that friend. Attend that team training. Start that project. Read that book. Record that song. Act out that drama script. Take that trip. Show up and participate!
Remember, no one has ever procrastinated their way to success, so start now, you can do it!
Wake Up and OWN YOUR LIFE! - Raquel
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