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I don't need to tell you that people are half of what makes the journey great. But I do feel I'd like to write home on that subject more than I do. It's easy looking back to get caught up in the magnificence of all the waterfalls, mountains, and starry nights. But don't forget to take a second and look to your side, because hopefully you'll see the reason why this experience is that much greater than what'd it be alone.

- No matter how strong are you, only you know how you felt for yourself. The harder you try the more obstacles coming by. That’s cycle of being us; Yourself your truly enemy.
“ Quit hating and trying to be like next men. Get up on your own grind and be yourself, whether you gotta hustle how hard was it. "
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Magic bus ✨

Pure gold!
Photo by @devon_loerop
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Taste of summer.
Nothing compares to days spent at the coast. Racing to catch sunset, climbing along cliff sides and dancing around empty beaches.
Could not be more thankful for this past week, with my absolute favorite human, absorbing all the suns energy and loving on alllll the cute pups.
Blissed out & only slightly burnt ;-)

The happiest running partner!

Sunrise at Seljalandsfoss. Iceland. From a very cold morning on a day where the sun was up for 5 hours.

Signs that spring is here:
- my bedtime wardrobe has gone from thick socks, two pairs of pants, a flannel, and a heated blanket to bare feet and a T-shirt
- I have a terrifically splotchy sunburn from sitting out on my deck for a whopping 20 minutes
- everyone keeps saying it

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