possible book titles...which one is your fAvorite? new ones are welcomed in the comments🤘
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it is so important to go to a therapist that you connect to and treats the issues that you struggle with.
for instance, with OCD, it is highly important to go to a therapist that is trained in ERP (erp is the gold standard for ocd, but other treatments like ACT or DBT are also great!!) also if you get a therapist you don’t vibe with, you probably are less likely to open up/get up and to be blunt, is a waste of your money.
never feel obligated to see a therapist if they are not working out for you, do research and go shopping around until you find a therapist that best fits your needs
I know this is hard because not everyone has the funds or resources to do something like this and that breaks my heart as EVERYONE should have access to a quality therapist.

#maryjanesteinmann So my dear friends the day is getting closer and closer to 27 this month it starts then I go to this clinic and you burnout to treat a depression now I am scared a year, nothing has happened and I have away from my own I there is no day where i am not crying or sad my doctor tells me that my therapist has been accompanying me for 1 year i have just turned the switch on i asked him why he could not give me an answer he means from childhood till now is too much happened what I probably have not processed for my youth until 2012, I was also anorexic I've got alone under control but only when my ex-husband moved out was that over I've stopped vomiting but the thoughts of the food what still disgusts me is still there is also a thing that has never been treated but now first my burnout and my depression have priority because I forgot eat too much at the moment too much stress what you have unfocused listless I myself did not notice my family but understood she did not then I have so far quite a rocky path behind me and even in front of me how long the stay goes I have not yet been four weeks separated from my dog ​​for four weeks I have never been so far and now I am very sad it depends on how long the treatment lasts I do not want to be dependent on medication because of me know how my body handles it not just good I am a kamedi who gets what is written in the slip of paper before that I am afraid and nobody can take that at the moment I wish you all a nice Friday greetings from Warrick and Mary Jane from Germany I will give you this advice if you need help 🇺🇸🇩🇪 #Everthing #in #life #takes #time #and #that's #me #and #my #dog 1000% #real 🙏🙏🙏

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