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Stayin' glassy @fsoahu 🌊
Last day of relaxing pool side with @craigcole_ before heading into a 6-day client photoshoot 📸🍕🍜🍺🍔🍳

✳️🌀♥️🍋🦄 Flashback to this little bit of the rainbow. #happycactusembroidery

Good morning starts from picnic? Why not? 🙌🏻💚// Доброе утро! ✨ Я поняла, что снимать видео на природе, да и ещё с небольшим пикничком - приравнивается к счастью 💚(ну потому что можешь совмещать что-то полезное и есть):) Рассказывайте, как ваше утро? Сколько уже чашек кофе? Хорошего дня, ребят 🙌🏻
#belinsta #breakfast #picnic #summertime #fruits

I forgot to wear my glasses today. Remembered the gym kit, shower bag, clothes for dinner, camera charger, iPhone cable, even the salt spray for my hair... but I forgot my glasses. So I can't see, and I also keep smacking myself in the face because I keep trying to push my glasses up my nose but they're not there 🙈😂

Added this vitamin c serum to my daily routine and loving it so far! @ursamajorvt

И спасибо всем тем, кто мигал дальним светом, принимая ответный сигнал этим летом, и так любит рисковать.
Вам всем, мои люди. Спасибо ❤️

in my element

boots and ladders .. like the hasbro game, only different.
ps.. @skandia you are a photo goddesss


Curls, curls, curls. 💁🏽

Looking for my main squeeze 🍋

Zen. Good Morning. #LifeisSweet #MyPensandLens

Last Friday I crawled into a corn field with Abbey and I am so excited to share these images with you!! They are on the blog link in bio!! #beckyfrancesphotography


Dirty pretty things ✨

Just finished another great book under the wire ✔️ #literaryladiesclub see you tonight!

Shared 8 morning habits that will change your life, on my blog! 💛

Bebida mais que perfeita! Super refrescante e o melhor... sem açúcar e sem calorias!
Love this stuff and the best part: no sugar or calories... Just perfect!

When you're trying to find a normal head shot but can only come up with pink and palm. You roll with it! Hey, this is normal me, hi!


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