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Тот вечер, когда пересматриваешь фотографии всего недельной давности, где твоё лицо было симметричным и не опухшим. Смотришь, такой, смотришь. А потом - бамболейо, надеваешь самую широкополую шляпу в доме и гонишь на вечеринку. Пусть и по случаю 4-летия друга твоей дочери. И пусть черешня в рот не пролезает, зато сыр порезали так тонко, что он входит норм. Так что что? Налаживается жизнь! Налаживается!
За фото меня и пионов красивых спасибо бест оф зе бест @lunachelesta. Ох, детка, наснимали мы огня!
И вам вечера, как водится, отличного. Да что там отличного! Охуенного! И спишем этот моветон на действие обезболивающих 😜

Whoever said size doesn't matter has never had this XXL #XiaoLongBao from @dumplingtime_sf

Finally (!!!) finished this piece I've been working on for months. I experimented with some large and intricate floral motifs to fill the 11" x 11" space and enjoyed exploring new textures and pushing myself to create more complex designs. It will now be made into a pillow for its new owner - who just happens to be my grandmother! #happycactusembroidery #dspink

It's Friday!!! Enjoying a drink by the pool because why not! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #tropangselect #piliinanggusto #select #tibaytanduay #declaration #drinks #drinksbythepool #pool
📷: @nicotinized

My free video workshop is open! 🎥🎨👉Register for it (link in Bio👆)and get into your studio and paint!😘🎨Leave comments below. Let me know if you❤️the workshop😘

can u believe they named a whole state after flo rida???

You know I couldn't miss out on a single pressing of HFK. 🙄
And my box set arrived last night so keep an eye on my channel this weekend to see what's inside. 📦

How have I not shared these first birthday photos from this spring. I photographed Piper when she was a newborn and they were some of my favorites, and then this session happened😍 You know I've always dreamed of having a family of all girls so I loved living vicariously through this one!!



I've been busy this morning doing all the things all the time again! But I'm loving it so much. We now have a Color Crush Creative Club! You can find the link for it in the blog or search Facebook. Once a week we are doing a Friday Connections post to share our artwork and links. I'm hoping this group turns into a fun supportive place to hang out and talk about all things color and art! 😀 By the way, I totally want to try this project that @allevatojm created by collecting all her colorful supplies and photographing them. So beautiful all together!

Мораль недели: В жизни важно не просто все попробовать, но и кое-что попробовать не попробовать. Правда к этому надо ещё прийти )
Всем жаркой пятницы🔥

Hold him a little longer,
Rock him a little more.
Tell him another story
(You've only told him four).
Let him sleep on your shoulder,
Enjoy his happy smile.
He is only two and a half
For such a little while.
. .
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Photo credit @misshunibuni

Happy Friday, hope it's sweet! #AlmostWeekend 🐻🍬🐻

My productive Friday mornings are always on point when I start my day in a cute lil' corner, a good cup of coffee and my @montelliercanada sparkling water👌🏻 How about you? #heymacaplaces #meetmontellier #madebycanada #partner #prettyplaces

One of my favorite parts of a wedding? Dessert, of course! I have to admit that I'm partial to creative takes on cake, like this one from @catalystwedco's #outoftheboxchallenge. This stunner by @rebekahnaomicakedesign came from the D.C. team comprised of planner @eclecticfete, photographer @candacenicolephotos, hair and make-up artist @anitra.natalia, and the venue @eatfarewell. Be sure to pop back tomorrow to see this cake's surprise twist that is perfect for #pride weekend.

Ringware vases, Madagascar vases, Ringware bud vases - such a beautiful selection at @theplantbarnandgifts in Chico, California! Which one is your favorite?

🌞 I have to give my kiddos credit that they do a pretty good job of shutting the doors, but with the frequency of going out or conversations at the front door this summer, well bugs are bound to make it in at some point. 🌞
#ad #stickwithzevo Recently I was made aware of a convenient as well as noise free product called the ZEVO Flying Insect Trap, which was developed to help families eliminate indoor pests. Head to the front page of funlearninglife.com for all the product details as well as my review! @zevoinsect
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💙❤️🌟 happy holiday!

I had my tooth extracted at the beginning of the month. And I couldn't wait for the 30 days to be over, but someone sure looks happy to be back on the saddle. Cycling and good coffee is always a good idea. #bikecebu #girlbikelove

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