I may or may not be listening to Christmas carols right now 🎄☃️❤️🎶 #dontjudge 😂 So in honour... #tbt this was meeeee in NYC circa 2015 surrounded by Christmas goodness with my dear friend the Rockefeller Tree in the b/g 🎄❤️
I was there for 2 months living with @arlenejoyb and @wlynnr writing @_thedreamsco (which by the way I ammmmm relaunching again soon, just taking my sweet time coz as some of you know it’s been an insanely cray year for me 😎) — anyway these 2 months in NYC were so sweet.
I even bought a Christmas tree (and squealed the whole way home) and surprised @arlenejoyb).
And every night I walked 20 blocks home from Columbus Circle to W80th St under snowflake lined Columbus Avenue ❄️ past all the Christmas tree stands (and yes of course I was pretending I was in Hallmark movie).
Made such special memories.
Basically lived at @tavernonthegreen and @theplazahotel, drinking cups of tea (#thatsallicouldafford 😉) writing there everyday.
I remember in Melbs when I first had the thought to go, I knew I WANTED to do it, I just didn’t think I could.
I couldn’t shake it.
Couldn’t get rid of the niggling passion.
So I thought “stuff it.”
I pushed through the fear and the “what ifs” and I did it anyway.
Sometimes when your passion for something is SO great, you’ve got to let THAT be your guide and just go for it.
And hey New York is always a good idea, right? 🗽
Our PASSIONS are the clues to our PURPOSE.
So what are you waiting for? 😜
#timeforadventure #yourpassionsaretheCLUEStoyourpurpose #nyc #14timesisstillnotenoughthough 😉

The best meat that's been in my mouth ;)
#japan #osaka #kobe #beef #meat #thatsallicouldafford

Finally had time to get #mrsshimo her Louis Vuitton Christmas present. The best thing about this, the catalog is free!! Thank you to the wonderful and patient staff for wrapping this for her! #bonus #shedoesntdeserveabaganyway #itsthethoughtthatcounts #shebetterloveit #lookbutdonttouch #shecanlookatallthebagsshelike #shegoinggivemecracks #thatsallicouldafford

Pretty pleased with my Harrod's purchase 🍩 #donut #thatsallicouldafford #chroniclesofthedonut

😫😫😫 My baby is 21 ❗️❗️ where did the time go Lord? I love you @ittybitty_ke You are my Everything...and I mean that from the top and bottom of my heart. #1drinkMaximum #beresponsible #pleaseTakecareofmybabyy'all #sheGotacheck #inthemail #pop1bottle #thatsALLicouldafford #sistaCousinChild ❤️❤️❤️

Helloooo J. Crew sale! #seersuckerhat #thatsallicouldafford

Waiting for my mom outside the mall. I still can't get used to my "new" car. #thatsallicouldafford #fordka

Counting skrillahs at work and this is what pops up... @jaolemama @lokomaikai78 @amrqz @beky_beky @netty2pualaga

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