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Thank you pareng @ogiealcasid and mareng @reginevalcasid @leilalcasid for watching the show last night! I appreciate the support 😍😄#thatswhatfriendsarefor❤️

Becky, can you trim my bangs?Becky, can you do my lip liner? Becky, can you take me to the bathroom and get out of this bodysuit? Becky, can you cut my @them_vibes tshirt like a badass? #thatswhatfriendsarefor❤️

That's what friends are for!!! #thatswhatfriendsarefor❤️ 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🎉😘 #loveyouall #meanit

There are times when life is just so messy and slightly out of control... like this arborvitae on our patio. But yesterday my artistic friend showed up with her tools of the trade... her clippers, her crazy sunglasses, mint green converse and goofy hat, and most importantly her infectious sense of humor, positive attitude and creative energy. As she worked like Edward Scissorhands, we laughed and talked about how our paths had crossed throughout our lives; my thoughtful husband made us drinks and dinner, and she slowly transformed a messy, overgrown arborvitae into a sculptural topiary, complete with braided stems. When she was finished I could finally see what she had seen all along. And a new view of the patio, gardens and house. I'm thinking there's a lesson here about looking at life with a creative eye. And how some blessed creatures are able to see beauty in everything, thereby opening our eyes too. Whether it's a friend, a parent, a child, a teacher, a spouse, a partner, a sibling, your faith, or the community of creative souls here on IG, we are so fortunate to have something or someone to help open our eyes to new vistas that may actually have been there all along! Have a wonderful evening all! ✨🌿🎨#edwardscissorshands #thatswhatfriendsarefor❤️#rosemary #gardenlife #gardensofinstagram

🎆Happy 4th of July!🎆
Me & hubby on the way to help Lee-Lee pack/clean for her next move.
#thatswhatfriendsarefor❤️ #thatswhatfriendsarefor
#happy4th #happy4thofjuly #Armylife

@elector_tomasa isn't slick. She ordered these glasses. Didn't like them and then "forgot" them at my house 😂😂😂 I thank ya kindly Bc I love them #thatswhatfriendsarefor❤️


Hope her age isn't supposed to be a secret! Bwahahahaha #50thbirthday #thebig50 #friendsparty #thatswhatfriendsarefor❤️

When you have the most wonderful friends a girl could ever ask for! #hsci #humanesocietyofcentralillinois #memorialforstuart #thatswhatfriendsarefor❤️ #animallovers

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