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Almost down 40lbs..Only 30 more until I reach goal, but hopefully I hit 20 lbs before Cody gets home. #weightloss #healthyliving #thankyouwhole30 #overhalfway #determined

Remember last year when I took pictures of my outfit every morning? The 1 year transformation photos are insane (let's not forget I had already lost 35lbs on the left)!! Same shirt and skirt, not the same me! #thankyouwhole30 #lifeafterwhole30 #amazontransformation

No matter my size this guy has been by my side and has loved me the same through each phase. 15 years ago today he asked me to be his girlfriend... and the rest is history! Lots of memories made and many more to make with our sweet little family. We started dating when we were 15 years old, sadly I thought I was "fat" back then 🙄. We went to college together which is where my weight gain started (alcohol & late night food)... I feel like I was constantly on a "diet" for 10 years of my life. Obviously not very successful ones because the habits didn't stick around & I would always gain back the weight I lost plus gain extra... it's a vicious cycle. I'm very happy with where I am right now & I don't feel like I'm "on a diet" but rather "this is the way I eat MOST of the time". #iamwhole30 #whole30 #15yearanniversary #thankyouwhole30

Forever serious at @oldnavy shopping for a bathing suit.
And then Autumn smashed the shopping cart into me in the dressing room. Never a dull moment. #latergram #thankyouwhole30 #whole30homies

#transformationtuesday one left: 2011 & I thought healthy eating was choosing the reduced fat Cheez-Its. On the right: 2015 & 2 #Whole30 rounds later. #thankyouwhole30

I'm not in leggings and actually wearing jeans. It's a Christmas miracle!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 #thankyouwhole30

Beating the heat by the pool with my love #hotwifehappylife #floridaliving #sexyinstripes #thankyouwhole30 @jojosell

And not to mention I looked and felt fantastic in my new dress 😍 #thankyouwhole30

What a difference in the years, #thankyouwhole30


Left: Jan 2016 Right: Nov 2017.
It’s just amazing to me the difference almost 2 years can make. Today Im very grateful for a lot of things: for change, for the person I’m becoming, for learning how to love myself, for people encouraging me along the way, for this crazy opportunity to help others do the same, and for my husband-who loved me even when I didn’t know how to love myself. Life is hard. It’s important you have a cheering crowd in your corner. One that is uplifting and encouraging and not the opposite. You deserve to be healthy, happy and confident while having that cheering crowd by your side the entire time. Don’t settle. Keep moving forward. Cut that negativity out of your life. You deserve only the best. Don’t settle. #healyourself #wholefood #whole30 #lifeafterwhole30 #thankyouwhole30 #iamwhole30 #selflove #loveyourself #beyourself #foodisfuelnottherapy #youarewhatyoueat #youareworthit #ificandoitsocanyou #paleo #paleomama #paleoish #transformationtuesday #transformation #transformyourself #yourebeautiful #keepmovingforward

So I was super excited to have time to try out my @savvymineralsmakeup! This was my first try and I was kinda proud! THEN I got in my van and my second born goes "You look like a circus girl!"
Ummm...really! I didn't know I was channeling Mimi from Drew Carey! Thanks kid! Kids make ya humble and maybe a little like WHAT the WHAT dude!
So between that and grocery shopping 6 kids deep the CALM roller (10 drops Valor and Frank) was NEEDED! Give me ALL the momma tools! And thank you @whimsyandwellness for the rollerbottle!!!
#welloiledchaos #momtrepreneur #momboss #savvymineralmascara #savvymineralsmultitasker ##savvymineralseyelinerbrush #savvymineralslipgloss #mombun #mychinsareshrinking #thankyouWhole30 #maybedoingmoreselfies😂#mommaof6

Here’s a little #transformationtuesday for ya.
When I started this journey, I was so insecure and cared far too much about what people thought about me. All I knew is that I was fed up with how I was, and I needed to change that. As I began to change my mind and then my body, I had people try to bring me down. People close to me who I didn’t think would ever do something like that. I’ve been called all sorts of names, I’ve been told I’m obsessive about food, that I need to be careful I don’t develop an eating disorder, all sorts of other things. But here’s the thing- I’m healthier and happier mentally, emotionally, and spiritually than I have ever been. For once, I’m making HEALTHY choices in my life and it has reflected that in my appearance. Hate all you want, call me all you want, I’m happy and I hope you can be too. I know jealousy has played a role in a lot of those people’s comments, but for once, those comments just roll off my back and it feels so good. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for healing yourself and being healthy and happy. If they can’t handle it, maybe they need to look deeper at themselves. Love yourself. Heal yourself. You’re amazing. Be passionate. Be kind. ❤️😘 Personally, I will never stop striving to help others transform their minds and bodies like I have. 💪🏻 #mamawardgetsfit #mamawardswholekitchen #foodismedicine #foodisfuelnottherapy #foodheals #eatclean #nutrition #happyhealthymama #youarestrong #youdeservethebest #youarewhatyoueat #youareworthit #hatersgonnahate #eattherainbow #thankyouwhole30 #whole30results #lifeafterwhole30 #iamwhole30 #whole30 #wholefood #whole30approved #healyourself

Good morning! Results for #whole30 Round 2 are in!🤓
I took measurements on 9/11 and then this morning. A loss of 9.5 inches all around (waist, bust, thighs, arms, and hips) and down 5 pounds! Very pleased with all this!! For those who give a shit my total weight loss as of today is 45.6!! 🎉🎊 #makingchanges #makingbetterchoices #changingforthebetter #thankyouwhole30

Good morning! Results for #whole30 Round 2 are in!🤓
I took measurements on 9/11 and then this morning. A loss of 9.5 inches all around (waist, bust, thighs, arms, and hips) and down 5 pounds! Very pleased with all this!! For those who give a shit my total weight loss as of today is 45.6!! 🎉🎊 #makingchanges #makingbetterchoices #changingforthebetter #thankyouwhole30

Slightly obsessed with these new jeans I just picked up (the black 9" high rise skinny) from @madewell . I haven't bought new jeans in a looooooong time and this whole new high waisted trend is making me very happy! And yes...I'm down a size since before my September Whole30(ish). #momjeans #jeans #thankyouwhole30 #downasize

The picture on the right popped up as a memory from exactly 2 years ago. (Picture on the left is from yesterday!) This is just crazy to me. This is the power of good nutrition! So. Much. Has. Changed. Don’t doubt your self. You are incredibly capable of anything you set your mind to. Don’t stop dreaming. Keep pushing to be better, feel better, and live better. YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT! Don’t let failure be an option. ❤️
#progressnotperfection #keepmovingforward #facetofacefriday #transformation #ificandoitsocanyou #youareworthit #youarecapable #youarestrong #selflove #loveyourself #thankyouwhole30 #iamwhole30 #whole30coaching #mamawardswholekitchen #mamawardgetsfit #recoveringsugaraddict #lifeafterwhole30 #foodheals #foodisfuelnottherapy #healthymindhealthybody #foodismedicine

The jeans on the bottom were tight in July. The jeans on top, I bought yesterday and fit like a glove. #thankyouWhole30 #downtwopantsizes

know what's a flipping awesome way to start the day?!? being able to fit into a shirt you haven't been able to wear in YEARS!! 👊💪😃#whoknewhealthyeatingworked #feelinggreat #thankyouwhole30

Day 27 thoughts: why I whole30 for multiple rounds.
Every round of whole30 has been for the same root reason. To gain control and reset. However, I learned something new about myself each time. Over 2 years, I have completed 4 whole30s and have attempted a few more without success.
Every successful attempt at whole30 was done when I needed it. Every failed attempt was when I set a goal to do it for the wrong reason--to fit into a dress, to lose a few pounds, etc.
Whole30 only works for me when my body and mind truly NEED it, not just WANT it. I have learned that I can survive off of 3 meals a day with no snacking. I feel better without gluten and dairy. I start to binge and get careless with food when I am stressed. Whole30 helps me regain my focus and take the reins back. I am more mindful and intentional with using food as fuel when on whole30 and after a round. Whole30 is my safe place to turn when I start slipping from my food freedom.
As round 4 comes to an end, I am looking forward to staying in the drivers seat. But, I know that #whole30 is there when I need a reset in the future...and I'm sure I will.
#whole30 #whole30results #whole30progess #whole30reset #septemberwhole30 #whyiwhole30
#foodfreedom #thankyouwhole30 #weightloss #progresspic #fitspo #inspo

These three are the reason I do everything. ❤️ They are the reason I want more for myself when it comes to a career, they are the reason why I did my first @whole30 and why I wake up every morning. All you mamas and/or wives out there. DON'T FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! If you put yourself last on the priority list, everything in your life will be affected. You deserve to be taken care of! Starting with something as "small" (but actually big) as how you fuel your body! Take time today to put yourself up higher on the priority list and make some changes to be best you can be! 💕😘 #thankyouwhole30 #whole30alumni #iamwhole30 #lifeafterwhole30 #myfamily #eattherainbow #healthymindhealthybody #healthyhappymama #selfcare #youareworthit #youarewhatyoueat #paleoish #paleomama #whole30fff #eatwhole #wholefood #foodheals #foodisfuelnottherapy #foodismedicine #loveyourself #mamawardgetsfit #recoveringsugaraddict

The girl on the left is wear spanx and can hardly breathe, is just finding her deep rooted confidence, and is far more aware of triggers and negative influences in life. I bought this dress for family photos. I had ALWAYS wanted to be able to pull off a body on dress because I love the sleek look of them. I would try them on constantly, leaving with my confidence in the trash. But something was different this time. I FELT better about myself. Yes, I had lost some weight also, but I was more aware of myself, my triggers, my body, and my mind. Before my family photos I had someone say to me, "that dress is TIGHT! You never woulda wore a dress like THAT before loosing weight!" (In a super passive aggressive way!) I was taken back by it. The old me would've had a 2 day pity party, self loathing-emotional eating sesh, and been angry at that person. But I refused to let it set me back. Almost a year later, and the girl on the right is not wear spanx, can BREATHE, if far more confident than ever, knows her mind and body better than ever, is COMFORTABLE in her own skin for once in her life. Trust me, YOU are worth the investment, the restriction, the dedication, the love. ALL OF IT. Just start. One step, one meal, one workout, one conversation at a time. You are worth healing. 💕#ificandoitsocanyou #transformation #thankyouwhole30 #lifeafterwhole30 #whole30alumni #whole30 #eatwhole #foodfreedom #foodisfuelnottherapy #paleoish #fitmama #healthyhappymama #healthymindhealthybody #loveyourself #beconfident #wholefood #paleo #selflove #mamawardgetsfit #recoveringsugaraddict #youareworthit #youarewhatyoueat

I did it!!! Gah! We'll see what happens! 😌😍😬 Say a prayer for me! This is my dream job! A huge "Thank you!" For the references letters!! They were such a blessing! #iamwhole30 #mamawardgetsfit #foodfreedom #whole30alumni #recoveringsugaraddict @melissa_hartwig #fingerscrossed #whole30 @whole30 #thankyouwhole30 #lifeafterwhole30 #youareworthit #eattherainbow #foodheals

So much has changed. I'm not talking just about weightloss. Although, that was my main goal when I started @whole30 in February 2016. I was literally miserable. I felt bloated and swollen all the time, my joints hurts, I was always so tired. The funny thing was, I thought I was eating "healthy" because we didn't eat dairy or peanuts and I cooked every meal because my oldest son has food allergies. But because of the food allergies, when my husband and I would go out to eat on a date night, I would shove all the cheese I could in my mouth. If we went to a Mexican restaurant, I'd order queso dip with my chips and then get all the cheese on top of my meal. 😕 I've come a long way from that old version of myself, but I am only human after all... I still want pizza or tacos but I mostly resist. But sometimes I give in. This weekend we had 🍕, and then that lead to me eating cookies, which lead to me eating fry pie that was meant for my boys. I still haven't mastered food freedom. Ugh! Believe me, I felt and still do feel the affects from it. I'm so bloated and actually a little sluggish and tired. But Monday morning, I woke up got my workout in and have only ate whole30 compliant foods. We will have moments of weakness but what counts is what we do after them. Never give up.
Reminders like this old photo of me from 2015 are what keep me motivated. I will never let myself get that unhealthy and unhappy again. #thankyouwhole30 #motivation #transformation #comparison #feelsgood #healthylifestyle #exercisepaysoff #bootcamps #whole30 #iamwhole30 #makeachange #findyourmotivation #lifeafterwhole30 #keepgoing #nevergiveup

I seriously can't believe how much doing Whole 30 literally changed my life. On the right of the picture is the app I use to track my migraines. Since middle school, I get severe migraines with days of prodrome early symptoms before the pain and then days of postdrome symptoms even after the severe pain has broken. I have only had ONE migraine since starting Whole 30 at the end of May!! I have never gone this long without a migraine, I was getting around 5 a month!! I've transitioned to a primarily paleo eating style and learning where my limits are. And will do occasional rounds of Whole 30 throughout the year. But, I am seriously amazed. And so happy! #thankyouwhole30 #paleo #paleolife

I've been flat chested my whole life. As a preteen and teenager it was a HUGE insecurity for me. Like, the worst. Then I had kids, breastfed and thought I hit the jackpot. (Even if they leaked milk. 🤷🏼‍♀️) Then I stopped breastfeeding and was right back to teenage me size. 😑 Then I gained weight but loved that they were bigger! I can tell you now, I'd rather have small boobs because I feel better, look healthier, etc than I was when I had big boobs at almost 200lbs. Y'all can have em. I'm good with my bralettes wearing ones. Haha. And feel the most confident of my life. ✌🏻🍏🍏👙#ificandoitsocanyou #mamawardgetsfit #weightloss #byebigboobs #smallboobs #confidence #transformation #recoveringsugaraddict #beyourself #loveyourself #selflove #youarebeautiful #lifeafterwhole30 #healthyhappymama #fitmama #paleomama #thankyouwhole30

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