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-Drink some water. Staying hydrated will help.
-Get some food and take your meds. If you don't eat, your energy will be low.
-Open up some windows. Fresh air always is good for you.
-Take a shower/wash your face/brush your teeth. Freshening yourself up with help you feel more motivated to do things.
-Exercise. It will give you some energy and hopefully help you be more productive.

this is what I need: Matty on the cover of a magazine wearing a crop top
@ the world make this happen
#mattyhealy #the1975

This will forever be gold. #robbers #the1975

matty's saint laurent hoodie is $790.00 on ysl.com (you'd have to be crazy to buy that). anyways, thank you so much for 1.1k- that's insane :) what should I do in honour of reaching that many followers?
also, what is your favourite film? I need some new ones to watch.
#mattyhealy #the1975

i'm sad bc declan mckenna is playing five minutes from where i am now in about two weeks and i can't go bc of exams the next day and i have to then go back to london the same day πŸ’” #the1975 #mattyhealy

What was the last song you listened to? #the1975


You should be loving someone #the1975 #lovingsomeone #Monterrey

"They're just girls breaking hearts. Eyes bright, uptight, just girls."-The 1975 🎢🎫 #the1975 #BostonCalling

My f a v o r i t e #the1975

Guys i have so many of those memes and i dont know why

I see them in 6 days omg I'm so excited 😬#the1975 #mattyhealy #rossmcdonald #adamhann

I love my best friend❀️🌹 β€’
#ioncolorbrilliance #emo #emogirl #alternative #alternative #articfoxhaircolor #hottopic #cat #bmth #the1975 #articmonkeys #hairdyeaddict #black #bestfriends

The 1975 is amazing! πŸ’•πŸ•ΊπŸ»#bostoncalling #the1975

I was playing overwatch thinking it was like only 1am but then I checked and it's 3:30 oops. Lol and I said I would sleep early tonight

#bostoncalling #the1975

Mi amorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😍😍😍😍#the1975

How well do you know me? I'll ask questions and you write the answers in the comments (with numbers pls!) and the person with the most correct will get a shoutout and a spam ;) *please try to answer these without cheating but if you MUST, then you can TRY and search for the answers, wink wink*
1) what's my favourite colour?
2) how old am I?
3) who is my best BEST friend?
4) what is my favourite book?
5) what is one song that I like that is not by The 1975? (You can write any song and you'll know later if it's right or not)
6) what did I receive recently in the mail?
7) what did I used to get made fun of for?
8) what are my favourite pair of shoes called?
9) what was my last hamsters name?
10) when is my birthday (month and day)?
11) what are the names of the twins am I obsessed with?
12) am I all about positivity or negativity?
13) what is one thing that I really want to go to when I'm older? (It's a type of festival)
14) what did I make my friend for his birthday back in April?
15) what is my favourite day of the week?
16) what's my name?
17) how many dogs do I have and what kind of dogs are they?
18) what month did I see The 1975 back in 2016?
19) what do you love about my account? (Yes, I asked. There is no wrong answer. Be honest! You can't hurt me ;) )
20) what do you hate about my account? (Yes, I asked this too. There is no wrong answer. Tell meh bc I need feedback and be honest! It won't kill me)
Photo creds: idk
#adamhann #mattyhealy #georgedaniel #rossmacdonald #johnwaugh #the1975

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