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My latest #metalearth figure #optimusprime. So hard but so fun #thatswhatshesaid

Lovin this office hoodie #thatswhatshesaid #theoffice

I gave up on trying to make cute faces while working out a LONG time ago ✌🏼

Had an awesome time with col the conqueror and @hungrybearbne at the Buffalo bar taking on the Ron Jeremy 2 foot hot dog challenge. As you can see this was no ordinary hot dog! The sausages were a solid girth and full of flavour (that's what she said), topped with a very generous about of bacon and served on a French style baguette. Hungry bear took out the win in 8 minutes proving once again his hot dog prowess, I came in second with 9 mins and col finished right on the 10 minute buzzer. All 3 of us completing on time! This was actually Colins second dinner too!

#thatswhatshesaid lol 10 out of 10 meme right there

Having some wine while we make some executive decisions... aaannnnndddd watch rerun episode of ‘The Office’ 🍷
P.S Don’t mind my little booboo on my index finger 😒😩😫 #HesTheJimToMyPam #BearsBeetsBattleStarGalactica #PrisonMike #ThatsWhatSheSaid #CreedIsMyFavorite

Bomb as fuck but wish the meat was more plumper and thicker #thatswhatshesaid lmao #rawoysters #crawfish #eatthatrawshit

This week (make that this month) has me wishing I was back on island time // Raise your hand if you’re ready for a vaca 🙋🏻‍♀️ #honeymoon #messyhairdontcare #OConnellsSayOPA

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