Hi guys! I’ve been sick recently and the doctors don’t really know what’s wrong with me 😢
Other than that, I am still enjoying being difficult when mommy tries to take photos of me! ☺️ ☺️

The face made when mom says tomorrow’s Monday 🤯

The squirrel outside was way more intriguing for kaiser🐿💭 #selfiesunday

Always being handsome📷

Just relaxing #slowsunday

if i told you about a land of endless pommy cuteness, would you follow me and come? 🗺🐻💗 #worldexplorer #ontopoftheworld

Happy lazy Sunday, everyone! Anyone else turn on the AC really cold just to be able to burrito up in blankets? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #ForeverSnuggling #Puprito 🐶🌯
For more videos, see hashtag #heyyybenjiclips

I like long walks by the water 🐾

July 13th 💍💗 - yesterday was friday the 13th of july. it was a very important day to us, as it was mommy’s and daddy’s 10th anniversary and 5th wedding anniversary. 👰🏼🤵🏻 #timeflies
when you can do the maths you will see that mommy and daddy got married before they added us to the family, which means there were no wedding pictures with us at all (you see what’s wrong there 🤨) so mommy and daddy simply got in their wedding clothes again and took new pictures with us as a family here in france 😍

Back when Winston still wasn’t sure about the 2 new additions🤔

Rainy Saturdays consist of mid morning naps and Netflix with mom🎮

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