Parenting pics that don't require words....
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Worked all day, stopped in home to change my clothes and headed out again...got all the way to the traffic lights in Douglastown before I realized I am wearing my slippers! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #thatkindofday #nuknuks

Monday FEELING 💫🍂🍃
I felt overwhelmed today. I wanted To get things done. Lot of things i was happy To accomplish. I was feeling i gave up on my projects lately. I have so many good ideas but i felt i was not putting the actions.
Sure I did nice things today . I went studying with my good friend To a cofeeshop. Had an incredible cake and latte. I found what i was looking for in a healthy foodstore. I made An amazing vegan lasagna. I was quiet happy about it. I watch a very interesting documentary. .
But.I had the feeling of disapointement of myself.Somehow. I was mad and sad about my day. I wanted To be back to The moment on this picture. In nature
Happy. Inspired. .
I knew i needed To do something about it. I watched videos. Social.medias. Had an orange juice. Got depressed a little.bit.
To finaly have the idea To just turn on my essentiel oil diffuser, turn off the light and breath. Meditation always puts me back on track. Even if at the moment i think nothing can change my mood. .
I then started To write about my feelings.
I also wrote a list of things that make me feel good usually. At some point i wrote : going to the spa.
I thought well i cannot go now. But what if....?The idea of putting my feet in warm water 'brought me To life'. Immediately i was happy Again. The thought of relaxing with my feet deeping in a hot feet bath made my day.
The point is I could have beat myself up.
I could have done nothing about my feelings. But i decided To LISTEN.
I ACKNOWLEDGED my current mood and instead of givin up, i took a deep breath and tried To find a way to be back at my normal inspired self state..
It worked.20 min ago i was thinking nothing could change my feeling of failure.
Now i feel.great. Again. My mind is calm. My feet are.cleaned haha and i wrote a caption.
There are no bad days. Just challengin ones.so GRATEFULL for my day. And eyes oppening moment. .
Inspired by #katefruitflower caption .
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[288/365] Dye transfer from the ribbing of another sweater during blocking. At least it’s on the back of the sleeve? #sigh #knittingproblems #blockingproblems #sweaterknitter #notgonnarip #toolazy #thatkindofday #mustbemonday

She just grew too fast for me 😢😢😄😄🐶💖🍁
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