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Lil baby in yellow waving at her fans 👋🏼🤗 So proud of your hard work and dedication, @littlekristaatx !! A WHOLE marathon!! 👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #gogirl #proud #thatsmyroommate

When you win in double OT vs TCU!! Crazy game 99-98🙌🤘🏀#thisistexas #texasbasketball #texas #longhorns #thatsmyroommate #fistpump @travismalesky

I love you 💗 #thatsmyroommate

Happy Birthday Irma!!😊 Thank you for being the friend that always encourages me to not just to wanderlust but to actually make it happen! Thank you for sharing so many adventures with me since freshman year until the present. May God bless you on your 24th Birthday and may you continue to share your beautiful smile and kind heart with the world! 🌎#tomoreadventures #thatsmyroommate #thatsmyfriend #thatsmytravelbuddy #friendswhotraveltogetherstaytogether #friendswhogetfoodpoisoningtogether #chombas #shesgonnachangetheworld #❤️ #aquínomas #ecuador2016 #mexico2017 #peru2018

What kind of roommate would I be if I didn't embarrass you a little on your birthday?! 😄JESSICAA!! ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!! 🎉To put into words how much you mean to me..well that would be impossible. The friendship we have is far greater than what any words could describe. You have called out the greatness in me, pushed me to keep going, keep fighting when all I wanted to do was give up and laughed with me when I get slap happy and start acting crazy 😂The memories we've shared are going to be ones I'll never forget. You are resilient, brave and so beautiful ❤️I love watching you grow into the servant hearted woman of God that He created you to be. Can't wait to see you and give you the biggest hug ever because I miss you so much! 😘I love you! #thatsmyroommate #19

#thatsmyroommate Tomlinson and Pearl

Merry day after Christmas!! #ThatsMyRoommate #BunkBeds #ChristmasAtSea

Party time, excellent. #thatsmyroommate #christmasshenanigans

Big congrats to my fellow Arkansas boy on getting married! God bless Avery and Kailee Johnson! #GrownManStuff #ThatsMyRoommate

annual christmas picture 🎄
#year2 #thatsmyroommate

Colleen, thanks for sticking by me this year. Thanks for the laughs, the adventures and all the memories. Though today is not our friendaversary, today is a really special day because it showed me exactly who you were and how much I needed you by side. Look at us 💁🏻
#sistertransformation #thatsmyroommate #lookatus #sappy

hey @gracaline remember in Brooklyn 99 when the precinct was maybe going to be shut down and Rosa was really sad and Jake was like “it’s ok we’re obviously still gonna be friends even if we don’t work together” and then she felt better because she realized they were real friends and not just work friends? I liked that part. I also liked playing in orchestra with you and I’m sad you have to go student teach.
#thatsmyroommate #lasttime #grownups #gogetemtiger #brooklyn99

Baller alert #thatsmyroommate

Thankful for this goof! So blessed to have had her as my roommate. I appreciate all the crazy laughter to all the late night talks a ton! Can’t believe ya graduate this December!! Don’t know how I’m gonna live without ya!! #thatsmyroommate #loveHER #gonnamissher #BLESSED #whattababe

Cuddling up on a couch with my beer and my babe. 😘 #thatsmyroommate

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