HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this pud. Don’t worry I took it easy on ya... Give her a shout out she loves attention.. | #thatsalie #imightbesingle

we've been friends for so long, i can't remember which one of us is the bad influence #thatsalie #sheisthebadone #saraohneh #bestie

Had a great time celebrating the newly minted Mr. & Mrs. Kris Gervat! Beautiful venue with an awesome view. My sidekick ain’t too bad either 😉. Best of luck and happiness to the new couple! #wedding #countryclub #golfcourse #wife #sunset #nofilter #thatsalie #manyfilters #sundayfunday #congratulations #mrandmrs

Got to see👉🏼 this guy! 💁🏼‍♀️🙈😝 I missed ya butt! Never a dull moment... 😘 #missedyou #gohome #comeback #justkiddingnotkidding #Hatetoloveyou 😜 #wereSane #thatsalie 😂 #gotmydose 💞

He said he wasn’t Hungry... 🤔 #THATSALIE

A place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called Aspen.

The Petit’s passed! And we got these shiny new pins that almost completely justify the amount of wine we drink.

#gladthatsover #whiskeyanyone #icantbelieveipassed #certifiedsommelier #notdrinkingwineforawhile #thatsalie

Sugar is sweet, Lemons are tart, i love you more then a u n i c o r n fart 🦄
#melbournewhyyousocold?! #beanieweather #thecoldneverbotheredmeanyways #thatsalie #melbourne #selfie #smile #rippedjeans

I’m exhausted! Spent the morning chasing this amazing woman around the Green Bay marathon course. I’m considering maybe running it next year. #ThatsALie Well done, Sara Schmidt!

My room looks like some bullshit straight outta Pinterest. 😂😂. And I couldn't care less. Now my OCD can rest because I have level lighting all around my room and its soft watts so its easy on the eyes at night. #MyBatcave #NotYours
#StraightOuttaPinterest #BasicBitchShit #WheresMyPumpkinSpiceLatte #GotMySweatPantsAndUggs #ThatsALie #IFuckingHateUggs

Tara’s clothes were still fab by the end of the night.... #thatsalie

The parentals say they dont like dogs. #thatsalie #puppylove

James. Jamie. Hutch. *JAMESIE*. I have so much love for you, and there’s no way I can even begin to express it. Whether it’s chats by fireside or long distance telephone calls, fighting over the La Ceiba moneybox or going through bouts of LC inspiration together, watching Netflix on a couch or actually turning up to bars/clubs (much to the dismay of our inner old men), you have always been such a pleasure to have around. You aren’t afraid to set me straight or call me out, and you always push me and inspire me to be my best self. I have enjoyed growing with you these past years and I have been so honored to witness some memorable milestones in your life, and I look forward to being there for so many more, since we all know you are going to continue to change the world with everything you do. Today I got to stand by your side as you married the love of you life, and I’m so honored to be a part of your special day.
Tyler (@g00sesmith ): as I’m sure you know by now (and if not, just refer to the sap fest above), I hold James very high in my book, and I used to think no one would ever be good enough for him, but you’ve managed to capture my heart shorty after capturing his, and I’m so happy that he found someone that makes him as happy and whole as you do. Not only do I love you for being the perfect match for my boy Jamesie, but you are such an amazing kindhearted person and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the years, and I look forward to growing old with the two of you ;) The very recent photos of us clean and well dressed will eventually show up to the internet, so I figured I’d share one of us sandy and muggy in the outer banks circa...2012?
Also writing this after spending an evening at a wedding, reception, and open bar, sorry/not sorry for the sappy rambles.

We did more than just eat this trip 👍🏻 #thatsalie #waitforthefoodpornpost

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