Can you feel the energy? ⛰❤️ Prédikálószék (The Preacher’s stool) in the Pilis mountains is one of my favourite spots in Hungary😍 Nature is here to give us everything we need, we just need to listen🙏🏼 If you’d like to tune to this frequency just open up and receive🙌🏼 #thankyouworld #thankyouuniverse #1111 #2222 #energyhealing #higherfrequency #higherconsciousness #wearetheworld #wearenature #infinitebeing #fifthdimension #synchronicity #predikaloszek #pilis #❤️hungary #hungary #naturephotography #duna #dunakanyar #riverview #lovely #pachamama

Wonderful world 🌍🌷
Wonderful South Africa
Thank you for these roses.
#niceeveningathome❤️ #letsstartmyweekend #daysoffwork #thankyouworld

A caminho da
Vídeo @joaoafonsobras 💖 obrigada meu amigo 💖
Vestido designer Lúcia Fonseca @foreversnoivas 👗 maquilhagem @liacardosomakeup 👁️👀 Cabelo @eduarda50abreu 💇
#fashionistastyle #streetstyle #thankyouworld

Sunlight.... Such a simple thing but brings me so much joy 🙏🙏🙏🙏😘 vitamin d woo hoooo 🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏#summertime #sunshine #vitamindintake #thankyouworld #blessed 🌍🌍🌍🙏🙏🙏

This week I got my knee stuck in a railing. In public. By myself. 🖐🏻 #thankyouworld 😒🌍✨

Look how far we done came in a world that’s designed to take whatever you chew and spit it right back at you ! This world is designed to tell you NO ! And I am not doing achieving my goals in life but for what I have achieved I can only thank god for , God was with me through it all , I am not worried about anything / I am not fearing any man , my eyes have seen glory road and I plan on staying there #thankyougod #thankyouworld

No words needed. Beautiful weekend in books. #thankyouworld

Wow! So many pictures! Maybe I'll find more later... The most dreamy night at the benefit for @geffenplayhouse last night. Celebrating two magical musical brilliant gentlemen who mean the world to me:
Dick Van Dyke and Lin-Manuel Miranda!
I got to serenade them with Jolly Holiday/ Chim Chim Chiree/ Dear Theodosia 🎶❤️🎶
It was so wonderful to meet so many heroes and new friends during a night of awesome performances and stories! Now to take the good vibes from backstage to beyond the theater walls!
#feellikecinderella #stillflying #dreamsandmemories #theater #marypoppins #regipoppins #love #thankyouworld #greatartists

SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH to smile about!!!

So Doha is reinventing itself as an important higher education hub in the Middle East so I decided to check it out! The @qatarnationallibrary that newly opened in November 2017 is definitely an underrated highlight. The architecture is both pristine and humbling, and the atmosphere is open and enlightening. I spent a whole afternoon here charging my phone and digging up books on travel and cats! There’s a section for EVERYTHING - 10/10 totally recommend!
@qatarfoundation @visitqatar

Your attitude of gratitude thought for the day... <3 <3 #gratitude My life is nowhere near perfect. I have stressful days. I have breakdown days. I have days where I just want to hide under the covers! And every day I can thing of SO many things that are wonderful in my life that I’m truly grateful for. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing.
A long ago therapist once told me that life happens while you’re busy making other plans. Unfortunately that is so true for so many. They miss out on what they have because it’s not what they expected. Love your life now and be grateful! Don’t miss out on this wonderful life because you expect it to be some other way. #illovemylife #livefortoday #enjoythejourney #thankyouworld

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