This is what locking your keys in the car look like 🤦🏾‍♀️ #stuckatwork #noAAA #waitngonmysparekey #thankyoupops

So, pops got me a gift today. 💜 I really needed the words on this necklace! I’ve been having a hard time, but this really did help me! #ThankYouPops #ILoveYouPops

Make every day count, even when you don't feel like it. One day you'll realize that every ounce of hard work will count. I could not have had a better example than my pops. I understand more each day every word he told me, the things he taught me. No rest for the wicked nor the determined! Happy Sunday, make it beautiful! ❤💇‍♀️💇🏻‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️💇🏾‍♀️💇🏿‍♀️💙🐦 #salonbiancamia #wordsofawiseman #workworkwork #thankyoupops #iambear #makeeachmomentcount #onedayyouwillunderstand #leadbyexample

Sometimes you just need a day with your dad to remind you that everything is okay because family is everything 💗 I love my Corrigan Clan #thankyoupops My place looks great!

Thank you for molding me into the man I am today. Learned alot outside of home, but the game you give me can not be found elsewhere. #ThankYouPops #LikeFatherLikeSon #MENDEZ #LoveYouDad #PopsAppreciationPost #Tbt

I heard Ms. Pops Fernandez was in Dakak Resort when we had lunch there yesterday. We were on the same flight from Dipolog to Manila this afternoon and got the opportunity to have this photo with one of my favorite singers #askaskask #fangirlmoment #thankyouPops

The bathroom process: I would say we were pretty open minded about the bathroom. We knew we needed to make it different from the start. As we dove into it we knew we had to re-plumb the whole house... Shout out to my dad for helping with the knowledge aspect of plumbing. This has been the longest project of the entire renovation, thanks in part to learning how to tile for the first time. Ha

It's only when your old enough to understand how much they instilled in you! #music has been a factor in every part of my life! #fatherandson #thankyoupops #blessed #whereitallstarted #flashbackfriday going to show JR. To do it way better than I did!

My motivation and inspiration #thankyoupops

Thank you all who served and serve! “May we never forget freedom isn’t free. With Respect, Honor, and Graditude!” Happy Veterans Day!
#thelandofthefree #becauseofthebrave #thankyou #thankyoupops #mypopsserved #blessed #shebrewsalatte #spreadlove #godisgood

@jacksonkaitaylor and “Pops” 6:30 a.m.
1st ding repair lesson before Jackson’s NSSA comp.
Surf/Skate Saturday‼️🤟🏼💣🏁🌊😀✌🏼
Hand shaped 4’ 9” Pat Taylor Super Grom Thruster👌🏼
Built for having a good time💥🔨
Taylor Surfboards
Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, Ca.
(831) 462-6191
Nothing But Fun🔥‼️
@taylor_surfboards_santa_cruz @pops_and_mimi_taylor @oneillsurfshop @volcom @volcomsurf @dakine @dakine_surf @reef @rainbowfins @vonzipper #volcomlittlebuddys #sincedayone #supportyourlocalgroms #ifyournothavingfunyourdoingitwrong #takeprideinwhatyouride #supportyourlocalshapers #thankyoupops

I may have won myself this sloth, but I stay winning with you 💋24 years Texan and I can finally say I’ve been to the fair. #thankyoupops

I couldn’t love this place any more if I tried #thankyougrandpa #thankyoupops

Goodness of vegetarian except cream of chicken

So you know those paint colors I asked your opinion on? Yeah, we didn't pick any of them 🤦😂
After two more test patches we went with "Drift Grey" - now there's A LOT of painting in my future.
Pro Tip: Don't do your upper body workout right before painting 💪
#sahm #momlife #strong #tired #myarmsarejelly #21dayfix #beachbody #notacoach #paint #thankyoupops #teamwork #itsgettinghotouthere

Buzzards Baeesss 🦅✨ Congrats to all of our athletes for an amazing race!! Especially all of our newbies!! We are so proud of you guys!
#buzzardsbaytri #maxperformancetri #sprinttriathlon #newbietriathletes #sadtherewerenomedals #popsbikeshop #thankyouPops

Never been more excited to see this! Praise the lord it’s fixed! Huge thank you to my Daddy for helping fix it! I love you dad! #vwissues #butgod #handydad #carman #thankyoupops

There I was, walking up the stairs with my two left feet and boom I fell and split my toe open🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ #ThankYouPops #TetenusShots #Clumsy #AccidentProne🙄😩🤦🏾‍♀️

“He holds his fathers hand...he holds the strength of a Man who carries himself with dignity and honor...he feels the heart of the Man that loves him, unconditionally...He looks into his fathers eyes as he realizes that he carries his fathers strength...that he possesses his heart of endurance...and with the example that his father has instilled in him...he will carry the torch and be a Man of courage and integrity...a Man of strength and endurance...a Man with a sincere and genuine heart.” The greatest gift I’ve been given in life is that my father believes in me. #thankyoupops #settingtheexample #realmen

They Say This Is A Big, Rich Town
I Just Come From The Poorest Part
Bright Lights, City Life, I Gotta Make It
This Is Where It Goes Down
I Just Happen To Come Up Hard
Legal Or Illegal, Baby, I Gotta Make It
I Never Took A Straight Path Nowhere, Life's Full Of Twist And Turns
Bumps And Bruises, I Lived, I Learned
I'm From That City Full Of Yellow Cabs And Skyscrapers
It's Hard To Get A Start In These Parts Without Paper
Homie, I Grew Up In Hell, A Block Away From Heaven
That Corner Every 15 Minutes It Move A Seven
Pure Snow, Bag It Then Watch It Go
Occupational Options, Get Some Blow Or Some Hoes
Shoot The Bowl Or The Strap, Learn To Rap Or To Jack
Fuck It, Man, In The Mean Time Go Ahead And Pump A Pack
This My Regal Royal Flow, My James Bond bounce
That 007, That 62 On My Count
I'm A Undercover Liar, I Lie Under The Covers
Look A Bitch In The Eyes And Tell Her "Baby, I Love It”
You're My Inspiration, You’re My Motivation
You're The Reason That I’m Moving With No Hesitation They Say This Is A Big Rich Town I Just Come From The Poorest Part Bright Lights City Life I Gotta Make It This Is Where It Goes Down I Just Happen To Come Up Hard Legal Or Illegal Baby I Gotta Make It I Gotta Hustle Through The Hustle And Bust While I Make A Move Maneuver Around The Rats And Wolves I’m From The School Of Hard Knocks,Shots Pop, Bodies Drop, Graveyard, Pick A Plot Cause Niggas Want Your Spots I’m Trying To Stack Shit Then I Go Legit Hollow Tip, Stuff Em In A Clip Case Niggas Trip My Cocaine Endeavours Give Me Corporate Ties I’m Supposed To Lose , Watch Me Win Against The Odds All I Got Is My Word , Balls And My Instinct I’m Trying To Make It We Already Made It My Friends Think We Already On Top , I Got A Bigger Plan No More Controlled Substances Or Hand White Collar Visions , Game Changing Mission Big Risk, Big Wins , Equal Bigger Living Perfect Position , Watch Me Transition From Caterpillar To Butterfly In The Sky They Say This Is A Big Rich Town I Just Come From The Poorest Part Bright Lights , City Life , I Gotta Make It This Where It Goes Down I Just Happen To Come Up Hard Legal Or Illegal, Baby , I Gotta Make It #ThankYouPops

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