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Honestly whoever wore those cheetah print leggings/shoes is an absolute ICON.
(AT L E A S T GET THE BOOTS @trumanblack)
#the1975 #mattyhealy #HIGHFUCKINGFASHIONYALL

I'm hearing the inspiration😊
#the1975 #mattyhealy #georgedaniel #adamhann #rossmacdonald

thank you

Thoughts? These confessions are not mine. They are sent in by fans.
For the people who are struggling to read the text, it says "I was at their show last week, and Matty kept pointing at people and at one point he pointed at me, and ofc I smiled, buT THEN HE SMILED AND LAUGHED BACK I'M DIDBDJDBDJ I can't stop thinking about it"

so yesterday i saw the 1975 live for the first time and it was absolutely magical
q: have you ever been to one of their shows? if yes then what were your favorite songs to hear them play live? if no what songs would you be the most excited to hear them play?
(idk why but i think this so interesting, also soz for reposting i wanted to change the caption oops)

So good to me🌹#the1975

I was so shook when they played menswear the girl beside me had to ask if I was ok 😂 #the1975


ik i'm spaming but this is the last good one i have, promise lmao. i mean, they are my literal heroes, ofc i'm gonna post abt seeing them (i'm so fucking tempted to make my next tat a rly important line from them but, like, i already have a big ass the 1975 tattoo lmAO). also i'm sleepless and sitting in my garden and guess what i'm listening to. #the1975

About last night ♡
So I've been to a lot of concerts but @the1975 was the PRETTIEST !!!! An aesthetic masterpiece ♡ plus I kinda fell a tiny little bit in love with Matty.

T H E 1 9 7 5 / / E U R O P E A N T O U R 2 0 1 7 / /. #the1975 #girls #lovingsomeone #shesamerican #aesthetic #europeantour2017 #concert #concertsarelife #itsthelittlethingsinlife

fuck that make money #the1975

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