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That's a wrap on #SDCC17. #The100

Thanks for surviving and thriving for the #CWSDCC takeover, @richardsharmon! #The100

i really miss these two alot
ib evilherself

Amazing poster😻
Credit: @ StefiGraph and @ Elewingsart (Twitter)

5.sezon fan yapımı poster!Çok güzel değil mi?😻
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Bob with a fan in San Diego. His smile 😍

Wish you all a good week
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I take my coffee how I love wearing my clothes . Black . 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💋Thanks @taraswennen @carolina_artista @josefryan @marialuciahohan24 @schutzoficial @aitch_aitch_ @cw_the100 @entertainmentweekly #the100

Babe sandwich 🍔 My #The100 bebs and I last night at the @entertainmentweekly party closing out party!! Finishing #Comiccon2017 with a bang! 💥💥💥 What an amazing weekend!! Thank you @thecw and @the100writers for making this weekend so special. We have such a killer team and such a killer show, I truly feel so grateful every day. Season 5 is going to be INSAAAAANE‼️‼️ I don't know how these writers do it, but I love every minute of it! #BestJobEver #SomeoneMassageMyFeetPlease #the100Season5 🤘🏼🙏💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯


Ive decided to restart this account. I'm going to post all my work again plus a couple of new pieces eventually. I'm also going to start taking commissions (which will be priced depending on the piece) I don't usually do any personal drawings (of family members etc, but may do eventually) but I can do them for family members etc, of course. My usual focus is TV/movie characters and "celebrities". I'm trying to get into doing colored pieces so I can broaden my skills, so currently everything is B/W. I would describe my style as semi-realistic and I also do cartoony pieces occasionally. Anyways! I will start re-posting soon and editing my profile/adding my email for commissions but for now feel free to DM if you want anything 😊 (don't even ask about the photo. Literally just a representation of my mind atm😂) #art #drawing #pencildrawing #commissions #commissionswelcome #illustration #blackandwhite #tv #movies #the100 #elizataylor #clarkegriffin


Time and space expanded and retracted at the same time. It felt as though my body was tearing a part as I burned through worlds.
I clenched my jaw and raised my gauntlets towards my face, pushing my body harder through the rush of this gateway. Bright lights blinded my vision and the sound of the universe roaring deafened my ears.
As I pushed further and further towards my destination, a thousand thoughts filled my head. I wondered what awaited me on the other side, if I had the strength to see this through. Lexa's image flowed through my mind, as though she was guiding me. She always saw the best in me, always reminded me of the power I carried. I had a duty to honour that.
There was something else that plagued me, a desire to answer a question from a long time ago. What had happened to my mother? Was she even still alive? Maybe in the process of defending my people I would finally find out the truth of her fate.
As the bright lights began to fade and the noise lessened, I could feel my body move with greater ease. A final flash of light and I had made it through to the other side.
I felt the texture of sand upon my hands and the heat of the sun on my back. Rising up from bended knee, I looked around at the world of mankind for the first time. Desert lands surrounded me, hot and arrid.
In the distance figures began to move forward, soliders with weapons that murderer my sisters. Adrenaline began to surge through my veins. Maybe it was my imagination or maybe it was an echo from a love now lost to me, that whispered on the breeze, "Stand tall. Show them what it means to be an Amazon." Within a second it faded away.
A smile played upon my lips as I drew Lexa's sword. She was with me, she would always be there in my heart keeping me strong as I readied myself for the battle to come.
I am Clarke of the Sky Clan, a warrior, an Amazon!

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A few things we learned about #The100Season5 during the panel with Jason, Eliza, Bob, Marie, Lindsey, Richard, Chris, Tasya & Dean.

1. The prisoners are from Earth, from our time, during the first apocalypse. They've been in hyper-sleep for 100 years.

2. Theme for S5 is #BattleforEden. The paradise where Clarke & Madi have been living, won't be big enough for everyone.

3. We will see how Octavia keeps the peace and what her special way was to punish those who don't fall in line.

4. Clarke's friends are like Madi's heroes since Clarke has told her so many stories about them.

5. Bellamy will help Clarke & Madi see that they have to do things different now. This leads us to believe they will be reunited early in the season.

6. After Lindsey said she would love for Raven to learn how to fight, Jason Rothenberg replied, "You will." Her reaction was priceless.

What are you most excited to see in S5?

Our amazing cast & crew start filming next month. I believe Jason said they've written 5 episodes so far. #The100 Season 5 is scheduled to premier early February. 2018. They wrap filming the end of February.

[ the 100 | xan oku quote ]
really proud of this edit💞
thank you for 2.8k!
q- who is your favorite out of these five?
a- raven
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"i was born in space, i've never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. none of us have."
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~post9~ Bellamy 😍 #bellamyblake #bobmorley #the100

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