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*i'm thankful for the many ways i can sit on steps 🙈🙉🙊 @heidikleinswim #HKEscapes #hoppedaflight #heldthosestepstoransom

Counting down the hours till date night like ⌚️. Also, random question- if I were to do a quick hair tutorial, would you prefer it to be on insta story or on an insta live? (I'd probably save it and post it on the blog later..if I don't mess it up 🙃) Let me know! #leannesdesigns (Details: Profile link > Menu > My Instagram) http://liketk.it/2rbgz

Mexico kisses 💗 @blakeysmalls

Oh, you know, just daydreaming about Magnolia and thinking about how I can convince Joanna Gaines to be my friend... Since I couldn't quite find her in Waco, maybe we can get her attention on here!
Double tap if you think @joannagaines would be an AMAZING guest on The Goal Digger Podcast! (Bonus points if you tag her below!) To me, she's the ultimate goal digger! 🙌🏻🙋🏼🌷

Join @puravidabracelets at Windansea Farms TOMORROW from 1PM to 7PM as we launch our brand new Airstream Pop-Up Shop!! Come celebrate while shopping local brands, fresh flowers and produce! 🌸🌼🌻 The first 500 people get a free Pura Vida Bracelet! Enjoy live music and live painting, as well as all of the new Pura Vida styles including exclusive tanks, tees, and hoodies. 🕶👚👕👗🎨 Coffee, snacks and refreshments provided including ICE CREAM AND FOOD TRUCKS!! ☕️🍨🍦 STOKED TO SEE YOU THERE!! 🎉🎉 || #WTFculture #WTFWKND #WTFstyle #darlingweekend #thatsdarling #liveauthentic #liveunscripted #girlboss #bossbabe #prgirl #prlife #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlswhoblog #puravida #puravidabracelets #costarica

What's the most money you've ever spent on a cup of coffee? #coffeenclothes #☕️👕 @audriestorme

Killer shoes 👠 Killer moves 💃

You know what I learned today? That bullies are bullies and they come in every shape, age and size. They try to take advantage of you at your most vulnerable and act in pretty awful ways. I don't like bullies, and I'm not in grade 5. While I won't go into details just yet, I am 100% fighting back, because that's the lesson I want my kids to learn. Document everything and stick up for yourself. Ok off my soap box and off to snuggle my fussy baby 🌸 #bullying #likeidonthavebetterthingstodo #adultsactinglikechildren


A couple weeks ago our bathroom flooded and leaked through the ceiling into the nursery while we were out of town (😑), but it's up and running again! 🙌🏼 Happy Friday! (rug is @francesloom!)

Imagine our surprise when we found all of these, on today's adventure among trees!

ICYMI: hokey pokey at #magickingdom #waltdisneyworld #disney

Because this blouse deserves an "ENCORE APPEARANCE" 🙌🏻And I haven't taken any new pictures 😬

Stunning photo of @witcherybooks rocking the #PrideAndPrejudice Book Band Headband! 👆And this photo also illustrates my plans for the weekend....📖....📖....📖 • Guys be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you aren't already subscribed—We're sending out a #MothersDay deal on Sunday! 💕
(P.S. Why can't my messy buns look that good? ☺) #weekendvibes

Just when I think he can't get any cuter, he starts drumming his hands and dancing to a City & Colour song and my heart just explodes.

We Love Our New Fun Summer Favorites! Tumblers, Cups, and Much More!!!! Available @jeansjavaboutique
#thehappynow #lookbook #Summer #sip #thehappynow #thatsdarling #inspiration #prettythings #wiwt #ootd #trending

This little guy really wants to be on the move! 💥🚗Today he conquered the bounce house with his sisters. I love finding him affordable fashion favorites like this @tenthandpine t-shirt and @thedoodlepants leggings. 😃✨ #mymommyscene

This girl is serious about changing out the god awful chandelier that has been hanging here since we bought our house. 16 foot ladder rented! Next up is my pretty, pretty light 😍😍 #naptime

"At night in my new bed, I turn off the light and listen to the sounds... and then think of my room in the village: so distant it seems impossible two places so far apart could exist in the same moment. And - where, I'm not sure - I fall asleep."
- Italo Calvino, "Love Far From Home" (1946)

#findyourpark #utah #ontheroad #keepexploring #liveauthentic #livefolk #lifeofadventure #theadventurehandbook #sheexplores #optoutside #thatsdarling #neverstopexploring #wildernessculture #wildernessmakesyoubetter #roamtheplanet #mytinyatlas #headedelsewhere #travel #exploremore

My first round piece complete. Not quite sure yet how to hang it without making my wall look like Swiss cheese, but I really love it. ✨

At the top of the Pebbles beach. Surigao del Norte | 2017

Have you caught up on today's post? It's all about blog makeover tips, including a bunch of helpful resources I've used throughout my blogging career. 💻

I've thrown on a navy 'Xander knit' over my FAVE 'Max jeans' for comfortable weekend perfection, as I race off to the studio this morning for a huge styling session with a beautiful group of friends who are flying in from interstate!

They're flying into Melbs, hopping in a cab, & heading STRAIGHT to our studios, & I've gotta be honest, ... I love a group of gals who has their priorities straight! 😝😂

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