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This is the astonishing view from the top of the Duomo in Florence, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore!
I have this terrible fear of heights! But, for some strange reason, when I have a camera in front of my face, the fear goes away! Thank goodness, or I would not have been able to get this shot which required leaning over and looking DOWN.
Happy Wednesday, everyone!!!

❄️Today’s snow day is giving me plenty of time to pack the essentials for vacation.👜
✅Essential Oils
✅Desert Mist Diffuser
✅Chi Blowdryer + Diffuser
Can’t wait to ✌🏻out of NY...but we’ll still be in winter weather😳 the bright side celebrating our anniversary AND eating #ALLTHELOBSTER!🦐
I am also that person that packs an obscene amount of socks & underwear bc what if there’s a flood? Or you pee your pants? Or you step in something wet wearing socks? These absurd worries have never REALLY happened, but it’s like I need to make sure I have enough socks & underwear #forlife. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️
What are your essential must-haves when packing for your trips? And what insanely quirky but lovable packing craziness do you do? xoxo, Becky

And I will have to leave soon! Luckily my love @michael.m.winter awaits me on the other side of the world, otherwise...😍

☀️This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before. | maya angelou

harvard’s historic buildings, several of which date back to the 18th century still stand today. yes time travel is possible.

Taking a moment to calm my tits 🤣 What a day! Thank goodness for the gift of Instastories to share such events 🤣🤪 If you want one of these bad boys, link is in my bio. Last post of the week tomorrow as this kid has plans Friday 💁‍♀️ ps. We are still not allowed to talk about my hair #humpdayindeed

Photos @eleanor.davies

Мне пожалуйста солнце!⛅️

Buti hindi nag-sink yung bangka namin, pero nagsisink-in nang tapos na ang bakasyon. Sana din wala nang singkong madagdag sa transcript ko. 😞 📷 @peyzamora

Pale as a ghost I am. Get me to sunny Spain already! 😩☀️
January is starting to grate on me now. I’m eagerly waiting on Feb 1st, when my “new year new start” will get s kick up the bum!

C’mon @plochmans - I know you weren’t using genetically engineered ingredients in your original recipe 😱 .
Though I applaud your decision to label your GMOs allowing consumers to make an educated decision. 🙌🏼
#whatsinyourfood —— #bewell #eatrealfood #chooselove 💚🌎🍴

a little birthday adventure at @tyntesfieldnt then tea #homeisacupoftea ☕️ ♡

Likte så godt denne buketten, med roser og noen «kaktus-aktige vekster» med snø på... ❄️🌹❄️ Ønsker dere en fin kveld 🌹

I'm trying to gain weight at the moment - which is next to impossible for me. The only way I can gain weight is by gaining muscle. We all have different bodies, goals, metabolism etc. Putting on muscle is simple in theory: Take in more calories than you burn and lift weights. Thanks to the amazing trainers in the YMCA Sandymount I'm now following a customised training programme (as well as my usual daily yoga practice) and my calorie intake is approx 3.5-4.5k per day (eating a significant amount of food - mainly nutrient dense foods) and believe me it's not as easy as it may sound. I've introduced two shakes per day - a healthy, muscle-building super shake at breakfast which is full of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals that’s easy to make and quick to drink and a bedtime shake (these are not included in my calorie intake). This mornings muscle building protein shake is made with:
Full-Fat Unpasteurised Cows Milk, Large Scoop of @optimumnutrition_ie Serious Mass, @paddyoscereals Irish Oats, Spinach, @nutterlynutritious Almond Butter, Chia Seeds, Banana, @newgrangegold Camelina Oil, Egg Whites, Mixed Berries, Apple, Full-Fat Greek Yoghurt. Throw it all in the blender & blend. Voila😍👌🏻 📸📸📸
#recipe #inmykitchen #greensmoothie #superfood #cheatclean #bodyfuel #vitamins #dublindaily #foodasmedicine #dublinfoodie #delicious #yummy #eeeeeats #musclefood #leanandstrong #gains #fromscratch #healthysnack #plantpower #guiltfree #keto #immuneboost #bbg #nutrition #balancednotclean #acv #seekthesimplicity #thatauthenticfeeling #gaintrain

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